Teaching Tom Tom to Talk

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A poem about a cat.

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012




Teaching Tom Tom to Talk

The students out here don’t want to learn

And the schools have stopped calling me,

Due to classroom discipline issues, or so

I’ve been told. The truth is that the little

Pricks and bitches already think they know

Everything there is to know. And maybe

They do about certain things. Who cares?

Statistically, they will die in preventable

Accidents on lonely Riverina roads –

Not that I am a bitter man.


I don’t miss teaching, just the pay.

Three hundred bucks a day! Besides

I made no friends among the teachers

Out here. Nor anyone else, in sooth.


One Saturday morning as I set off

To buy supplies, I heard a mewing sound

Coming from underneath my car.

I coaxed out a kitten

Shivering and emaciated.

My first mistake was to pity him -

I thought the compassion by-pass

Would last a lifetime; I was wrong.

My second was to feed the little fucker

As this would surely to lead to attachment.


I sit on my veranda, as before,

But now I have an unwanted companion

I formally addressed as Fuck Off, until my Auntie

Told me to come up with something more appropriate

So I named him Tom Tom, as he is a male

And I’m a drummer; if that makes sense?


Now I have only one student who doesn’t

Want to learn. I say to him, “What do you want?”

He doesn’t answer, but he only ever wants food,

Or affection I can’t find or give.


“If you want to be fed, shake your left ear, and if not,

Shake the right.” But he’s as hopeless as an

Adolescent. He just can’t articulate his desires

And since I stopped working I can barely afford

A diet beyond Dhal and rice. To add insult to injury

He turns his nose up at this nutritional, spicy dish.

© Copyright 2018 Craig Davison. All rights reserved.

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