The Duke and the Orphan

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This is the story of two player made characters in a game called World of Warcraft, the content is purely non-canon, and strictly meant for roleplay purposes, to elaborate on the past of these two.
I thought it might be interesting to share it.

Submitted: December 12, 2017

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Submitted: December 12, 2017




Chapter 1:

Almar smiled as he awoke, the sky above Gavenstead cloudless and bright with the Lordaeronian sunshine, making for a beautiful day in the duchy. Climbing out of bed he put on his silken slippers, and rushed through the castle halls and down the spiral staircase to the ground level, and storming into the kitchen to meet the kitchen staff with a wide grin, "Good morning, Young Lord." Said one of the kitchen wenches, to the boy.

as he strode over to her, observing what she was doing.

"Any big plans today?" Asked Miss Hawkins.

"Father and I are going to Stormwind." He says with a smile.

"How exciting!" Miss Hawkins replies.

"I get to Alainysia, while he is meeting with the other nobles of Stormwind!" proclaims the boy, rather excitedly.

"Ah, the Addington girl you're so fond of, Young Master?" Asks the kitchen wench.

Almar would pause a moment, his cheeks turning pink with blush, by the abrupt question, "N-No..." Squeaks the boy.

Miss Hawkins giggles softly, handing a plate of freshly cut fruit, harvested just this morning by the farmers, "Apologies, Young Master, I did not mean to assume."

Almar nods in acceptance of the apology, and takes the plate, rushing off to the dining hall to eat, his footsteps echoing through the hallways, the swiftness of his departure nearly leaving a silhouette of dust in his wake. Skidding to a halt as he sees his father in the dining hall, Almar nearly loses his fruit, before greeting the Duke, "Good morning, Father!"

Lord Eugene MacEntire, a man of forty-five summers, strawberry blonde hair streaked with white from age, "Good morning, my son." Says the Lord of Gavenstead, as he looks up from his paperwork.

Almar walks over to the chair closest to his father and sets himself down, watching him do his clerical duties, as he munched on the fruit he had before him. "Father, when are we leaving for Stormwind?" Almar would inquire, between eating a pair of strawberries.

"Shortly, my son, shortly. I just have to finish this paperwork and we will be leaving." Proclaims the distinguished man.

The boy nods to his father as he finishes his fruit, "I will be in the training yard, sparring with Sir Kingston, will you have a page fetch me when we are preparing to depart?"

The Duke nods, "Do be careful, my son."

knights' training yard.

Upon arriving in the yard, Almar surveys for Sir Kingston, as he runs to grab a wooden sparring longsword, "Sir Kingston!" He shouts, spotting the knight and rushing over to him, his sparring sword held low and to the back in preparation fora upward slashing attack.

Much to his disappointment, Sir Kingston would quickly raise his own sparring blade and parry the attack, forcing Almar to stumble backward a few steps and recollect his footing. Once he had a firm stance again, he would charge once more, this time hefting the sword above his head for a furious downward blow. The strike was swiftly and easily blocked by Sir Kingston, the counter causing Almar to lose his grip on the hilt of the wooden weapon, flinging it several yards to his left, "I yield." Almar proclaims, falling to his knees.

"You must learn to use your head, a sword battle is not only fought with sheer strength, but with decisive and hasty thinking." Replies Sir Kingston, resting his palms on the pommel of his upright wooden sword.

strawberry blonde lock covering his face in defeat, "Of course, Sir Kingston."


MacEntire!" A page is sprinting towards the training yard, waving his hand.

"Master MacEntire, your father sent me to fetch you." Said the young page to Almar.

"Thank you. Sir Kingston, I will be taking my leave." Almar tells the knight as he walks off.

Sir Kingston gives a stoic nod to the young lord, before returning to training the other knights. Almar rushes to the Gryphon Roost to meet his father, swiftly climbing on to the gryphon, his supplies already packed for the journey. "Shall we be off, my son?" Asks Lord MacEntire the elder.

gryphon, though, he always enjoyed the flight, as it was so beautiful, the high peaks of the Dwarven Mountains, capped in snow always amazed him, though the cold was not his favorite. The green canopy of Elwynn Forest quickly came into view, causing a feeling of excitement to well up in his stomach, that much closer to Alainysia. A small smile crept onto his face, the corners of his lips curling up to reveal his pearly white teeth.

As they landed in Stormwind, Almar lept from his 's back and quickly ran off, "Send a page for me when you are ready to leave, father!" He shouts as he bolts towards the Cathedral Square.

Alainysia!" Almar shouts at the top of his lungs as he runs into the Square.





Chapter 2:

Alainysia awoke with a sigh, rubbing her eyes gently to clear the sleep from her eyes, lifting her upper body from the bed and letting the sheet cover her lower half she looked over to her calendar. Seeing that today was a Saturday, she would allow herself to smile, "He's coming."

Alainysia jumped out of her bed and began preparing for the day, throwing on the a beautiful, blue dress, embroidered with gold thread, that had been bought for her by the boy she was so excited to see today. Almar... why is he so good to me? The girl thought to herself. "What makes me so special? I wonder." She says, thinking out loud.

She rushed about, getting ready for her rendezvous with the young lord, taming her fiery curls with a carved ivory brush that he had bought for her as well, All these gifts, why? Alainysia wondered to herself. She brushed off the thought as she moved to her little desk where she kept her meek collection of make-up, using the mirror that was propped on the desk against a wall to apply it. "I wonder what he has planned to day?" She says out loud, as she applies her make up, her cheeks turning a deep shade of rose.

She finishes doing her make up and double checks her attire, to make sure everything was perfect, Alainysia was the image of perfection, at least for Almar she was, and so she had to be sure to reinforce that for him. For a future duke to have such a deep interest in her, an orphaned heiress-apparent to the Barony of Ashemark, was something Alainysia found astonishing, and rather difficult to believe. Deciding she was more than ready for the day, she walked out of her abode and strode towards the Cathedral Square.

Upon arriving, she would observe everyone around her, watching each person with determined eyes, the many recruiters for various orders, kingdoms and lords scoured the Square, making quite a bustle amongst the locals and foreigners alike, it fascinated her. She walked about the square, silently listening to each recruiter's pitch to their prospective recruits, learning about each faction that was in attendance, all the while patiently waiting for the one person she was truly interested in seeing today.

In the distance, the wing beats of gryphons could be faintly heard, along with a few loud sqawks from the majestic creatures. Not long after, the magnificent winged beasts could be seen flying over head, a squadron of ten gryphons and their riders, glided across the Stormwind sky, the two rear riders bearing a blue and gold banner with the image of a stag in the center, the banner of Gavenstead, "He's here..."

Alainysia suddenly felt incredibly giddy, her stomach filling will large monarch butterflies, fluttering about in her gut, as she became overwhelmed with joy at the sight of the gryphons. It took everything in her to not take off sprinting towards the landing sight, and simply wait patiently in the Cathedral Square. I hope he gets here soon.

Alainysia, waiting, her nerves wracked with excitement, standing at the base of the Cathedral staircase, in her blue and gold gown, tapped her fingers on her wrist, a nervous tick of sorts, the anxiety was building. The make-up on her face accentuated by the freckles that powdered her cheeks, the sun giving her porcelain skin an austere glow, aside from the rose colored patches on her cheeks. "How much longer?" She whispered to herself.

"Alainysia!" A young male voice sounded from across the square, making her ears perk up. Alainysia's emerald eyes widened, quickly searching for the source of the voice, she knew who it was, though she had to make sure. There! She spotted the young man, Almar, a teenager of only fifteen summers, rushing towards her in a full sprint, his gold embellished cloak flowing behind him spuratically, emphasising his sheer speed.

As Almar came skidding to a stop before Alainysia, his shoulder length strawberry blonde hair whipped in front of his face, forcing him to run a gloved hand through his lucious locks. Looking at Alainysia with a broad smile of adoration, he smoothed out his tunic and pantaloons, the blue silken fabric making way for his hand.

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