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Another poem about my personal feelings. Enjoy and please be honest about what you think. Thank You

Submitted: June 08, 2009

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Submitted: June 08, 2009



Black and White

Day becomes the night

As we question whether we should fight or flight.

Our attitudes are changing in the twilight.

And so the great battle begins.

For the righteous you can count me in.

The side of the true will always win.

But I long for more than this.

I want an end to the violence and an overflow of bliss.

Get rid of the darkness with as much energy as a kiss.

I don’t want to dream in black and white anymore.


The gathering storm is looming overhead.

In this dark time the last thing I want is for my heart to end up cold and dead.

And yet all I see are nightmares every time I go to bed.

Does it always have to be such a narrow view?

Question if there is good or evil in what we do?

The fact that there always is a gray spot is true.

I want to see colors, live a broader life.

Be free of all the sorrow and the strife.

I’m tired of always looking over my shoulder, dodging war’s knife.

I don’t want to dream in black and white anymore.


I’m tired of having to choose sides.

 Trying so desperately to get off this one way ride.

I want to be able to walk and the sun and to no longer hide.

All of the fighting, what is it worth in the end?

Each side wanting me to give into their demands at the bend.

I have stopped listening to the messages that they send.

This mindless battle has no reason.

Their moods changes like the four seasons.

How can there be a world if there is no reason?

I don’t want to dream in black and white anymore.


All of the memories must go

Their reason has become pointless.

It is my time now.

It is time for me to live at last.

I lay down my sword for good.

The black and white is gone now.

Who knew color could look this good?

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