Greatest man i ever knew

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My Pop recently died aged 89 this is a ode to him.

Submitted: July 15, 2012

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Submitted: July 15, 2012




It’s so hard to see a loved one in pain

So many thing’s that I wish I could change

I hold your hand to let you know that im here

I can see you fighting and it brings me to tears


Pop you are the best man I could ever know

You should know it’s ok for you to let go

You don’t have to keep fighting to see another day

We’ll watch the angels come to take you away


You were a man of very few word’s

But your being here made it a better earth

I’ll live my life and try to walk in your shoes

Pop you were the greatest man that I ever knew


World war 2 was just a walk in the park

Compared to the battles of age that you had to embark

I wish I could take you back to your youth

Peaceful times are all I’m wishing for you


The fight is over and you’re at the pearly gates

With your loved one’s son Terry and your mate’s

 There’s no more pain, no hurting, no fears

No more suffering like the past few years


I know your up there looking over us

Thinking why are they down there making all this fuss

In god’s hands your pain’s been taken away

Looking out for us now each and every day.


The times we all shared and the memories made

Will help us all heal while the pain slowly fades

In time we will meet again without any regret

Rest in peace now POP



Written By Craig Langley



© Copyright 2019 Craig79. All rights reserved.

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