Vie de Solitaire

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The joys of an independent existence.

Submitted: January 05, 2012

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Submitted: January 05, 2012




Vie de Solitaire

I used to wonder about my life

And worry without end

About all those false hopes and dreams

And what happened to my friends?

Some disappeared without trace

Some withdrew from life

Some stopped talking to me

And others just up and died

Some found God and Jesus

Some got lost in drugs

Some of them started families

The unlucky fell in love

But I don’t feel bad for them

No matter what they’ve done

You might think I miss them

But you would be so wrong

For no man is an island

No one except me

I can live without them

As long as I am free

They can all go to hell

I don’t need them anymore

No friends are true friends

That’s all I know for sure

I don’t ever wonder

About what might have been

Those looking for happiness

Are searching for a dream

We’re born alone, we die alone

That’s life’s reality

Now I’m self sufficient

The only way to be

And don’t you ever pity me

Because I am truly free.

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