Good Stevie

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There were two Stevies in the village. One was friendly and just. He was known as Good Stevie. The other was mean and unfriendly. He was known as Bad Stevie. Both Stevies knew each other, and although they didn't agree on things, they both had the same goal: To become astronauts and fly in space.

Submitted: May 08, 2011

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Submitted: May 08, 2011




There were two Stevies in the village. One was friendly and just. He was known as Good Stevie. The other was mean and unfriendly. He was known as Bad Stevie. Both Stevies knew each other, and although they didn’t agree on things, they both had the same goal: To become astronauts and fly in space.

One day, in the third grade, Good Stevie was hit by a paper airplane while sitting at his desk. He knew who had thrown it, and when he turned to look, he saw Bad Stevie laughing. It was Good Stevie who got the last laugh, however, because it wasn’t he who had to go to the hall for the rest of the class period.

High School was not much better. The two were together again, this time in science class. It was Bad Stevie’s opportunity to raise trouble during the school science fair. Good Stevie had made a rocket with wings that could fly, and was going to demonstrate it outside for the school and the judges to see.


Unfortunately, when no one was looking, Bad Stevie loosened one of the wings. Standing there with the crowd, he thought it was funny when the contraption skirted, and fluttered in the air. However, when the wing fell off and the wind caused the rocket to reverse course and fly right back to him, he wasn’t laughing anymore. He had to stay home with a broken leg for five months!

After high school, and through college, Good Stevie didn’t think he’d ever see his classmate again. After all, he now had a degree in aeronautical science, and nobody who caused  as much trouble as Bad Stevie could ever get anywhere in life. For many days, months, and years, Good Stevie worked with other astronauts on his great dream—a ship that could travel into space.

Finally, one day, with the help of his friend Mark Starbeam, his dream was achieved. The Good Ship had become a reality. It was time to put into practice all the things he had been learning about, and actually blast off into space. He waited until everything was tested, and mission control on earth gave the OK, and with his trusting co-pilot, Starbeam, they took off into space one sunny afternoon.


The ship was giant, and in the bridge or control room, they could not only drive the ship, but could also see the giant universe and all its stars and planets stretched out before them. Good Stevie told Starbeam to ‘give him five,’ and he did. They traveled together over many light years in space without a problem, until suddenly, one galactic day, disaster struck.

From out of nowhere, another ship from behind sideswiped the Good Ship, sending it spiraling out of control in space toward an unknown purple planet. Uninjured but dazed, Good Stevie and Starbeam looked on their ship’s transmission screen. On it was none other than Bad Stevie! And he was giving them a message. “I guess I finally won!” he boasted.


Shaking their heads, Starbeam and Good Stevie realized that if theirs was the Good Ship, they had just been hit by the Bad Ship.


All seemed hopeless when the Good Ship crash landed on the mysterious purple planet. Fortunately, though, Good Stevie had remembered to pray before the launch, and it must have worked, because neither he nor Starbeam were badly injured. God was someone he had learned to put his full trust in. Now, it was time to climb outside the ship and check out the damage. The bad news was that the ship looked crushed. The good news was that they could breathe the purple air.


After a few days, they made themselves at home walking the purple sand, eating the purple fruit, and looking up in wonder at the purple sky.

  Still, they hoped and prayed that someone might arrive to help them. On the seventh day since their crash, their prayers were answered. A strange little man that looked like he was made out of green jelly came riding up to them on a purple horse!

He was friendly, and introduced himself as Bingee and said he was riding his trusty horse Sazaroo. He said that they were welcome here on the planet known as Churnell, but that he would do everything he could to help them with their ship. Bingee, it seemed, had special mechanical training, and his blood, which was white instead of red like humans, made his rubbery body injury-proof. Thanks to Bingee’s help, in just one forty-four hour Churnell day, the Good Ship was as good as new!


Because of Bingee’s kindness, Good Stevie and Starbeam decided to let him tag along on their voyage back to Earth and to even bring Sazaroo along. They doubted very much that anyone on Earth had ever seen a purple horse or Churnellian before. They were halfway home when, up ahead, they saw a hulking mass of a ship floating lifelessly before them. “I wonder what that is?” Good Stevie asked his friends.

“Hmmm,” Starbeam replied. “It looks like a ship, but it’s just sitting there.”

As they drew closer, its identity became obvious. “Hey,” Good Stevie exclaimed. “That’s the Bad Ship!”


Right after he had spoken, the ship screen flipped on and an image of Bad Stevie once again appeared. It soon became apparent that they could see each other from within their respective ships.

“Stevie! Good Stevie, old buddy, is that you?” the voice had taken on a desperate tone.

“Yes. It’s me and some new friends that I made after you tried to destroy the ship.”

“Oh. I didn’t mean that. Really I didn’t,” Bad Stevie pleaded. “Can’t you, just this once, forgive an old pal in his time of need?”

“Don’t know why I should. What seems to be the problem?”

“Ran out of fuel,” Bad Stevie cried. “Right here in the middle of the galaxy. I’m stranded!”


Good Stevie shrugged his shoulders. “Sorry. Nothing I can do,” and the Good Ship passed right on by.

Bad Stevie seemed to almost cry on the screen when Bingee, brushing Sazaroo’s purple mane, spoke up. “On Churnell, we would never forsake a fellow Churnellion for any purpose, even if he seems to be our enemy.”

Good Stevie smiled. “But I’m not forsaking him. Do you see that space station up there?”

The others nodded.

“I plan to make a stop there so I can pick up a magnetic tow cable to attach to the Bad Ship. We’ll attach it to our ship, and everyone will get home safely.”

“Good plan,” they all agrred.

“Good man!” said Bingee.


After the job was done, and everyone arrived safely to the Earth, a great welcoming crew from mission control greeted them.

They, of course, had never seen Churnellions before, but, more importantly, Good Stevie had never seen such a change in one man as he had seen in the one he had always known as Bad Stevie. Because he had shown compassion even to an old enemy, the two had become the best of friends. Good Stevie smiled, looked up to the heavens, and crossed himself. There would be no more Bad Stevie. There would be no more Bad Ship. There would only be Two Good Stevies, two Churnellions, one Good Ship, and the Good Lord above.

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