Cherry Blossoms in the Winter

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Silver hair, green eyes...

Submitted: April 07, 2016

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Submitted: April 07, 2016



Cherry Blossoms in the Winter

By Craotic


I ask you, reader, have you ever experienced love? The sort of love that takes over your entire body. The sort of love that eradicates all other thoughts in your mind replacing them with just their image. The memory of their scent. The taste of their kiss. The warmth of their hands.

The ground is blanketed in snow and the wind rustles the dead leaves and branches still clinging on to the trees towering over me. I breathe out and watch the mist from my mouth shroud my vision for what feels like a lifetime. Even in the desparity and islotation that January heralds, her deep green eyes and pale skin refuses to leave my mind.

The warmth of her body invades mine and as I look at her I see visions of blue skies. Warm, gentle breezes charging through the solitary blades of grass. The beautiful pink hues of the cherry blossoms that would hide us from the rest of the world fall from the branches onto her hair. 

Her hair...

I place my hand on her soft, silver hair. Whiter than snow and more delicate than a new born baby and though only a moment has passed in this winter wonderland I feel like I have lived a lifetime in her gaze.

Her gaze...

A fortress guarded by a million men could not give me quite the same feeling of safety and comfort that I get from merely catching her eye from across the room. What an incredible feeling...

They say til death do us part but not even the cruel cold clutches of death could wrap itself around us and take her from me. The image of her smile is forever burned into my mind and I feel her from the surface of my skin all the way down to the electrical impulse passed through the synapses in my brain.

Is this love?

The ground is no longer cold and desolate. The trees, no longer dead and still. Life flourishes all around me as we stand under the same cherry blossoms as we did that January. Her hair mirrors the sun's elegant rays and her eyes sparkle the colour of the most beautiful jade. The pink hues surround us and I have waiting for this moment for a long time.

She mutters a sweet melody of love and affection in my ear and I ask you, reader, have you ever experienced love? Because I have.


Love is beautiful, just as she is...

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