Difted to Realitly

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Love isnt as we want it to be and sometimes you know you have drifted from your lover.

Submitted: November 17, 2010

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Submitted: November 17, 2010



I think I am dreaming cause its you in my arms
and all the problems we once had seem to fade away
Like they never exist among our darken memory
But before we kiss I drift to realitly
and see what we let ourselves become
how our feelings of love never leave
We promise forever and let this slip
now we walk around wondering what to be
friends..lover......just two people
tell me what you decide
all I know that I this dream fades
to set into the one thing we're part of...realitly

This body merging with mine
only begins to vanish as I wake
thinking of you..
Like a unsolve puzzle piece we dont fit
and yet we try to make it worse
is it worth the risk to take to say I love you
now my heart isnt working and reality awakens me
hear my silent scream
feel my pain
see the tears
and tell me you dont feel the same
but like always...

i dirft to realitly.

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