Romance pt. 2

Status: Finished

Romance pt. 2

Status: Finished

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Romance pt. 2

Poem by: COWENS

Genre: Romance


Poem by: COWENS


Genre: Romance



The poem is explained. Enjoy :)


The poem is explained. Enjoy :)


Submitted: April 22, 2009

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Submitted: April 22, 2009




Love for some people is like a dance. Its thrilling, a whirlwind of happiness. It doesn’t matter what dance we perform, or what the judges give us for a score, all that matter is that we dance our hearts out and live for it.


Since the first time we locked eyes

I knew what we both had

Was more than a flirt,

And defiantly more than a fashion fad.

It made me want to dance.

Your blue eyes and my green

Locked out all feelings of bad.

We didn’t know it yet

But together we would never be sad.

All I want to do is dance.


The first time our lips met

There was magic in the land.

Locked in the chains of love eternal

Whilst holding your graceful hand.

I had such an urge to dance.

The soft skin of your mouth

Was a greater composition

Than any orchestra could create.

We would not hide our heads in the sand.

We were proud of the dance.


Although we didn’t see each other that often

We savored every moment we could.

Our hearts were beating together

And in such rhythm they should.

Our hearts had begun to dance.

Though our feet may not be moving

There’s no reason that they would.

But when our hearts play a tune

Not everything is, as it seems, under the hood.

It is the magic of the dance.


The night was a special one

I felt like the prince of them all.

In your beautiful dress

You were Cinderella at the ball.

But at midnight we never stopped to dance.

Your beauty and grace were unlike any other

I was so stunned; you would’ve made me fall.

But you held me close

Which was a safe call.

And so we began to dance.


High school is done now.

And today is a special day.

I stand at he front, extremely nervous

You come down the center aisle in a slow way.

Slowly you begin to dance.

The gold upon your finger shines brilliantly

“I do: is all we say.

We have the rest of our lives now

To learn what may become

Life’s Greatest Dance.

© Copyright 2016 COWENS. All rights reserved.

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