The Hollow Within.

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Once upon a time there was a young girl, named Rukia Kuchiki. She was living with her two best friends, Renji Abarai, and Ichigo Kurosaki. They lived in a nice little house, just the three of them, yep three soul reapers(death gods.)

One day Renji got word from the Soul Society about Aizen and that they had to go fight him and his band of hollows and Arrancar in Hueco Mundo.

Renji could hear Rukia and Ichigo fighting, because Ichigo did not want Rukia to go.

"Rukia I don't want you to go, I'll take care of this."

"no I'm coming with you and I'm not taking no for an answer."

Ichigo smiled. he couldn't resist how stubborn Rukia was, he walked up to her and put his arms around her. "ok you can come."

It took them awhile to open the gate to Hueco Mundo, but one of there old friends Kisuke Urahara helped them with that, when they got to Hueco Mundo, they where greeted to by a lot of hollows, but they managed to get to the castle where Aizen was. When they got there they all decided to split up and cover more ground. Ichigo went alone since he was the strongest and Rukia went with Renji.

Rukia and Renji searched practically everywhere for Aizen and his band of Arrancar but found nothing. But Rukia noticed something was wrong with Renji because he kept getting slower and slower, until he finally stopped in his tracks. Rukia turned to him.

"Renji are you alright?" She asked.

Renji didn't answer instead he had his hand over his face, when he finally looked up he looked like a hollow, like when Ichigo has his hollow mask on.

The hollow laughed, "hehehe Renji's not here, little girl."

Rukia jumps back Zanpktou in her hands. "who are you" What have you done to Renji?"

Hollow Renji just laughed. "Don't worry little girl he's safe and sound."

Suddenly without warning he calls upon his Zanpaktou and unleashes it. "roar Zabimaru." Rukia tries to block his moves but there too fast to pinpoint, than her Zanpktou gets knocked out of her hands, than he delivers a blow to her stomach, and she falls to the ground, laying there motionless.

He walks over to Rukia, his Zanpktou at the ready to strike and kill her. She watched in horror as he was about to deliver the final blow. She waited...........................................................................................and waited some more, and all the time she was waited for this thing, this monster to kill her. She thought to herself. "please Renji find a way to fight back, and come back to me."

She opened her eyes, and what she was amazing the real Renji was fighting back trying to remove the mask from his face and defeat the hollow. Rukia watched it was like having a fight with yourself.

Hollow Renji: "let go."

Renji: I don't need you, go away now and leave Rukia and me alone now."

Than with one final tug on the mask he removed it and it broke into peices with the hollow screaming. Renji stood there for a few minutes breathing hard, than he collasped on top of Rukia. "I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry Rukia, please forgive me, I didn't mean to hurt you." Rukia could feel him shaking all over. She wrapped her arms around him. "it's ok, it's ok, it wasn't you, it was the hollow."

They both lay for a few minutes, than they both got to there feet. Renji told her that he heard someones voice and it wasn't the hollow, it was Aizens voice telling him to kill Rukia.

Rukia turns towards him. "Than he must be close by."

"Yes I agree, so we have to hurry." Renji said.

So the two of them ran down along hallway until they came to two big doors, Renji peeks inside and see's Aizen and his band of Arrancar with him. Renji calls Ichigo and tells him where they are. Ichigo flash steps where they where. Ichigo transforms into his hollow form and charges after Aizen, but one of the Arrancar stop him, so they battle for a long time until Ichigo kills him. But they couldn't fight Aizen right then, so they decided to retreat for now. And head back for the world of the living.

When they got home, they where so exhausted they decided to just rest. Renji and Rukia on one couch and Ichigo on another couch. And Rukia sighed. "it's good to be home."


Submitted: January 01, 2009

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