cursed love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Halo- a young teen girl trying to find out who she is and where she belongs, like every other teenager. But she finds herself getting tied up in the wrong people until she meets Eric.
Eric- a juvenile from southern California, but has a very dark past with him. He's a cursed demon that longs to be loved and find that in Halo.

Submitted: August 04, 2013

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Submitted: August 04, 2013




It was a cool, breezy September night in my new home, Butterfly Beach, CA. The footbal team had just kicked off when i walked through the gates to meet up with a couple people i met in a few of my new classes. Lida, a shy goth girl who calls me her pet, and Hazel, a crazy emo girl who is also bi. The two make an odd pair but at least it shows i fit in somewhere in this god forsaken place. Pinky, a guy who is completely nuts but I dont really mind, sits in the band secion and plays the trumbone, but i know under his uniform he's wearing his usual black outfit. Lida was finally gonna ask him tonight if he liked her.

I walk up to Lida and Haz and they have three cans of black spray paint and i smirk at them and Haz is already hugged up to me.

Haz- what took you so long, babygirl?

Lida- yeah Halo, we called like two hours ago.

Halo- i had to make sure i wasnt caught coming to the game tonight. I'm suppose to be grounded. Dad caught me smoking again.

Lida- well, he can suck on his own dick. That's exactly why i'm glad i dont have to deal with parents no more.

I look at her and smile and start pullig my long red and silver hair up in a ponytail and as im getting the last loop around it, this really hot guy i've never seen before bumps into me and spills his drink all over my white tank top. Lida immedeatly recognizes the guy and flips shit.

Lida- wtf, are you doing here Eric????

Eric- ummm.... watching the game like everyone else here, not like its any of your business what im doing here anyways.

He looks over at me and gives me a shy, apoligetic smile and tries to brush the ice off my humungous boobs and the touch of his hand on my bare skin gives me goosebumps.

Halo- do you always bump into girls just so you can touch their boobs.

Eric- (kinda laughing it off) I guess you could say that. at least the pretty ones.

Halo- nice, well you can stop touching me now. i really dont like to be touched.

Eric- My bad.

He smiles and puts something in my pocket and walks off. Lida and Haz quickly grab him up and drags him back to where we're standing.

Haz- what did you give our girl?

Eric- my number, you dumb blonde.

Lida- why???

Eric- cause i think she's cute and thought maybe she'd like someone to talk to other than a couple of freaks.

Lida- you aint no better, dear cousin.

Eric- Im quite aware you stupid whore.

he looks at me again and smiles. They let him go and hour later im sitting at home in my bed when a knock comes to my window. i get up and see its Eric. i open my window and he climbs in.

Halo- how the hell did you find out where i live??

Eric- Lida's my cousin, she kinda pointed it out to me earlier this week.

Halo- next question, what the fuck are you doing in my room????

Eric- i wanted to see if you wanted to have some.... fun.

Halo- explain.

Eric- sex, sweetheart. I couldnt help but notice the goosebumps i gave you earlier and i wanna show you what else i can do.

Halo- gve me one good reason why i should.

Eric- cause one you need it too. i can smell it, plus im willing to give you anything you want in return.

Before i have a chance to answer he has my face in his hands kissing me, sweetly but roughly and i end up laying on my bed with him on top of me. his hands exploreing my whole body stopping at my breast and playing with my now hard nipples. he stops and looks at me.

Eric- sit up for a second.

i do. and he takes my top off and shows my big, perky boobs and he starts sucking greedily on them. i moan and gasp as his teeth graze the tender nipple. i hold his head in place and he stops and pulls me up and puts me on my knees and pulls out his 10 inch long cock and i take it in my mouth without a second thought. i feel my panties getting wetter by the second and he pulls out of my mouth and pulls me up and rips my pants off me and bends me over the side of my bed and relentlessly slams it in my tight pussy. i let out a little scream and he pulls my hair.

Eric- you like?

halo- hell yes.

Eric- where you want it?

Halo- anywhere you do.

he pounds harder into me and i grabs the sheets and he lets out what sounds like a roar and he cums inside me and pulls my fingers to my pussy and inserts them. i get him and me on my fingers and he puts them to my lips.

Eric- suck them, baby. i want more than a five minute quickie from you.

i suck my fingers and i feel him getting hard again and h start ravaging my insides for what feels like hours. sweat dripping off both of us and i let him have his way with me.

Halo- oh damn, what are you. no human can pleasure me like this.

Eric-im a demon, and so is half the school. and your sweet little ass just got marked as mine. i want your love, i want you to be mine completely.

Halo- i think after this i will be. you just amazing. i pull him in and kiss him and its almost like both of our insides are on fire. we drop in agony and he pulls me and kisses me with such love i actually cry.

Eric- forever?

Halo- always.

Eric- Promise?

Halo- triple promise.


At school, eric was all over me and kissing me in front of everyone. his eyes seem different than they did when i first met him but he had a saddness.

Halo- whats wrong, love?

Eric- i know this wont last for us.

Halo- why wont it?

Eric- cause he dont love me.

Halo- BULLSHIT!!!!!!!!! i aint ever felt this way towards anyone.

Eric- prove it.

Halo- how?

Eric- marry me.

Halo- (speechless) ummm.... ok.

Eric- tonight. ill see you after school.

he rushes off and that night i find myself in a white dress and in his arms.

Eric- thank you.

Halo- for?

Eric- breaking my curse. I couldnt truly be with someone until they wanted to marry me. now i will be happy for the rest of my life as long as i have you.

Halo- promise?

Eric- Triple promise, babe.

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