Graeme: the Unhappy Unicorn

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Despite a charmed life, Graeme becomes a discontented unicorn.

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012



Graeme, the Unhappy Unicorn

In a magical land, far from the sea, there once lived a community of unicorns who grazed the wide plains and supped from the sweet streams that ran through their lands. As this was a time long before mankind emerged to plunder the pristine habitat, the unicorns were free from danger. The predatory animals, like wolves and jackals, were reluctant to attack unicorns, as their horns presented a threat, and were thus more inclined to hunt smaller, less threatening mammals.

However, despite their idyllic existence and the general mood of contentment, there was one very unhappy unicorn, and his name was Graeme. Whilst all the other young unicorns gambolled and frolicked, Graeme sulked and refused to partake in their revelry. His mother, Florence, tried to encourage him to associate with the other unicorns, but Graeme was surly and anti-social.

“Why don’t you go and play with your friends, Graeme?” Florence would ask.

“They’re not my friends. They are just a bunch of losers who know nothing,” he would reply. “I hate them. They are always doing boring stuff, like frolicking and gambolling. That sucks big time, man!”

“But you used to frolic and gambol when you were younger. And you used to be friends with all the other youngsters, don’t you remember?”

“Yeah, well, what of it? I just grew up, that’s all. I don’t want to hang around with those retards any more. They’re boring.”

“Oh, Graeme, don’t be so critical. They’re just enjoying themselves. There must be something that makes you happy?”

“Nah! Nothing around here. It’s boring. All the girls are ugly, and they’re all frigid anyway. And all the guys look like faggots.”

“Graeme! Those are horrible things to say about your friends. I don’t know what has happened to you. I’m going to have to have a serious talk with your father. You can’t go on with that kind of attitude. It just isn’t acceptable.”

“Dad’s a dickhead too. What’s he going do? Send me to counselling again, with that old clown Carson. I reckon he’s probably a pedo anyway. I’m not going back there. He’s a perve, Mom.”

“Graeme! That’s enough!”

“You bet it is. I’ve had enough of this shit hole. I’m getting out of here.”

Graeme turned and galloped full speed away from the happy little community of unicorns. His mother cried out to him to return, but he ignored her pleas.

Upon hearing of these events, Graeme’s father Charlie and some of his friends went out on a search party to find Graeme, but there was no trace of him. Although Florence and Charlie missed their son, the remainder of the community were glad to see the back of the petulant brat. He was a bad influence on the other young unicorns, and he was selfish and always reluctant to help anyone.

Rumours began to spread about him back on the plains, about how he had been seduced by the bright lights of Unicorn City, and was hanging around with a gang, and indulging in substance abuse, and selling himself to older perverted unicorns to be able to procure them. And that he was living with a girl who wasn’t even a unicorn, but a horse! The shame and iniquity of it all, the gossips would say. But none of this could be confirmed, being mere scuttlebutt and speculation. But no-one ever saw Graeme again, and it was more likely that he had been killed and eaten by a lion after he had left the safety of his community. Besides which, there was no such thing as Unicorn City. That was just a legend dreamt up by small minded bigots. The moral of the story could be: small communities create small minds. But in this case there is no moral, unless you want to make up your own.

The End

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