I Hate Nihilists

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Should we continue to blame our parents for how our lives have turned out, or do we at some stage have to take responsibility for it ourselves? Also, how does one deal with an inability to feel love for one's parents, and the societal expectation that this is a given. This poem alludes to Philip Larkin's poem 'This Be the Verse' and Sylvia Plath's poem 'Daddy'.

Submitted: November 19, 2011

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Submitted: November 19, 2011




I Hate Nihilists (to Philip and Sylvia)


Some people hate everyone, and others just hate

Their parents. I have a foot in both camps

At the moment; but as most people tell me,

I only have myself to blame.


Maybe I was so awful as a child

That my mother preferred to go out

Drinking and sleeping with the Push

Rather than come home and  feed

Her three kids; who knows?


But like most things, it’s probably my fault;

I was practically grown up, at least seven or eight

Years old, and should’ve looked after

The littlies better, while she indulged

In the sixties miasma of booze and free love.


And Daddy! Who can blame him

For doing the Hippie trail.

“I didn’t desert you,” he once claimed,

“Your mother left me, so I was forced to indulge

In threesomes in every Roman bath scattered

Across antiquity. And she fucked Richard Neville!”


“Who didn’t?” goes up the cry.

Even Larkin loved his parents

I wonder why can’t I?

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