Struggling with life at 14

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A 14 year old girl has fought with life for her whole life but know when shes 14 her life takes a turn for the worst

Submitted: October 19, 2014

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Submitted: October 19, 2014



A girl born July 5 has been struggling with depression and school and bullying and her family for her whole life but when she turns 14 nothing but trouble comes her way and her parents who are no longer together change her life forever

july 5  she is having a birthday party at a local family fun center yet all of her friends have more fun than her shes strong but not strong enough to climb the rock wall she has her dad and her mom with her. but her dad has been diffrent for a year somthing broke in him a year earlyier but know one can figure out what. But the one time she can do better and move faster and be more controlled at was the go carts she flew around the track faster and with more control than any of her friends

september 8  she is failing four classes in her first year of high school and has no motivation and everyone is yelling at her that she needs to change but she is scared to get any help from anyone 

october 5  she is so glad her dad left but she is sad that he is no longer the same man he use to be but she is still failing two classes in school

october 10  at 4:00 her grandmother her dads mom calls her mom and the phone call is on the car phone speaker phone "hey he commited suicide last night" her mom "No he didnt" she said  blowing it off as its nothing "he hanged himself last night the coroner is taking his body away now" her mom responded with "oh my god oh my god i have to go i have to go" her mom hangs the phone up and looks at her and says "are you ok " she replied "yeah" then they go to burger king and quick get something to eat and then madison goes to a friends still in shock then she returned home at seven o clock  then went to bed at nine and cried and then fell asleep at one oclock in the morning

october 17  she cant stop thinking about if her dad suffered of if he went to hell and she relizes that "life is not predictable and nothing will ever be the same again"

October 19  she is worried about life 

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