It's the End of the World as We Know It (I think we're fine)

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Coronavirus is making things all crazy. But we're lucky for general conference to help us through it.

March 13, 2020


Well, now I know. The world truly is ending.


That was the first thing that came to mind as I sat in the now loud and bustling room of my AP Human Geography class. It was a Friday and we were just getting out into a three day weekend, but now it looked like it would be a bit longer than that. Six weeks to be exact. For now, anyway. 

“Okay, here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to get buff, sleep,” Josh paused for effect. “...a lot, and master Tetris.”

“Tetris?” I asked, laughing.

“Yeah, why not?”

“You know, I bet I could get buffer than you,” Vanessa challenged jokingly. What went without saying is that she was at least a quarter of the size of the rest of us. Her skills definitely lay in her brains and less on her athleticism. She was your stereotypical teenage Asian girl. Tiny, glasses, pretty, and beyond smart, a freshman taking AP Calculus. Before I met her I thought I was smart.

“Fine, you wanna test that?”

“You’re on.”

They continued on with their banter as I delved more into my thoughts. I was trying to eavesdrop on the conversation Mrs. Convey was having with some students across the room about the situation, hoping to hear some more news, but to no avail. I was worried about a few things, the theatre production that we had just started tech for, the chamber orchestra trip we had scheduled for the middle of May, and other things.

I looked over at Lucky sitting diagonally to me at our table. It was still a little awkward around him after I asked him to the LDS prom and he turned me down. Maybe this break would be what we needed to put things back to normal between us. Before I asked him we were friends, and once I developed a crush on him, it was bound to get awkward between us at some point, whether or not he returned my affections.

The bell rang and we all got up to go to our next class of the day… Well, for the next six weeks at least.


March 16, 2020


Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me. Happy birthday dear me… happy birthday to me! I turned 16! Yay for me! I got to spend the whole day cooped up inside doing nothing but watch TV! Yay! 


My birthday started how I wanted it, and how it would have regardless of the whole virus and quarantine thing. I woke up to the gentle sunlight of late morning and a quiet household. After pondering whether or not to go downstairs, I climbed down the ladder of my loft and left the room, in my pajamas. Cause why not?

Of course there were crepes, but it wasn’t until after I got downstairs that Mom started making them.

“I wanted to make sure they were fresh for you. I didn’t know what time you would be awake,” is what she said after she saw me in the kitchen entrance. 

I shrugged and went back upstairs, deciding to brush my teeth. I realized I hadn’t seen Sammy when I came out, so she was probably still lying in bed on her phone. And 10am on a Monday morning meant that Dad was at work. 


That afternoon the three of us (Mom, Sammy, and I) went on a three mile hike at round lake. It was a trail I had never gone on before, and wasn’t so bad.

“I thought you said we were just doing one mile,” I stated questioningly towards Mom as she led the way up the path around the start of mile three.

“The trail was just a bit longer than I remembered it.”


That night I had my best friend come over. That was the last time I had any real human connection with anyone other than my immediate family during the quarantine. We watched my favorite romcom, “Kate & Leopold”. Then we started to talk.

“So, I took my pills this morning, and Nat was just sitting there and staring at me as I took them and I was really confused, so I asked her what the deal was, and she just said ‘you didn’t turn into a monster’.” We both burst out laughing, I was very confused as to where this was going. “So, apparently she hasn’t seen me take my pills before or something because she just legit didn’t know what was going to happen.”

And then she started talking about her pills, and her side effects, and I don’t even know how the conversation got there, but by the end of it, I was a little more worried about my best friend.

“Just stop taking them, I never got into that when I was dealing with this and I turned out fine, you don’t need them.” I really did try to understand why she used them, they didn’t seem to do any good.

“I’ve just been on them so long, I worry about what might happen if I stop using them.”

What are her doctors thinking? was all that was going through my head.


And the worst part of it all, I had to cancel my Sweet 16.


March 22, 2020


I’ve got my brother and his wife home from Utah! What were they thinking?

Seattle is the epicenter, and we live in Vancouver, Washington.


“Yeah, doesn’t really fit with social distancing…” My brother admitted it himself.


March 24, 2020


Science! I have never been more excited to do science!

Thank you biology for keeping me from getting bored during this quarantine.

“Enjoy,” says my biology teacher after giving me an assignment to figure out how superheroes work. I think he could hear the excitement in my voice as I asked him questions about it via text and Zoom meeting.


March 27, 2020


I was starting to feel claustrophobic in my room, I had been staring at the same four walls for the last two weeks. Cabin fever is real.

But hey, at least I got books.


March 28, 2020


“Just hope you’re all staying healthy and strong out there, just wanted to check in. Lot of fear, lot of anxiety, lot of uncertainty in the world at the moment. You’re probably stuck at home, so I wanted to give everybody full access for free to my fitness app for the next six weeks…”

Chris Hemsworth, fitness app. Well, I know what I’ll be doing, I thought, a bit excitedly. 

“I’m torturing myself,” I said as I sat in the family room at 11:30pm. “These recipes just sound so good.”

“Are you going to make any of them, or are you just looking?” Dad asked from across the room.

“Just looking.”

A second later I had gotten up and started making myself a peanut butter and banana smoothie. Cottage cheese was an ingredient, who knew?


April 4, 2020


The quarantine had everyone on their knees, and we were all waiting for the words we would hear during General Conference.

“We are now in the last dispensation… We will need to pray in faith… Always remember Him and keep His commandments.” 

Eyring’s talk was one of my favorites.

“In uncertainty and fear, the best thing we can do is hear Him.”

But nothing can beat President Nelson’s.


And everyone was saying, it is the last dispensation. We are the best and strongest of God’s children to be sent here during these times. We must be one in Christ, pray in faith with a sincere heart and real intent, realize that Christ is joy, come unto Him, shout Hosanna, and shine our light that others may follow, so that they can come and belong. And we must, above all, Hear Him.


Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven. 

Matt. 5:16

Submitted: April 06, 2020

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