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a quick look into the mind of a man who longs for the good ol' days. and an inside look at a persons final thoughts on earth.

Submitted: November 04, 2011

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Submitted: November 04, 2011




it's the moments when you think that its all over, 
when you can really see the beauty in the world.
hidden behind all the tears and broken hearts.
through the rain and over the clouds,
dancing forever in eternal sunshine.
wondering how you ever took days like today for granted.
cringing in disbelief at all the hurt you have caused.
all the lies you have told and secrets you kept.
and every little thing that went left unsaid.
wondering what your long lost love was doing at that very same moment.
laughing off the bitter words that stayed with you through the years.
wishing things could have been different.
seeing now how they could have been.
closing your eyes and reminiscing about your childhood days.
and for a moment, if your lucky, you will catch a glimpse of that sun lit stretch of road.
walking towards the boy in the tie died T who pulled your up and over the wall just as the waves came crashing in.
but left you astray as the tide rolled back.
or maybe the girl with the sandy blonde hair,
as she drove on down the road. never to be seen again.
praying that she still remembered how it felt to be as free as the wind.
staring at the pink sun setting on the western horizon on a calm and cool summer day.
forever etching that feeling somewhere deep inside.
coming out on lonely nights,
haunting you as you sleep.
almost as if to tell you that the best is all over.
that there simply is no going back.
so in the end what is left?
but a tired soul and weary dreams of yesteryear,
all popping up in a final wave of awe inspiring beauty.
and one last look at a world, that until then, seemed dull and meaningless.

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