Meeting strangers

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Its just a story telling how a girl takes a walk to the shop. On her way she meets two strangers and they get into a strange conversation. However, all of them have this mutual connection and enjoy the walk until their ways separate.

Submitted: October 19, 2013

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Submitted: October 19, 2013



So, today I’m having a party with my girls. I thought I have bought all of the ingredients for the Lemon Meringue Pie that I’m making but apparently I forgot one stupid little thing - cornflour! I mean, I was food-shopping yesterday! And now I needed to go to the shop again... 

I got ready, put my music player on and started walking towards the shop. This time I decided to take a different route. Not the one I usually take. Just for the sake of fun. I was hoping it's the shorter one as well. And it was. But the most important thing in this story is what happened on the way. 

3 minutes from my place, there is a German church. Just when I was walking by it, with loud music in my headphones, two guys passed me. The thing is, because of the music I listened to, I didn't hear them coming! 

So, when I saw them by my side, my reaction was: -Oh my god! (Perfectly and out loud). I also added: - That's what happens when you listen to music. - And of course, the guys started laughing. Just as you would expect. 

They started talking to me as well, I suppose because they were amused by what just happened. But maybe because they were walking the same way.

-Where are you from? - One of them said. 

I replied: -Sweden. (Didn't even doubt this time).

They seemed to be slightly surprised by my answer but they gave me couple of compliments afterwards (like, you look hot, and you are cute). Just as usual. And then the white guy asked how old I am. (Yes, they were a white and a black guy). I smiled and answered: - Actually, I look younger than I am. 

I started giggling because the guy tried to guess:

- 24?

I thought, not a bad guess. But…

- No. 

- 20?

- Nope. A bit older.

- 22? 

- Mhm. You got it. - I said. 

-So how long have you been here in London? - The black guy asked. 

- Amm... About 2 years. 

- Ok... So you live around here then?

- Haha, Yep. 

- We live around here too.

I was just smiling. Not much to say back. But we kept walking. And it seemed like we are going in the same direction. Funny...and a bit strange.

We started walking up the stairs on this bridge. (It's a bridge for pedestrians to cross the railway). I remembered that not so long time ago I was walking there and thinking about jumping from it. Nah, don't worry, I wouldn't have done it. I was just thinking... I was upset... And anyway, sometimes I wonder what would happen if I would be gone.

So, as we were walking the conversation continued:

-So what do you do here? - One of them asked.

- I came here to study. That's what I'm doing.

- What do you study? - The white guy started wondering.

I actually started laughing because I had a pretty good feeling about how they will react. They all react funny here. 

- Hahaha, amm psychology. I study Psychology. I'm in my final year now. 

Just as I expected they were a little surprised, so started laughing with me. I think the white guy mentioned something like ‘my friend would like that’ or something like that. 

As we walked down the bridge, they seemed a bit uncomfortable, maybe even scared. And only because I am a psychologist. Haha, that amused me! I said to them:

-Don't worry, I can't read your mind. (because all people think we can).

The white guy replied:

- Oh, you wouldn't even want to read mine. You have no idea what's in there.

I started laughing and said:

-Yeah, I don't think I would like to read anyone’s mind. We are all messed up in our own ways. At least a little.

The guys happily agreed. I guess it was true.

But once again, just when it could, our ways didn't separate. It seemed like we will be going the same way for a bit longer. You could feel a little bit of awkwardness going on but there was some kind of connection between us also. We are social beings after all. (I'm talking about humans in general here).

One of the guys said: - But psychology, it's scary. 

- Everything is scary. Walking on a street is scary nowadays. Meeting you is scary. You never know what can happen. - I told him.

-What about meeting you

-Ha, yeah. Everything...

After a little break, the black guy went:

- Are you a good girl?

I started giggling once again. Oh, if you only knew...

- Such a question...- I said to them. 

I didn't know what to answer, to be honest. Too many thoughts in my head… 

- Well, I guess you could say I am a good person. But I do like doing bad things. How does that sound to you?

- What kind of bad things?

- Oh, you want an example? OK. Well, I like having sex. And I like beating men during it. I mean beat but not torture. I like it rough. But I'm not sadistic though. Is that what good girls do? 

- Why do you beat men?

- Simple - for what they have done to me. I know… I study psychology. I should be forgiving and accepting. But they are men... They don't deserve to be treated otherwise. 

I continued: - I don't believe in love...

And on that moment I realized that this dark conversation didn't actually happen. The ‘good girl going bad’ was only in my head.  Just like those other millions of thoughts that were spinning. And I was happy about that. People can be dangerous.

- You like to have fun? - The black guy asked again.

I came back to reality and replied: 

- I don't know, I guess I do. We all like to have fun from time to time, don't we? And we need that.

- Yeah, that's true. We need fun.

Then suddenly 'that' topic appeared:

- So, do you have a boyfriend?

I hate that question. I started laughing again. Not too loud. More like for myself. And I said:

- No, I don't. 

- Do you want one?

- No, not really. I don't need one. 

I thought about if I should talk about this topic more or not, and then decided to say it.

- I just stopped dating last week. I think it's pointless. I have more important things to do in my life. Plus, I want to focus on my studies and career. 

The guys seemed impressed and not at the same time, but they didn't say anything. I could feel them silently agreeing though. 

We talked a bit more about psychology and my experiment. The talk wasn't too much important, nor very interesting. Just couple of silly and superficial words... Maybe that's why I kind of forgot this part. 

Since we still seemed to be walking in the same direction, I started wondering where they were going. 

- Where are you going, guys?

- We are going to my place. - The white guy said. - I live just above one of the shops there. It's good to know in case you decide to visit. Hahaha.

I smiled: - Such a hint... Haha, I will try to remember.

Then, finally, our ways separated. Just on time! (I thought).

As they turned and started saying goodbye, the black guy asked: - Hey, what's your name?

For a minute I doubted if I should tell them but then I replied: 

- I'm Nina. 

- I'm... and this is James. - He said. (Unfortunately, I didn't understand his name. Or maybe didn't hear it right. Or maybe didn't want to hear it. I don't know, to be honest.) - See you around! - The black guy added.

The white guy waved at me and we split for good. 

I had a funny feeling afterwards. I was happy and relieved that they have left but I also felt sad in a way. Such a strange feeling it was! In any case, it made my day. Definitely! 

So, I went to the shop thinking about what did just happen. I bought the cornflour. And then I walked home. 

I decided to take the usual path this time. No interruptions. Just me and my thoughts…

But I still kept thinking about those guys…

The white guy seemed to like me. But the black guy was trying to express that (like, 'my friend thinks you are cute', and stuff like that). So that was a bit strange. Why couldn’t he say it himself?

Anyway, the white guy - James - Man, he was really hot! He looked like a proper British guy - with tattoos and little ghetto. But he didn't really speak ghetto. That actually made him more attractive to me. But overall, he was very good looking.

He made me think of dirty things...

And then suddenly I started wondering why they didn't ask my number. That was a bit unusual, I thought. All of the guys that have tried to talk or flirt with me, they have always asked for my phone number. These two didn't. I was wondering what was up. But I was happy in a way. Maybe we will meet again. There's a high probability we will. We live ‘around here’.

Funny enough, I liked this mutual connection we had. And it made the walk much more fun. After all, the journey took only about 15 minutes. Maybe even less. This whole conversation made it seem longer but also quicker at the same time.

So, when I came back home I was smiling and thinking about people that we meet randomly. It can be interesting sometimes. But it can go to hell as well. 

Oh! The pie... It was great, by the way!

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