finally got the girl

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a girl i loves hard times

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012



I often wondered if i'd find a girl and settle down

i was heading through life hanging with the same old crowd

until one day i met this girl that i once knew

she was from the same school but a different year or two


i had the hots for her then i guess it must have been fate

i seen her out one night so i asked her for a date

a few years later we were not long engaged

14/2/06 was the day


i finally got the girl im gonna make her my wife

if it came down too it i would give her my life

a couple of years ago a girl without a trouble in the world

how times can change now your in a living hell


your bed ridden in pain somedays an incurrable disease

why does god keep testing you while others walk through life with ease

i hate feeling helpless when you go under the knife

in someone elses hands it just doesnt seem right


So i hope you know im here for you ill try my best to understand

your in and out of surgery and im there to hold your hand

my love you will stay the same  it wont change

every day we write in our book a brand new page


we have the rest of our lives to cherish and remember

memories are made when ever were together

i know youll make a great mum some day dont give up

well try what we can and if not well adopt


luck made us meet once fate brought us back again

together hand in hand until life comes to an end

well never be apart well find each other again

in our next lifetime a new chapter will begin


who needs a fortune teller i can see into our future

the house you've always wanted and a wedding ring will suit you

so i dedicate my love to you for the rest of our lives

it will be an honour one day to call you my wife


so keep your head up i know times are not so good

one day the shoe could be on the other foot

dont try to cope on your own tell me what your thinking

are your pain levels high or are they diminishing


doctors turn you away like they dont even care

but theyll take your money and pretend your not there

all you need is one of them to have a bit of a heart

to look at your history and know where to start


so i just want to tell you i love you so much

this song i wrote as a dedication to our love

for us to be together after  these past few years

nothing can break usnot a river of tears


well climb every obstical that falls in our path

side by side and strong as ever

together in love





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