A Bathroom, a Scream and Several Friendships

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic
Dan and his friends at Arlington University encounter a nasty situation in Tom's room.

Submitted: July 21, 2012

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Submitted: July 21, 2012



Daily Life at Arlington- A Bathroom, a Scream and Several Friendships

Dan's Story

It was a Saturday night. (A chilly Saturday, actually, since it was November thirtieth, the last day before the countdown to Christmas.) As a cold wind went against the building known as Arlington University of the Arts and Sciences, a man on its main steps, Dan Quaffle, shivered. He gazed at the sky, where the first snowflakes of the season were falling gently to the ground.

He took a puff out of his inhaler as he gazed at the sight of the university's lush green lawn being turned into a winter wonderland. He shuddered violently, and immediately regretted not bringing a jacket. He smiled wistfully as he rubbed his hands together for warmth. "It's going to be a great Christmas," he said to nothing in particular.

Up above him in the building a light came on. He gazed at it for a while since it was his friend's- Tom Fiddle- room. Suddenly scream rang out from inside the university walls; specifically, Tom's room upstairs. Dan's eyes widened in panic and he instantly feared the worst. "No, no, no, no, no," Dan whispered as he took another puff of his inhaler, put it away, and ran back into the building, winter wonderland forgotten behind him.

Zen's and Hodge's Story

Zen Tucker, the Health Department's Senior Assistant, was in his room that Saturday night, staring blankly at his monthly calendar. It was turned to December, and December twenty fifth was heavily circled. He had a notepad in his hand, and he was internally debating whether or not to give Hodge Podge, the Head of the Math Department at Arlington, a calculator for Christmas. He just finished deciding to buy a scientific calculator instead of a basic one when Hodge stormed in his room and buried himself into Zen's bed pillows.

Zen hurriedly closed his notepad and faced the prone form of Hodge. "What is it this time?" said Zen nonchalantly. Hodge groaned and mumbled something, but the sound was muffled by the pillows. "What?" asked Zen as he leaned forward on his swivel chair. Hodge pushed himself off Zen's bed. "I won't be able to visit my family for the holiday," he said miserably.

Hodge's family was from Germany, where he grew up. Every year he visited them over the holidays, but this year it seems that was impossible. Zen sighed and sat beside Hodge on the bed. "I'm sorry, Hodge, but at least you can go to Germany next year. If that doesn't cheer you up, you'll spend Christmas and New Year's with us."

Hodge smiled at that. Zen was Jewish and since he was raised by Holocaust survivors, wary of anything German. Despite that, Hodge and Zen became best friends over their mutual liking of German Shepherds. Hodge valued their friendship dearly, and was glad that it seemed that Zen did too.

They smiled at each other for a while, but their moment was broken when a scream rang out from the room adjacent from theirs, which was Tom's. They both stood sharply and ran out the door. "Well that ruined a perfectly good moment," Hodge sighed as he closed the door.

Tom's and Steve's Story

Tom was reading Gone with the Wind that Saturday by a lamp. He glanced at his alarm clock from the corner of his eye. It read that it was eight o'clock. He slammed the book down on his coffee table and searched his pocket while muttering, "Can't believe…Steve's late…again…this time…going to pay…" Just as he fished out his phone out the door banged open and Steve Mendell stormed in, turning on the lights on the way.

"Steve, why are you late this time?" asked Tom angrily after his eyes adjusted to the light. Steve didn't spare a glance at him and just headed to the bathroom around the corner. Tom tried to follow him but the bathroom door locked before Tom even turned the corner. He paused for a moment then knocked on the door. "Steve, you okay?" he asked cautiously.

He heard the sound of a flushing toilet. "Um, I'm okay," Steve responded, his voice slightly in an echo. "I just, um, ate some lobster from dinner, that's all." Tom's eyes widened and he quickly stepped away from the door. "But that means…Oh, no, Steve, not my bathroom! I need that to smell fresh!" He stopped backpedaling and ran back to his couch, but was too late. The bathroom door opened and Tom screamed as a horrid smell assaulted his nostrils.

Dean's Story

The Dean of Arlington University, Dean Martin, was taking his nightly walk down the Science offices that Saturday. He hummed as he strolled along the hallway. Everything about Arlington was going smoothly. Ted Roser, the school troublemaker was off on early vacation (Some would say too early, but the teachers say it wasn't early enough), and Tiffany Albright, the school main journalist, reported student satisfaction for the semester and frankly, anything over thirty percent was fine with him.

Steve Mendell, the Drama teacher, said earlier that his latest production was going along fine, which is anything but a miracle. Dean smiled as he passed Tom Fiddle's room but it disappeared as he heard a shrill scream come from inside. He barged in with Hodge and Zen flanked him. Tom was sitting on his couch, pinching his nose and groaning repeatedly.

"What is going on?" Zen asked as Dan burst in gasping and taking a puff from his inhaler. Tom turned in the couch to face them. "Steve made a stink bomb in the bathroom," he said, horror stricken. Before they could question him further, the bathroom door opened and they suddenly realized what he meant.

"Who cut the cheese?" said Dan waving his hand in front of his face to ward off the smell as Dean asked franticly, "Where is my nose plug?"

Everyone's Story

"This is really bad. Really, really bad," said Dan, who was a little nauseous. Dean, who was carefully breathing through his mouth because of his nose plug, said, "I think we need to open a window."

"Really guys, it isn't that bad," Steve said as Hodge heaved a nearby window open. "It is," Tom muttered as Hodge exclaimed, "It's snowing!" Everyone turned to Dan. "I thought you were outside earlier," Tom said suspiciously. Dan blushed slightly. "I, um, kind of forgot that it started snowing," he said sheepishly.

Everyone looked at each other for a while until Zen said to Dan in a rage, "How could you forget that? Here I was, worrying that the Earth would melt since we didn't have any snow last year!"

Hodge gripped Zen's shoulder. "Zen, calm down! Just-just enjoy the snow while it lasts, ok?" Zen glared at him, and Hodge threw a matching glare back. They stared down at each other for a while until Zen relented and they both joined the rest of the gang, who were gathered around the open window.

"Mm, fresh air," said Tom, who was leaning against the window. A harsh wind pick up, tearing his jet black locks from their former place on his forehead. Steve rolled his eyes to pull out of the group and put some air freshener in the bathroom. Dean didn't see him go, since he was enchanted by the view outside the window. "Beautiful," he sighed and pressed his nose against the window, while Hodge and Zen snickered at the sight.

Dan hummed a Christmas carol and Tom smiled when he heard it. "You want me to play it on the flute?" Tom asked. Tom Fiddle was in fact the Head of the Music Department at Arlington, and loved to play his flute and his fiddle at any possible moment; especially when it wasn't necessary.

In the middle of Tom's flute version of 'Jingle Bells', the dinner bell rung twice overhead. Tom frowned as he stopped playing mid-piece. Dean was in a hurry, adjusting his leather jacket as he ran to the door, "Sorry, got to go guys, I was supposed to be in the Grand Hall a long time ago!" As Dean headed out Tom tugged Dan's sleeve. "C'mon, I heard they're serving meatloaf!" Everyone groaned but followed him out to the Dining Hall.

As everyone sat down at their respected seats Dan stared out across the dining hall at Zen, who was making goofy faces to entertain his peers in the Health Department, at Hodge, who was explaining an equation to a fellow mathematician, at Tom, who was chatting to Steve at the Drama and Music Department tables and at Dean who was grinning as he surveyed them all.

Dan grinned also as glanced around at his friends- no, family-who were goofing off as the first snowfall of the season fell around them. As Zen dragged him into a conversation about hat sizes, Dan realized that he was going to have a great Christmas.


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