The Sword of Greth- Chapter 1

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Rammi, a young vampire, is found by demons and forced to help them destroy one of the most powerful demons of all, Jhau. But can he do it alone?

Submitted: July 12, 2008

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Submitted: July 12, 2008



A strange tinge of green filled the air. Also, a smell, a horrible smell, like old damp socks, but worse. A screeching noise rang above frequency. I covered my ears, they started to bleed.

A dark figure lingered in the corner. It was shaped like a bird, a large dinosaur figure. It had it wings spread to full extent, to scare me. Its body was small, horns suck out of it's back, sharp and scaled. I shivered, coldness ran down my spine. It's head was huge, a large horn (that made up most of it) stood tall and proud at the top of it's head. It’s mouth was a beak, a long extended beak, It mouth opened to screech, it’s mouths extent looked to be 10 or 11 feet high.

The screeching stopped, I fell to the ground in complete terror. I squirmed, the creature flinched. I moved away from it, like it was a demon. The bird stepped from the shadow, it was a demon. I moved slowly backwards.

A loud screeching voice filled the room, not as high pitched, "Beware young vampire! Haryus lurks! Looking for you." The bird flew away, like a bird soars across the early morning sky, gracefully. I watched as it disappeared from my sight. I was scared to the bone, my body frozen with fear. Why was the demon bird warning me? Why was Haryus looking for me? Why doesn’t Haryus find me himself.

Haryus was a demon. A small, but very powerful demon. It was dark green, almost black. It had 19 horns on random parts of it's body, some larger than others. His eyes were red, as red as red could get. You go blind (some say) when you look into his eyes, but I honestly don't believe this. I never have. His face was that of a small child’s, but his face always look frightened, like he was being tortured. I had once read a book about him and his master, Jhau.

Jhau, an evil powered demon, was the ruler of all demons. He sends his demon slaves to find new, and fresh, slave demons. You’d be lucky if you spent a week alive being his demon (that is why Haryus is so special). After he is finished with you, he throws you into the fire, you burn, slowly, over 1,000 years. No one has ever seen Jhau, but everyone knows he’s under us, watching.

From a very young age, children are taught about Jhau and demons, werewolves, and vampires. Werewolves are at the bottom of the chain of monsters to be turned into, then demons, then vampires. Some actually worship vampires. My mother teaches children about these creatures.

My mother, the queen. She is wonderful person. Her eyes twinkle when the suns hits them. She always wears long, beautiful dresses with diamonds and rubies scattered across the front and back in wonderful designs. Her hair, dark black, is long and reaches the bottom of her back. She combs it daily. Her hands are warm, like a summer’s night. Her feet are always bare, it’s a “law” of hers. She grew up in a small village outside of the kingdom. She had 3 other brothers and sisters. They were very poor, they couldn’t afford shoes. So when my father married my mother, she refused to wear shoes. At first the kingdom thought she was crazy, know they love it. My mother says the reason she married my father was because he was so kind and gentle, she knew he was the one for her.

My father, the king. My father is very kind, it’s true, he doesn’t tax the kingdom. My father is the spicy side to sweet, though. He can be very straight forwards at times, and others very laid back and willing to do whatever. His eyes, they burn. He can dig into you when he wants to know the truth, he stares you down. His hands, the are scaly, they have been through everything. My father was born into royalty. I still remember one story my father used to tell me, it was about the stream on the northern side of the Kingdom.

He and three of his friends we playing around the stream, when one fell in. The other two jumped in, they played for hours on end in the stream. Until a demon showed up. The pulled themselves out of the stream and ran as fast as they could to the kingdom. One of father’s friends, was slow, he was a large boy, and he couldn’t run fast enough. The demon caught him and took him away. The boys name was John.

One late night a loud knock came on the door of the castle, my mother, father, and I rushed to answer it. Demons. They were attacking the Kingdom. My father joined the knights in protecting the city, my mother and I hid in the basement. There was a trap door that lead to it from the kitchen. We hid there for hours, I fell asleep in my mothers arms. When my father returned he was badly damaged. His arm was broken and he had a curse, but he didn’t know it. I hugged him, and somehow, the curse was passed to me. This curse was the curse of the vampire.

That night I tossed and turned in bed. My dreams were nightmares. I dreamt I was a vampire, killing small children and small animals. I awoke, screaming. My mother came to my bed to comfort me. That’s when she notice my teeth, they were sharp and pale. That’s when I knew what I had to do. After my mother had gone back to bed saying, “We will deal with it in the morning, darling.” I sat up in bed thinking. Waiting. Finally, I grabbed my cloak, which was only to be used in emergency to hide my face, and made a run for it.

I ended up far away from my kingdom, or any kingdom, that is.

Now, I am a full fledged vampire. My name is Rammi. My teeth are pale, my eyes are red, my skin turned pale. I ventured into the woods, where I built a small home out of trees and branches. I have strange dreams, of my mother and father. They send knights out to find me, but the knights never come back. The strangest dream I have ever had, though, it one of this beautiful young woman. Her name is Cyan. She has bright blue eyes like an angel. Her and me are saving the world, from a demon. I am also worried about a young girl, named Raven. Which is what kills me in the end.

My memorized flashed, I came back to reality.

"Where is he?" A large voice called from the trees.

“I… He is in the trees, not far.” The voice sounded familiar. The demon from before, I thought.

"Well, I told you to get him and bring him to me, didn't I?" The large voice called again.

"You did my lord. He was to quick for-" The demon bird said again. I was filled with a sense to move closer, see the other creature that was talking, I resisted. I crawled to a tree, to hid. 

“I told you to find him and bring him to me, did I?" A loud screech came again. I covered my ears, they had stopped bleeding from before, but now were bleeding again. Slowly, I peered around the tree. The large bird demon was lying on the ground. The other creature had a long sword out and was laughing. Finally, the screeching stopped. I watched as the bird fell into a millions pieces and floated away, like dust. I was in awe.

I looked back to the spot where the other creature was before. It was… gone. But how? I couldn’t of ran or walked away, I would’ve noticed, I was sure of it. A cold feeling came over me again. My eyes burned. I fell to the ground, behind a tree.

The coldness grew larger, but why? I had never felt like this before. It was a strange feeling, I’d never felt it before. Never.

Suddenly, I stood up. I almost screamed, I had meant to do that! I looked around the tree again, no one. My legs turned, they started moving. On their own! I was walking into the coldness.

‘It’s ok.’ A voice came from inside my head. The voice was the least of my worries.

I stopped, where the creature had been standing before.

“Hello.” The voice, from before. I flipped around, no one was in sight. The coldness felt like I was in snow with nothing but a bathing suit on.

"Who are you? What do you want?!” I screamed, hoping someone would come to my rescue.

"Shuttup. Listen," The demon began a story, so story so depressing, it almost made me cried.
The story was about him, about his old life, like I had an old life.

He used to be a king, of a kingdom called Grenge. I had heard of the kingdom, it was on the other side of the woods. He had three sons and a daughter and a beautiful wife. 

He said he was once the greatest ruler ever, but one night a wizard asked if he had rightfully slayed a demon. It was a tradition that a king slayed a demon in the kingdom. He hadn't, so he left, in search of a demon, he ran into Jhau, the first demon. He looked him dead in the eyes, he knew he didn’t stand a chance, and Jhau almost immediately turned him into his first demon slave, and has been forever since then.

One night Haryus was told to find another person, most likely a king, to be turned into another demon slave, like him. He knew the feeling of being a slave, of having to do whatever he says or he will slowly kill you. So instead he fled, to another kingdom, a quieter one. Jhau never came looking for him. Now he was looking for a vampire, like me, to help him slay Jhau. So far, I was the only vampire he could find. That made me feel good, the only vampire around.

I remand calm, but I was terrified for my life. “Why me? The only thing I can do is kill stuff.” I said. The demon laughed.

“You don’t know who I am do you?” He said. I shook my head, that moment I realized it.  

“I am Haryus.” He laughed loud and long. I started to breathe heavy, my heart was pounding like a drum.

“But, why a vampire?” I asked. I knew the answer I was trying to stall.

“Because a creature I can’t kill Jhau alone. So I need you to kill Jhau.” He smiled at me. Sweat was running down my forehead. Slowly I stood, I was taller than Haryus.

“What am I to do?” I asked. My legs felt like Jell-o. I put one hand on a tree for balance.

“Meet me outside the kingdom walls.” He said, I noticed the sword from before that he had killed the other demon with. It looked oddly familiar.

“Which kingdom?” I asked.

“My old kingdom… It is that way.” The demon pointed with his stubby arms to the south west. I nodded.

“O.K.” I said, I’d say anything to get him away from me.

“Good.” He smiled again, this time larger and faker.

“W-where did you get that sword?” I asked.

“Your father, Greth.” He laughed and evil laugh. That was where it was from.

“How?!” I yelled. I tried to punch him, but my arms were too weak.

“That is for me to know, and you to find out!” A dark green light shone in my eyes, I closed them. When I opened them again, he was gone.


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