Love That Was Not Known

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Maybe if we hope enough, we can find out true love.

Selene Lee shows us that not all love can be found, that not all people are not who they seem to be. Sometimes you just have to comfort them and help them.Trust her, she knows.

"Julia was always the happiest person.The one girl you could always rely on.The one who helped and took care. The one who loved and was loved back.

Or so we thought.

We all thought almost no-one could rival Julia's rightful place as 'Queen of Kindness'. Almost. Mark Veil came, though. We all know what happened. But now I am sharing what really happened.

The truth.

Valentine Minutte was supposed to tell you this. Valentine was the person who was supposed to tell the truth. Valentine was the girl who knew. She knew she would not be able to tell you this. Valentine is gone.  

So she wrote a letter for me to explain the things only she knew.

It all started the night of the Fall Dance. We all knew how Julia ran out of the hall right after Drew Cheok insulted her. And we all knew how Mark was not there. The thing is, the two of them collided and Julia had tears streaming down her face. Naturally, Mark made her feel better with a few words. That was the night it began.

Julia and Mark were supposed to be rivals. To compete for a post that should not really have belonged to them. Not this. So the blonde and the brunette became friends.

And they found out about each other.

Julia is completely opposite to who you all thought she was. The blonde you know is a different person. A shell, rather. She was a sadist. She was a pessimist. Most of all, she was broken. Her story is simple.The Julia was born on a farm near the city.Her grandmother was a farmer and her grandfather was a blacksmith. Her grandmother was the happy-go-lucky type. So was her mother, father, brother and younger twin sisters. Because of that, Julia felt pressure to bring on that trait. Except that was never who she was.

She carried on her grandfather's traits. Sadist, pessimist, easy to give up. So she tried to be optimistic. But she failed. The blonde was only able to create a shell. That shell is the Julia you think you know. Sometimes, the blonde would wake up in the middle of the night, crying. Me and Valentine helped her. This is how we know about her.

About the real Julia.

Mark had a similar history. The boy had two older siblings, as we know. But, what we did not know was that Mark had an insecurity problem. Now, this could have been fixed when he was younger but it was only made worse by his family. His mother would always turn to him and then, say that he could never be able to do what his siblings could do.

That line always broke him.

And, before you think bad thoughts, no. Mrs Veil wanted Mark to do better. She wanted him to be unique. But he thought she was abusing him. Thus, the two grew up with their problems. They grew up, thinking they could never please their parents. And so, that is the two people you do not know.

But it became worse.

Since our first year at 5-Lights-Academy, Julia had fallen for Drew Cheok.
The next year, Mark gained feelings for Carla De'lanueva.

They saw how Drew and Carla flirted. They saw how they were beating around the bush. They thought that Drew and Carla had been purposely doing it only to torture them inside. But they were oblivious to the fact that Drew and Carla were only starting to know each other.

But, when Carla started dating Drew, why did'nt the two do anything drastic or look sorrow?

Simple. Because Carla started dating Drew a year after the Fall Dance. A year after Julia and Mark had met in the corridor. A year after the friendship started. And with a sudden, they clicked. Something, something told them that their so-called love was not for Drew and Carla.

It was for each other, and they knew they had found love.   Real Love.

So, they felt nothing. The two only smiled. A true smile."

Selene finished her eulogy. She walked down the stage and the whispers started. Some broke into tears, sorry for being mean to the secret couple. After the funeral, Carla and Drew walked silently to the grave.

The raven-haired girl and redheaded boy cried, murmuring their apologies. Their sorrows.

The grave read:

Julia Krissandra 
Mark Veil
Their kindness
 was spread


And so, Carla and Drew broke into hysterics.

And behind a tree, Selene was comforting two ten-year-old kids. A girl with pale-blonde locks and a boy with chocolate-brown. They had been crying silently since the funeral started.

And if you look closely, you could see the girl’s sapphire-blue eyes  and the boy’s own amethyst-shaded ones glisten with hope that their parents, Mark and Julia, would somehow return one day.

You see, Selene did not include this special detail into her eulogy. Julia, Mark, Selene and Valentine had welcomed a pair of twins, Calvin Joshua and Claire Mariette Veil, ten years ago. And thus, Selene and Valentine were dubbed as their godmothers. Selene could not tell the crowd that, it would be an invasion of privacy.

She took the twins to her car, handing them handkerchiefs each.

And even though the twin’s parents were dead, they knew that having their godmother would be enough.



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