The Fallen - Preface

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This is the beginning of a set of short stories that is about a zombie attack that occurred as a result of a battle between heaven and hell. With the gates of hell now open in the heavens, the dead are free to walk the earth. This is a very rough draft of the preface.

Submitted: August 18, 2012

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Submitted: August 18, 2012





The valley was a portrait out of an artist’s dream. Beautiful trees of purple, yellow, and red leaves bordered the valley as a sort of wall; protecting the untouched beauty within. The grass bled green for as far as the eyes can see. It was as though someone had built this exquisite masterpiece and hid it from the contagious toxins of the world.

A thunderous roar from the hillsides west and east of the valley drew a cloud of darkness overhead, causing the beauty to fade away. The time was near; two armies had amassed at this now shadowed land of hills and trees. Along the western hills, was a well-organized formation of tens of thousands of swords and shields. The armor of these elegant warriors was made of the lightest and strongest steel; unknown to man, and each shield had the Great Torch of Light embedded on it.  Both armies had stopped as if time itself had decided to take a break. The moment was a silent one, not even the loudest bird could be heard. The leader of this army from the west stepped out of the formation and stared east in to the horizon. There, was an army of darkness; banners stood proudly, almost hiding the true numbers of these grotesques looking warriors. Weapons of all shapes and sizes flooded this army of night; many warriors had no armor of any kind, only grimy shredded up attire.

It was a horde of darkness against the legions of light. The leader of the horde raised his sword and sounded the horn to attack. His army began racing down the hillsides, charging for the legions that still held their position at the top of the western hills. It wasn’t until the horde was at the base of the hill, that the legions began their advance.

The battle raged on for hours until the legions could fight no more. Their leader had fallen during the fight and began to die from his wounds. His warriors quickly surrounded him for protection but it was too late. The protecting warriors disseminated and the face of their leader was shown.

God, the commanding General of the Army of Light had fallen by the hands of the Horde of Hell. What was left of God’s army began to retreat back over the western hillsides. Lucifer, the commanding General of the Horde of Hell looked to his warriors, “He is dead, let the Gates of Hell be opened upon these heavenly lands, and let Earth be the new battlefield.”



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The Fallen - Preface

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