Drowning CPR

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Julie and Annie head to the beach for a fun night when things turn for the worst.

Submitted: August 28, 2012

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Submitted: August 28, 2012



It was 10:30 at night when my roommateJulie had come into my room asking if I wanted to take a walk to the beach. I was happy to obligue as I was feeling wide awake and energetic. We packed our beach bags and headed out into the cool night air. It didn't take us long to walk the winding path through the park and down to the shoreline. We dropped our bags, stripped out of our tops and ran down to the water in just our panties. Julie's slim sillouhette cast a faint shadow upon the sand as the moonlight shone upon her. I caught myself before I stared too long, a pang of envy rising in my chest. "It's cold." She said as she dipped her toes into the lake."Let's jumped from the docks." I suggested " It will be easier to adjust to the temperature." "I guess so.." She remarked as she reluctantly began heading down the dock. I smirked. She would probably chicken out. The only sure way to get her into the water was by a little friendly force. Once she reached the end of the dock, I took a running start and grabbed her by the wrist as I jumped off the edge into the still water below. I heard her playfully cry "Annie!" just before we hit the water.

I emerged from the water and couldn't control my laughter. I giggled, feeling like I was a young child again. I continued to splash around and enjoy the cool sensation of the water grazing my bare chest. Julie still hadn't come up and I began to worry. I dived beneath the water and opened my eyes, Julie was caught under the dock. Panic filled my chest. I reemerged and gasped for air before I dove back under and grabbed her around the torso and pulled her to the surface. "Shit Julie, Wake up!" I shook her as her head lolled from side to side. I propped her against my hip and back as I swam to the shore.

Once I pulled her onto the sandy ground, I laid her gently on her side and helped get some of the water out of her airway. It didn't help much and I rolled her onto her back and tilted her chin to the side as I pressed upwards under her ribcage. Water spilled from her mouth and I continued with harder thrusts until I couldn't bring up anymore water from her lungs. I heard a rumbling noise and looked up to see a quad coming down the beach. It was a park officer. "Please help!" I screamed as he dismounted and ran towards us. He was quite young but seemed to know what he was doing. He asked me how long she had been under and if I had given her CPR. I answered honestly and continued to beg him to save Julie. He directed me to go to the back of his quad and grab his first aid kit and walkie talkie. I did as I was told and he walked me through making a call for an ambulance.

He then set all of his attention on Julie. He leaned over her, positioning his hands on top of one another as he rhythmicly pressed into her chest, his breath coming out in puffs. After a round he tillted her chin back, pinched her nose and placed his mouth over hers as he let his breathe flow into her. He worked on her vigorously until the paramedics arrived.

I heard the siren's in the distance but my mind was blank. It wasn't until the E.M.T.s rushed past me that I realized what was unfolding before me. The first paramedic had checked Julie's eyes, breathing and pulse and then began thirty rapid compressions to her chest. The second paramedic placed an ambu bag on her face and gently squeezed and released. "We'll need to shock her." He said and rushed to the back of the ambulance to grab the defibulator. He returned quickly and readied the machine. "Charging... Clear." He said as he placed the paddles to her chest. Her muscles contracted and her body jerked as the current ran through her. "No change." The paramedic checked her pulse and then continued with another round of compressions as he waited for the machine to charge. "Charged." The second paramedic said rubbing the paddles together. "Clear." He positioned them on her bare chest again and let another shock pulse through her. "She's back. We have a sinus rhythm." I was instantly overcome with relief.

The paramedics proceeded to move Julie onto the stretcher and covered her lower half with a light sheet. They attached wires to her chest and a clamp to her finger to keep track of her pulse. Once they had her secure they loaded her into the ambulance and fought to keep her concious. They would have to rush to get her to the hospital in time before she had progressed any further into shock.

I raced to the hospital and was at once greeted by a doctor. Julie's blood pressure had dropped and she crashed in the ambulance. The paramedics had tried to shock her but recieved no response. When they finally reached the hospital, the doctors were only able to bring back a weak rhythm. She hadn't woken up and had to be hooked up to a respirator because she was no longer breathing efficently enough on her own.

To Be Continued..

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