no religion no war

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after 9/11 something i wrote. also had influence from the god delusion by Richard Dawkins a good read religious or not.
After the death of my pop you can see my religious directions have changed quite a bit.
This is also a verse from a song that i wrote(hiphop).

Submitted: July 20, 2012

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Submitted: July 20, 2012



Imagine a world without any religion

no suicide bombers and no 9/11

no race wars for an injust cause

i thought religion was supposed to be about peace not war

theyre killing everyone trying to settle a score

theyre killing everyone declaring its a holy war

what for in the name of god?what god?

take a look around youve got the same eyes that ive got

death is everywhere caused by religious hands

witch hunts massacres and crusades in klans

the kkk outlawed to the nra and priests bieng caught out as peodaphiles everyday

not to mention the way we brain wash our little kids

too young to understand what religion really is

theyre bieng told how to think,indoctrinated

innocent kids minds are bieng confiscated

dictated to hatred from 3 years of age

it cant get much worse than this its outrageous

contagious behaviours all over the middle east

i dont hate you so why do you want to kill me?

i remember peace atleast we could walk down the street

and say gday to people in everyday life that we meet

and greet each day without a trouble  in the world

but todays a different story since the twin towers fell

written by Craig Langley

© Copyright 2019 Craig79. All rights reserved.

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