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Rebel poster



Before the war, the Rebels where a small group with 4 people in it. The leader, a young girl named Kit, obtained information when her parnets where killed in a great fire. She started the small band with her close friends from the back allies of Volran. the group was made of tec, maps, brute force, and herself. Tec was Kit's close friend, Ronth. Ronth was a 17 year old with a helpful knack of machines and a shared hatred to the government after his father was arrested for a false claim. Maps was Ronth's little sister, Luana, a small 14 year old who knew the city almost perfectly. Brute force was Kit's long time crush, Davith, a 16 year old slab of brains and brawns. The team stole in the night and snuck to the Government hq where they say only one ,man,beast sitting there, studying over plans. Kit walked up and the beast glanced up. He said that they where excepcted long ago and it was too late to save the town. He knocked them out and dragged them into the streets. When they awoke they remembered what happened. They made posters and Kit pulled a imgage from her brain to put on the poster. They posted them and waited in the dark allies. Many came, understanding that this wa a choice for life and that they may never return. As the sun rose that day, Kit lead her band of rebels to the Government and attacked. The beast pressed a button and the world went black, everything in fire and ash. When Kit awoke, she looked at the ruins and relized she was alone. The beast was also. The beast introduced itself as DarkGoddess. Then it fled to the rich district that was slowly being rebuilt into a hq. Kit made plans and then she slowly gathered people to join her.






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Name: Kit Donval

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: 5 foot 7, 120 lb, frail, pale, short cropped black hair, green eyes, worried look, white top, blue jeans, frayed cloak, usally has a robot that Ronth made for her 15 birthday, robot can talk, uses a iron sword or a bow.

Personality: Kit is a born leader and acts very respectful to allies and people she hasn't met. She loathes the Followers and often makes rude comments about the leader and the group itself. Isn't afriad to take somebody in need and is willing to die alongside her men in battle. Brave and fearless it seems, she leads the battle and will often tend to the weak and wounded. Her robot people say is a spy but was built by Ronth and has some sort of healing power. TEnds to spen her time in the underground garden debating or with her group planning the next attack, Often tinkers with things and doesn't show her weak side ever. She trusts her team and falls in love hard, and when she is crushed she is somber for days and often is missing for hours at a time.

Fears: Losing loved ones, endermen, acid, and fire

Likes: Working with her team, the gardens, roses, and golden pants

Back Story:

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