The Doll That Moves In The Night

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Courtney Miller is staying with her grandma during a storm. When strange things start happening to Courtney.

Submitted: January 05, 2008

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Submitted: January 05, 2008



The Doll That Moves In The Night


Courtney Miller was staying at her grandmother’s home, while her parents went on their second honeymoon. After a week of boredom, Courtney’s grandma told her that she was heading out for a book club meeting. And she won’t be back till late that night. Courtney was beyond happy about this information. She can finally use the phone and the computer. Her grandma was against the fact that she would spend all of her time on the computer. Now that her grandma was heading out she could get a chance to talk to her friends.

By the time Courtney’s grandma had left, Courtney was already on the computer. Courtney was on the computer talking on instant messagener. When Courtney heard thunder and lighting outside the house. Courtney was will aware that this storm was going to take out the power. So she signed off the computer, not wanting the computer to become ruined from the storm. There was nothing else to do but watch TV. So Courtney headed over to the TV, hoping there was something good on. Sadly enough for Courtney when she entered the living room the power had gone out. Leaving Courtney in complete darkness.

Courtney knew that her grandma kept a flashlight in the kitchen drawer. Once Courtney had gotten the flashlight from the drawer and had turned it on. Courtney went through the house making sure all the doors and windows where locked. Then Courtney heard a thump, or what sounded like something fell to the floor.

Courtney was pretty sure the sound came from the hallway where the bedrooms are. But Courtney was unsure if she should go and check and see what fell. The thing that was bothering Courtney at the moment was not what fell, but what made whatever fall to the floor in the first place.

Courtney finally made up her mind, she was going to see what fell and what made whatever fall. As she made to leave the living room, Courtney couldn’t help feeling her stomach falling to the very core of the earth. Courtney looked in every bedroom, shining the flashlight all over the rooms. That is, all the rooms but one. The doll room, there are no words to describe that room. Grandma kept a room full of dolls, and I mean full of dolls. The walls where covered with shelves to hold all the dolls. And none of the dolls are the cute kind either. These dolls are the creepiest dolls that you have ever seen.

Courtney had been avoiding that room since her stay with her grandma. For Courtney there was one doll that really scared her. This doll was called the Flower Girl. This doll was dressed in a blue gown with little flowers on it. She had curly blond hair, and light blue eyes. With thick eye brows, that where arched in a somewhat surprised way. The doll always had a smile that looked as if it was smirking. Not only did this doll look scary, was that it moved when you turned the little knob in the back. While it played the Wedding March song.

Courtney pulled herself together; it was just a doll she told herself. Courtney entered the doll room, shining her flashlight all over the room. Yet couldn’t find anything out of the ordinary, but Courtney couldn’t help feeling as if something was out of place. Not sure what, so Courtney shined her flashlight slowly over the room. Then finding what was out of place. The flower girl was not on her shelf, where grandma always kept her. Courtney knew it was there earlier that day, when grandma had gone in the doll room to clean it up.

Now it was gone, before she could see if it was on the floor some where. Her cell phone started ringing from the living room, where she had left it. Courtney run to get the phone, thinking it was her grandma. It was, “Hello honey, I’m just calling to see if you are alright?” “Grandma, I’m fine. The power went out here. But I found a flashlight. But I have a question for you.” Courtney could hear laughter in the back around, clearly there was more then book reading at this book club.

“What is it sweetheart?” asked Grandma. “Did you take the Flower Girl doll with you to get it fixed?” Courtney just remembered that grandma was saying that morning that the dolls music box was broken. “No, why would I take it with me?” Before Courtney could answer her phone got disconnected. Courtney closed her phone and sat down on the couch. Thinking where the flower doll is. And why she cared about it so much. Once again her cell phone started ringing again.

Courtney picked it up, thinking her grandma was calling her back. It wasn’t, it was a song. It was the Wedding March song, with the same tune as the Flower Girl from her music box. Then the line went dead.

Courtney was fully ready to admit that she was scared now. She was alone in a dark house, with a thunder storm going on out side. Plus weird phone calls. Then the phone rang again, all Courtney could do was stare at it. This time she looked at the caller id. To see who was calling, the call was unknown. Courtney slowly answered the phone. Not bothering to say hello.

All she heard was the Wedding March, but unlike before. The song was louder. Then the line went dead. Courtney became terrified; she picked up her phone to call her grandma. When she tried to make the call, all she got was out of service. “That can’t be!” Courtney told herself. She just had two calls. Before she could think what to do, she heard movement from the kitchen. Courtney picked up her flashlight, and pointed it at the kitchen doorway. She was too afraid to go and see what it was, she felt a lot safer on the couch.

Standing in the doorway of the kitchen was the flower girl doll. The doll was just standing there all by its self. The dolls blue eyes where looking right at her. The doll even had its arms held out to her. And not in a way you would want a doll to hold its arms out to you either. Courtney was so surprised to see the doll standing there that she dropped the flashlight.

The flashlight landed on the floor with a thud, the flashlight had gone out when she had dropped it. Leaving Courtney in darkness once again. Courtney quickly started looking for the flashlight. Once she found the flashlight. She tried to get it working again, by banging her hand against it. The flashlight flickered for a moment then it was working again. Courtney pointed the flashlight where she last seen the doll. The doll was gone, and no where to be seen.

“Maybe, I’m losing my mind?” Courtney told her self. Maybe she really didn’t see the doll after all. Maybe it was all in her head. But Courtney already knew that was way too many maybes for her. Courtney took a deep breath to clam herself. When she started hearing the Wedding March song, but this time it wasn’t coming from her phone. It was coming from somewhere in the room.

And the song was getting louder, and louder. Tell it sounded like it was coming from behind Courtney. Courtney could feel her hands shaking while holding the flashlight. She slowly turned around, coming face to face with the flower girl doll. She was standing on the back of the couch, with a smile that stopped her heart. All Courtney could think of doing at the moment was screaming. And that she did.


Four hours later police where at the scene. Detective John Swineson was asking the police officer what had happened. All they knew was that Courtney Miller was dead. Cause of death was yet unknown. All the doors in the house where locked. Detective Swineson went over to the weeping grandmother. Asked if anything was missing, but the grandmother had confirmed his theory that nothing was missing.

Detective Swineson was going from room to room, looking for any clues to what happened. Detective Swineson noticed that all of the doors where closed but one. The room was at the end of the hallway. Upon entering the room, the Detective Swineson quickly noticed that the room was covered with dolls. A lot of the dolls in the room where pretty scary looking. But one doll stuck out more then the others.

The doll had blue eyes, with blond curls. A blue dress with little flowers on it. But was even more interesting about the dress was that it had a red stain on it. Detective Swineson stepped closer to the doll, to see what the stain was. Suddenly the doll started playing a song, but not just any song. The wedding march song. The lights started to flicker, the lights went out. Detective Swineson was aware that the house had lost power during the storm. But it was the only house on the whole street that had no power.

The Detective Swineson was pretty sure that they had gotten someone to get the power working. He thought it was rather strange for the power to suddenly to go out like that. He went over to go and get someone to get the power back on again. When the bedroom door slammed shut.

The Detective Swineson wondered how the door slammed shut like that. It was to dark in the room to see where he was going. Remembering that he kept a flashlight on his belt, he took it out. Turning it on, he slowly shined the flashlight over the room, when his flashlight landed on the doll. The doll was no longer grinning as before, now it was smirking. Thinking that was rather odd, for the doll to do that. Detective Swineson shined the flashlight at the door, to get it to open. When he heard a thump, quickly turning around, but found nothing.

That is but one thing, the doll with the stain was no longer where he last seen it. It was now on the floor right at his feet.

His flashlight started to flicker then it went out.

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