Long Distance

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Submitted: April 12, 2016

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Submitted: April 12, 2016




We met in a rather odd way. We met over the summer of 2015 and It was in a general shop on Mabinogi which is a nexon rpg game that came out in mid 2004. If it wasn't for this game, I don't know how else we would have been brought together. She was in Texas and I was in Michigan. I met her from trying to troll her, I pretended to be a noob and she actually believed me. She is so damn guillible and such a good person at heart. She wanted to buy me an item bag which was quite an expensive item in game but useful for inventory space. She was willing to spend money for me and wanted to teach me about the game and help me. She even wanted to invite me into her guild (she was the guild officer). When I saw how kind hearted she was, I decided to apologize to her. I she forgave me even though I lied to her and urged me to join her guild. I don't know why but I fell for her. I told some of my other mabinogi friends and they said it was probably infautuation, so I kind of thought it was also infatuation. I ended up getting her skype but didn't join her guild. We talked endlessly and I fell even harder. I wanted to do everything I could to help her. I remember her ranking carpentry and I spent hours chopping wood for her. I even tried to buy woods from other characters just to give to her so she could rank it up quicker. There was a facebook buy/sell page so I would browse along there and I saw that she was trying to buy an outfit but didn't have the funds to do so but I did so i went out looking for one and bought it for her. I mailed it to her anonymously and it felt so good watching her wear it and happy. We continued to talk everynight or atleast tried to. She was always in the guild group call but I was never in it. I joined the guild eventually and started to run missions witht he guild but I honestly only wanted to spend time with her and talk to her. I didn't like it when she was in the group call and stuff lol. She'd usually be busy witht he group calls untill 12-1am so I'd stay awake till that time just to wait for the call to die down just to talk to her. We'd talk about everything and nothing. Sadly, I got the vibe that she didn't like me and I didn't think we'd be anything more than friends. The summer was coming to a near end and I barely played the game anymore. I sent her a good bye skype message to her the night before I went off to college and didn't expect myself to come back to her or try to talk to her again. During the first week of college I didn't think much of it. As the days passed, I missed her so I went back on skype and messaged her some more. I'd even do so when i was drunk saying I wish she was here to cuddle with me and such. At one point, I just gave her my number and told her to text me. I was so scared she wasn't going to but she did and it made me so happy. At first she'd hoe me out and not reply sometimes or take days to reply. I remember one time she read my message and didn't reply till 2 days later haha. But we talked more and more. It was such a great feeling and I felt so happy texting her. We started to text everyday and never missed a day. I got her snapchat and we started to snapchat eachother. At the time, I was in the process of pledging a fraternity and she was always there for me supporting me. I vented to her and she comforted me. She also opened up to me which made me extremely happy. She vented to me about her problems and I tried to do as much as I could to be there for her. I was so happy being with her but was always afraid to tell other people. I always wanted to but held back. So I just sort of hid it and went with the flow which was dumb of me. We honestly talked everyday, every morning and every night, she was the first and last person i'd talk to. Everything that happened, I wanted to tell her first. I was in love. I told her I liked her but didn't take it seriously and still had doubts. I even told her I'd wait to years for her and she said "aight keep your promise". As each day pass, we grew closer and learned about each other a bit more. I even remember helping me with my essay. She basically did it all for me and I got a 98% lmao. But as the days passed, our bond became stronger and this all became more serious. Her friends started to find out and so did my friends. We decided to meet in 5 months (March 31st 2016) because I needed a date for a banquet. It didn't feel right going with someone else while talking and liking her so I just asked her. I took a shot in the dark because i didn't think she'd agree but she did. She said only if i bought her plane ticket. Which I did. Through out those months, we grew extremely close, during christmas we sent eachother gifts and she sent me short videos for my birthday. We'd skype and text eachother constantly. We had several small and quirky jokes that we made. For valentines day I remember ordering her a bouqet of daisies because she loved daisies. I also sent over yellow balloons because that was her favorite color. I also sent a stuff penguin (she likes penguins) from a knock-off of build a bear that looked high as balls LOL. I started to get a job so I could take her out to eat and stuff (Nearing february). She was coming March 31st. We talked and talked and we were both extremely excited. I started to feel anxious and got really nervous as it came close. I was nervous but then I thought about her position. She was coming up to michigan with no family or friends, knowing no one at all. She only knew me which she met through an online game which she never met before. I thought about how scary it was for her. Once it was March 31st, I was so nervous. I woke up and took a shower and pooped and stuff so I smelled good and didn't have to poop when I was with her. My mom had helped me book a hotel so she came that afternoon to check in for me. I went to class and did my usual thing. She texted me and snapchatted me saying she was on way to airport and had pictures of herself at the airport. It was storming that day so her flight got delayed multiple times. I was chilling with my friends working on a dance while waiting for her. Her flight was suppose to land at 1:30 am but she didnt end up landing till 2:40am ish. I left for the airport around 12am and it was an hour drive. I was so nervous, I had never gone to an airport myself before, let alone to pick someone up. I didn't know where to park my car and got lost multiple times. After parking my car, I didn't even know how to get to the airport from the parking lot lmao. I got to the airport and looked around on the screen and it said it got delayed so I waited for around an hour. Standing there in an empty airport, I didn't know what to expect. What was I going to say to her? How am I going to approach her? How should I break the ice? I was thinking of what to do and what to say since it was our first time meeting in person EVER. At 2:40AM she texted me that she landed and I was so happy yet anxious. I waited for her to get off the plane and I called her. We were both lost not knowing where to go or where to find eachother. As she told me she was coming down an escalator, I looked at at ever escalator searching for her and there she was. She said she saw me but i tried to pretend i didn't see her. As I walked toward the escalator and she was coming down, we just hung up. We walked towards eachother and our pace increased. She dropped her luggage and we hugged. It was the greatest hug of my life and I honestly felt butterflies. I asked her how her flight was and everything and it didn't even feel awkward like I thought it'd be. We instantly connected. It felt so natural, so easy, so effortless. It felt as if I've known her my whole life and we've just met again after parting ways for a long time. Our first kiss was in the rain outside the airport. I remember searching for half an hour for my car because I forgot where i parked my car. I felt so bad because it was cold outside and she was probably tired. We searched and searched and didn't find it until around 3:30 am. She held my hand the whole time and I held her luggage. I was so nervous at the time, I barely looked at her. I took her to ihops afterwards because it was her favorite and we always talked about eating at ihops together before we even met so that's where we went. She started to feed me and I started to feed her. Who would have ever known that it'd grow into a habit lol. After we ate at ihops, we went out to my car just to find that my keys were locked inside my freaking car. it was storming and she was shivering. i gave her my coat and we went back in to ihops. We asked for a crowbar and a clothing hanger but instead, they sent two employees out to help us. It took an hour to finally get my keys out of my car and I felt horrible because it was almost 5 am... The drive home took nearly an hour and a half and we made it to the hotel by 6am. We cuddled and kiss and it was just so natural. I had class at 9am that morning so I went to class and I left her back to sleep. In class that whole morning I couldn't even focus. I just wanted to come back to the hotel and sleep with her. Class ended and I ran out to my car just to find I lost my wallet. I ran around retracing my steps trying to remember where I last had it. I walked around searching the streets and walkways hoping I had dropped it somewhere there. My heart dropped as I looked around more and couldn't find it. I just ended up going back to my class and luckily, my professor had picked it up for me. Anyways, I drove back to the hotel and banged on the door for awhile before she opened it because she was asleep. I can't believe this all happened 11 days ago lol. I'm typing this on April 12th, 2016. We spent so much time together and did so much together. We were basically a married couple. We showered together, slept together, ate out together, and just stayed by eachothers side the whole time. Everytime we got food, she would feed me. Everytime I cough, she'd rub my back. Everynight before we slept, she'd hold my head and kiss it good night. She'd run her hands through my hair as we cuddled. She'd always give me back massages and back scratches. At red stop lights, we'd always kiss. No one has ever made me wished for a red stop light more than her. At the banquet she wore a black skirt and black crop top and looked so beautiful. She was sitting there always supporting me. After the banquet, we drove home and cuddled once more in my hotel and played League of Legends. After 5 nights at the hotel, we went back to my dorm and I had to park the car at my frat house. We'd call an uber to and from my dorm to the frat house because it was a 35 minute walk to the house and we were both lazy. I really regret it and wish we took those 35 minute walks. Just to talk more and stuff. When I went to class, she'd kiss me good bye and It felt so good coming back to her. During my lecture classes, she'd come with me and sit besides me. She always scolded me for not sitting straight or paying attention and I miss that so much. For classes she couldn't come to, she'd wait outside for me on a bench just painting her nails. I miss seeing her on that bench after class now. I miss holding her hands. She'd wear socks too short for her leggings so she'd always ask me to pull it up for her when we walked. After class one time, we decided to grab some food but we ended up taking the wrong bus and was on it for nearly an hour haha. She went with me to get a haircut and even dyed my hair in my dorm. Idk.. we just did so much together and created so many memories, I don't even know where to begin on how I should tell this. After staying at the dorms, we drove back to my house where we stayed for the last few nights before she had to go back home. We cuddled always and barely went out. I regret sleeping in till 3pm that saturday. We went to watch batman vs superman and it was so bad and it took like 3 hours and i regretted it. Afterwards, we decided to drive 30 mins for a 7-11 even though there was one 5 minutes away from my house. we only did this because we wanted to be in the car together for longer. We went to ihops after to eat and drove home. it was so unreal that we only had 15 hours left together. We cuddled and cried a lot. That monday morning at 5am i had to see her off at the airport. It was one of the hardest things I have had to do and all I could do was wave good bye as she went through security check. I wish i hugged her tighter, I wish i kissed her harder, and i wish i didn't let her go so soon. I cried and cried. And what broke my heart was when she texted me asking where i was after she got through security checked. She said she tip toed and looked back for me but didn't see me anymore. I cried and cried. I was already on the car leaving the airport when she sent that. My mom was driving so I couldn't even turn back or ask her to. That car ride back i was silent the whole time holding in my tears. My mom knew i was sad and tried to change the topic but I couldnt even focus. As soon as I came home, I climbed into my bed and cried. it was an endless river of tears and it wouldn't stop i legit cried myself to sleep. I woke up and rolled over expecting her to be there but she wasnt. the realization hit me so hard that she wasn't with me anymore hurt so much. I never thought i'd experience so much pain in my life. I never thought i could cry so much. I went back to my dorm that day and cried more in my dorm. She landed and called me and i CRIED EVEN MORE. Hearing her voice but not being able to kiss her or touch her was so depressing. We both cried as we tried to hold a conversation on the phone but it was too hard. we decided to just text each other.  I went to my class that day, the same class that she waited outside on the bench for. I looked over to it as i walked out and she wasn't there. I came back into my dorm and she wasn't there to kiss me. I went to sleep and she wasn't there to hold my head or give me a good night kiss. Its so terrible. 

She’d always kiss me at red lights. She’d always kiss me before and after class. She’d always come with me for class or wait outside my class room for me. I passed the bench today where she’d usually wait and it was so weird and heartbreaking to not see her there. I miss her tight hugs, her kisses, her laugh, her smile, her fucking voice. I miss her holding my head and running her fingers through my hair. I miss the way she looked at me before we kissed. I miss how messy she was. I miss how picky she was when it came to food. I miss her feeding me. I miss holding her. I miss waking up and giving and recieving kisses from her. I miss her. I love you so much. Anything would help. 

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