The world is still a beautiful place

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This is a small song i wrote after hearing a beautiful short encounter from some of my friends . They told me how they saw a bunch of puppies on the road while coming back from school one day and met a man who, although found it hard to support his needs, found enough money to build a shelter for the puppies. This small and beautiful tale made me realize, that this world still has people who are willing to turn it into heaven , fighting against all the odds. Small gestures, like the one made by the man in the story make you feel really happy......

I believe that if everyone of us could do a little bit to bring a smile on someone's face ..... it would make a huge difference. :)

Submitted: September 22, 2010

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Submitted: September 22, 2010



The world is still the beautiful place,
It once used to be.
Let us search our heart for it.
Let’s search, you and me.
For the people living on the road,
And people who rise above.
The only difference in their life and smile,
Their heart, and in them their love.
There is more than gold this world can offer
A smile on someone’s face.
Brings a little smile on your lips too,
“that’s all”, my heart then says.
There is still some good left in here
Lets find the treasure-chest.
Then maybe we can leave this world,
Knowing we did, what we could best.

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