China Doll

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I know alot of people who are like China Dolls so I wrote on inspiration.

Submitted: March 28, 2007

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Submitted: March 28, 2007



What happened to the beauty that once resided there
Up upon the beautiful wooden cabinet?
What happened to the beauty that used to reside here
Where the glassy brown eyes peered at me with happiness?

Remember your eyes were so bright
With both their own smiles at the edges?
Remember your eyes were brighter than the sunlight
That used to shine up there upon the cherry wood cabinet?

My beautiful china doll why do I find you here,
Your beautiful porcelain face all cracked and covered in dust?
My beautiful china doll why are you not up there
Out of the dark, upon the wooden cabinet?

Precious china doll you are broken, beyond repair.
What has caused the destruction of you my friend?
Why is it that your once beautiful eyes now stare with an icy glare?

My friend is that a tear,
A tear where smiles once danced?
Why is it that you cry my dear,
What has left you all broken?

Tell me why I find you here,
Here in this dark corner covered in dust and broken?
Why is it I find you down here and not there,
Where your once beautiful porcelain face
used to smile down at me with happiness?

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