Mending a Shattered Heart

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Isabel isn't your ordinary teenage girl she is different she is 18 and has never experienced love no first kiss no dates, all because of her strict parents and strict religion. There is also Jayden your typical cowboy with a broken heart from a former love and he swore to her he would never love anybody ever...,will he be able to fall in love again? will Isabel ever find her first true love? what happens when these two cross paths? and he starts taking interest in her will he fall for her or push her away like every other girl he has met....

Submitted: December 01, 2011

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Submitted: December 01, 2011



okay guys this is my first story I have posted it here to see if people like it. I am not a professional writer so i suck at grammar and punctuation so if there is errors please tell me so i could fixt them, also if you dont like the story or if there is anything i can change please also tell. Thanks oh one more thing if there is anyone out there that reads this story that could help me improve a bit as a writer also comment thanks hope you guys enjoy ;P

p.s. if you dont like let me know so i wont post anymore :P

Briiiinnggg… came the sound of my alarm clock from my room I quickly shot up from my comfortable pillow, darn alarm I hated them but I needed it cause if it was up to me I wouldn’t even wake up this early, I laid my head back down and groaned it was my first day of my senior year, Summer was over but it was a summer I would never forget it was full of goodbyes and new people and missing old friends, but before I go into that let me tell you a little about me and my life. My name is Isabel, I am 18 Years old I have long brown hair, dark brown eyes, small lips, smallish eyes. and a good body now cause before this summer I was a little on the chunky side, but during the summer I had got it together and lost pounds which I was proud of, oh im on the very tall side 5’8 to be exact haven’t grown since my 16 birthday thankfully, lets see what else can I say about myself, oh my family I have a younger brother a little sister and a mom and a dad which for now are currently separated, “taking some time apart.” We recently got a dog cause our old dogs had died one of old age and the other was hit by a car, those were the saddest days for our family they were really close to us well the older one was, it had meaning to me it was the first dog my grandpa had ever given to me, and I treasured her, especially after he passed away 4 years ago. Well anyways I am from a religion its called Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement we basically go to church on Saturday follow some pretty strict rules like the women and girls don’t wear jeans or shorts they only wear skirts and dresses and we didn’t eat meat, we weren’t allowed to date so yah I hadn’t found my true love yet. I just starting to experience freedom like my dad letting me go out with friends and going out by myself, I had a job as a teachers assistant for a kindergarten class my sister use to go to, I loved it a lot I just loved seeing how kids learned from when they started till they moved on to the next year of school it fascinated me and just the kids I loved them so much.

I also had or have I don’t know anymore friends from the church we were really close when we were younger I had the best years of my life with them, from being boy crazy to the silly moments we had, to the really cool summers we had but this summer that passed was different, we didn’t call each other as much, maybe because my family decided to move to long beach my dad got a really good job it paid extremely well and we now lived in a two story house near the beach it was like a block or two away. I had a beautiful room with the view of the ocean my room was painted dark purple with black lining in it. Well we moved and after that we didn’t see each other as much only for church, and we didn’t hang much cause we only stayed till after the food and then we had to go back home. Let me tell you a little about them first there is Paola or sofy as I use to call her she is a shy but cool person she has a passion for animals. I remember the first time we met she didn’t like me then I got to know her better and we hit it off I remember all she would talk about were animals especially dogs, I was fascinated by how much she knew her dream was to become a vet she would always tell me I would even go to her for help on my dogs. Her family consisted of her little sister and her mom and dad and a dozen dogs or so. We would always talk for hours on the internet since they lived a little farther but we would act dumb and make up these silly stories and end up laughing at our weirdness. Then there is Jasmine she was a really outgoing person she helped me through a lot, she has been with me through the ups and the very downs like the death of my grandfather she was there to support me at his funeral which were the worst days of my life, the way I felt and the regrets I had and still do to this day, she made me feel like I had someone who cared and we both helped each other out she was an awesome adviser she could tell you things that made you feel better and always knew when something was wrong. Then there is wild spirited Karina (jasmines younger sister) she was younger than all of us but had the mind of a girl our age she was also awesome she knew how to make a joke when you were feeling down or even say something that didn’t make you feel better but it made you smile at her attempt to. She was a more reserved girl she didn’t let her feeling show so easily and she wasn’t fake if she didn’t like you she would show you and if she wasn’t in a good mood she would make it show. I remember we would always tease her and she would just whine or brush us off. Those were mostly my closest friends I had, the ones I have been losing little by little sure we call, but the calls become less and less frequent each time and during the summer we hadn’t visited there church we had been going to Monterey Park another church closer to us, I did know girls there but it wasn’t the same there wasn’t that bond that I had with the others, with these I felt out of place so I would sometimes act sick to stay home from church just like I use to when I went to the other church before I had met jass, sofy, and Karina.

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