Tis My Love

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Love and emotional peoms. very short but something to take to heart. everyone has been through a breakup. Well these are my experiences on how i felt toward my past realationship.

Submitted: January 12, 2012

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Submitted: January 12, 2012




  • Every morning i would wake up
    And my heart is as full as a river
    No one in this world but you and me
    Have tasted love so sweet

    The world is a stage and i feel like
    We are being watched
    The bells are chiming ding dong-ding dong
    We here sweet music with every chime

    Everyone is envious of us
    because we have what they want
    We have what they need
    We are two selfish lovers, on a stage for the world to see

Maybe we should share?

No, we don't want to spoil our perfect song

Every morning is like a dream to me

I want to hold you with all my might

I see your face throughout the light

I hear your beautiful voice throughout the night

My heart beats faster every step and breath you make

Our moments that we share

The thoughts that we tell

I hope our love will never end

Or i will cry of despair

  • Dreams
  • I can sometimes remember the good memories of you

But I always feel like if I close my eyes and dream I see your image more clearly

I see that stupid grin you always put on your face

And that goofy laugh that makes my heart pound harder

When I wake up I knew it was a dream

Because the warmth of your body is not with me

I cry for only a minute and try my best to recall my dreams of you

But they just fade away

If I see you in the present moment I can’t help but stare

You never turn your back

And I give up and I walk away

Never turning back or call your name

These dreams won’t fade away

They just linger and stay within

I curl up and hold your picture next to my heart

And just close my eyes to see you in my dreams once more


The fear of losing my heart to you

Haunts me forever as I continue to start my day

Breathing can suffocate me

Leaning against your body can become too much to hold in

Let me rain inside your body

Let me steal your soul

Let me wrap my arms around you

If I can’t see you then the fear becomes too strong to hold anymore

Running in circles in front of you

Sets my heart on fire

Being late for you

Annoys the living crap out of you

Let me rain inside your body

Let me steal your soul

Let me wrap my arms around you

If I can’t see you then the fear becomes too strong to hold anymore

Dying in presence of you helps me to understand you more

Keeping you in my sight helps my fears come more alive

I can’t seem to forget you

But I just give in to your annoying nonsense

Let me rain inside your body

Let me steal your soul

Let me wrap my arms around you

If I can’t see you then the fear becomes too strong to hold anymore

  • Heartache
  • I can’t remember when we met

I can remember the way you smiled when you looked at me

The fights never matter anymore

Because we can make up in the end

Crawling into a ball and crying hurts my soul

The days of lovemaking are over

You can’t even touch me the way you used too

After all I can still bleed inside my heart

Or I can suffer the never-ending heartache

Being in love with you can make me feel sick

It can feel great if we both feel the same

Lately I feel like giving up on you

But I can feel your tears inside of me

Sometimes love can be a tick that can’t leave

But I can take the pain

As long as my heart can never feel

The never-ending heartache

  • Cold
  • I ran as far as I could go

To catch up with you

But as rain begins to fall

I lose my breath and collapsed

My heart feels cold

I no longer can feel the touch of my skin

Soon I have a reason to believe

That the cold of my heart no longer belongs to you

  • Falling
  • My heart can’t bear to believe you still care

The motion of this water becomes too hard to control

Being in your presence burns the soul in me

Burning has never burn so hard

Falling into the trap of your touch has enter so gracefully

But as the endless dreams fade away

I keep burning

I cry for answers but never receive what I’m looking for

So falling into the endless life is all I look to see

  • Lovers walking together hand and hand
  • As I see lovers walking together hand and hand

I think of the past that has haunt me forever

The moments of forgetting how to think were cut deep inside me

Sometimes the pain comes out in anger whenever you’re near me

The music that plays around us has never stop

It just keeps playing as I cry towards the heavens

My heart burns as I lay my head on your body

I am the only one who knows that your love for me is too cold

Gathering my thoughts when I’m around you throws me off

It makes me believe that life is not worth living

But I know someday the past will be the past

And the beginning will always stay the same

The stories and lies you told were never about you

They were always about me and I never could look at you again

I have never loved again because of you

So as I see lovers walking together hand and hand

I close my eyes and erase the memories from my head

  • Say Goodbye

When i think of all the things we have been through
it makes me wonder if were still in love
Then i think of what you given me
I feel like dancing on my tippy toes

I must say as each day goes passing by
I think of how hard it is to see you

Of all i have, it’s hard to be with you
Of all the times i cry i still don’t want to say goodbye

There are times, when i don’t even get out of bed
Baby I'm not ashamed to say
that my love for you will grow stronger

You walk by in the nick of time
looking for love and a prayer from me

Of all i have, it’s hard to be with you
Of all the times i cry i still don’t want to say goodbye

Deep inside of me you feel me with butterflies
and to say goodbye is not so hard anymore

  • Snow White
  • The poison apple that touches my lips drowns my soul into a deeper sleep
    I can no longer breath and i fall into darkness
    There is no longer sunshine in the sky as i drift away
    There is only my desperate need to hang onto life

I fall into my lovers arms as he carries me into his dark cave

No sounds are made as i am no longer able to feel his gentle touch

He sets me upon the silky white carpet of his cave

And kisses my forehead and wishes up to the heavens for my return to him

I can no longer see or touch the sweet air

I can no longer love anymore

Pain can no longer be felt

But i can always love my true love no matter what

Days have gone by

and I am still in deep sleep
The one that i have love has given up on me
So i just lay here restless for someone to love me again

Days turn into years and I let myself remember the good memories
But inside my sleep i cry and scream for someone to hear me
Of course no one can hear me
Only the gentle falling snow covers my cave deeper into existence

Spring has come a stranger comes to wake me from my sleep
He gently touches my face and leans in for just one kiss
I awake and see the only reason to keep living
The love of my life has return

He tells his tale of trying to collect his thoughts in order to be with me again
And i just silent him with a kiss
A kiss so gentle
AS soft as snow

  • Falling Teardrops

Tear drops fall down as i carefully scream your name
i understand the pain you must be feeling
but i can’t bring him back to us
the death of his love for us was hard even for him
sometimes i feel his spirit near us, but he has to be gone
the thought of leaving is always there
but i push it aside

My mind sometimes can’t take every information you used to bring
i stumble when you came near me
because i knew you loved me with all your heart
love, i used to think it was great but it’s not
wondering if I’ll ever be able to move on
without your love here
i have no reason to live

Breathing becomes more difficult when you were near
now it seems like breathing is a waste of time
i only need your soul to stay alive
but i can’t reach it
im loosing you every day
as the teardrops fall down
i burn at the calling of your name

  • Secret

If i told you a secret would you be able to keep it
no one should know who i am
even if you swore you would not tell
it still has to be kept hidden

The secrets i share you never keep to yourself
i sometimes wonder if you care for me
i write the thoughts i hear on paper
as you draw the conclusion

Help me to understand why you tell
tell the secrets i give you
the secrets that hurt my heart
our making me cry inside

The days when i could talk to you
have grown apart from me
moments can last a lifetime
but when i share a secret it does not last forever

forgive myself for feeling anything for you
i have no more to say to you
the secrets are no longer shared
i keep them hidden inside of me

  • Dance

Dance me into the night, forever as we go into darkness.
Not only are we forbidding our love but we can never find our light again.
You said our life was filled with love and passion, but you easily took it away by hurting me.
The beauty of your sweet music took my breath away as you walked by.
I saw how easy you can be distracted by me, but for some reason you never looked into my eyes.
You coward down when your chance came to show me love, but like always you stayed behind the curtain.
Tomorrow came and you still never responded to my burning questions.
Every night would get harder and harder for me because I had no one to love me.
"I never want to hurt you" you would always say, but for some reason those six words burn in my heart.
How could one person make me feel so terrible and miserable at the same time?
Love shouldn't have to hurt like this but it does.
Dancing in the night just seems forbidden for now

  • Life
  • Follow the road towards life

Stop and think, is it worth searching for?

You can keep dreaming the same dream over again

And still think your life has no meaning

Just remember that life is not given to you on an empty plate

It’s shared with memories of childhood and graduation plans

Reaching for dreams can be so distant if you just stand still

As long as you keep moving then you shall never fall

You just keep your head up high

And stay strong

This journey we call life is not over

Until we say it's over

  • Empty Heart

I see you standing in front of me and all i can think of is "You Hurt me"
your everything to me and i feel sorry that you feel the way you feel
When you’re gone i cannot think or even breath
Even when i try to forget your smile it stills comes back to haunt me in my dreams.
Crying can't fix how i feel inside about you
I have to admit, it can sometimes be hard not to think about you
I just have to keep going on with my life
Even though i wish i can heal my Empty Heart

White Wishes

the silence that overtakes my soul has found me tonight
sometimes i wonder if i will be able to see my lover again
i just wait and watch as the passing cars go by

i dream of the day when we meet again
i wonder if you still remember that last kiss we shared
pretty stupid of me to still love you huh?

There are times when your voice finds my heart
i just sit and cry until the tears fall down on the ground
for some reason i forget everything that is around me when i cry

white wishes i give to you


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