Bane: Book 1

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This is just something I am working on right now. I just want opinions on this thats all. I am working on a novel right now but it is not finish. so just read this to get an idea to whats to come. Believe me there are a lot of mistakes in this. so i know just want feed back on the story not the grammer errors

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012




“Bane it’s only a matter of time before she finds out who you really are". Bane looked through the glass mirror. Seeing his reflection was painful and corrupted to look at. “We can’t help who we are we have to accept it”. “No It’s not who I want to be, she has to never know about this, it’s not fair to her or me” said Bane. Bane walked towards his friend, his companion. The person he always relied to whenever there was trouble. Bane held his hand to his face, and touched the blood that was dripping down his face. He hated this more than  life. Being a monster was just not an option for bane. Bane wanted to live a life filled with peace and clarity. Not of destruction and hate. “Bane the night is young, we can go and see London if this is bothering you so much” said Bane's friend. Bane looked at his friend and smirked. London couldn’t help either. He was the same just like himself. Bane was pat on the back by his friend but Bane scoffed him off and started to run out the door toward the black woods. Bane ran until he came to a spot in the woods where it got thicker with fog. Bane could see something moving in the fog but he wasn’t sure what it was. He sprang into the nearby bushes and hid. When he peeked through the bush he saw that a young girl was walking through the forest. She was very pretty but she looked like she was lost at the same time. Bane had to fight the urge not to pounce on her right then and there. The urge was too strong this time. Bane made a low gurgling growl from his throat and crouch down into a pounce position. The young girl turned toward the bush and called out “Hello is anyone there?”  Bane looked at the girl. Her blonde hair, her creamy white skin, her blue eyes, the way her body swayed from side to side. Bane was mesmerized. The animal in him wanted to kill her. Bane jumped out of the bushes and pounced on the girl. Before the girl could blink she was on the ground screaming for help. Bane focused his attention on the girl than her screaming. He had a mission; he was going to kill this girl. The girl looked at bane and cried out loud. Bane was just about to sink his sharp teeth into the girl when he heard rustling in the nearby bush. “Deanna where are you?” Bane recognized that voice. He knew that voice to the point that it sounded like music to his ears. Bane looked at the girl from underneath him. The girl was obviously upset and terrified at the same time. Bane didn’t want the other girl to find him, so he took one last look at the girl and took off running into the deeper end of the forest. “Deanna there you are, why did you leave me in the car for so long? It’s getting late and my sister Andrea is going to kill me if I miss curfew”. Deanna looked at the girl she hated since she ever moved here to Alaska. “I’M FINE LETS GO” said Deanna. “Wait, you look like you saw a ghost or something, are you ok”. Deanna just stayed quiet and walked back toward her car. Bane came back toward the bush quietly and looked at the girl that was left standing there puzzled. Bane knew this girl. He would follow this girl at school without her noticing him. He would have dreams about her. There would be days he couldn’t go to school because the urge to kill her would be too strong. He didn’t want to hurt her just love her. This girl was his life. The girl turned toward the bush he was hiding in and Bane took that opportunity to leave her standing there. Bane knew one day that the love of his life would find out who he truly was. I am a terrible monster and a beast. I am a killer and a destroyer. I am a Werewolf.

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