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This is my favorite dream I had while I was asleep!!! =D

Submitted: June 21, 2009

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Submitted: June 21, 2009




 I was just walking when I happen to see a boy that's about my age who needs help. So I helped him and then he said thank you in a greatful tone of voice. I said your welcome and I said my name was Katie glad to meet you!!! He said his name was Randy. After we talked a bit he asked me if I wanted to go expoloring with him somewhere. I said sure.

Then we went on this kayak. We were about half way there when all the currents suddenly went very fast and rough!!! I tried to hold on but then I fell into the water!!! All I remember was that Randy was going to save me but then I passed out and then everything turned black. I eoke upn this beach with Randy sitting in front of me.

He noticed that I was awake so he helped me got up and then I asked Randy, Where are we? Right after I asked the question he said we were on his island called The Island. I said out loud that who would name the place such an obvious name? Randy shugged his shoulders and said I don't know. After that we expolored the place.

Later on we saw his guy pushing people around physically and telling the people what to do. Then we both descided that wasn't right for him to do that and then right after he told him to what he was doing he pushed us off of The Island and then Randy and I didn't see or hear from eachother intill we got home. Later we I got home I heared the phone ring and I answered it. It was Randy. We talked to eachother and then we both agreed that we should stop that guy.

When I woke up the next day (in my dream) I walked over to Randy's house. Randy had two dogs that were really friendly. Then we went off to The Island to spy on that guy but we kept on getting caught!!! And then eventually we got pushed off The Island again and again for the next week and then I didn't hear of Randy intill a year later. (in my dream) Then one night I heared the phone ring so I answered it. It was Randy!!! He told me to meet him in court tommorow and he said he'll tell me what happend to him as some as I got to the court and finally I said ok and hang up the phone and went to tell my parents what I had to do tommorow then my parents understood me and I went to sleep ready for tommorow.

I went to court the next day and I saw Randy. He told me that the guy who was pushing us around was selling drugs and he forced him (Randy) to take drugs!!! I was shocked and I told him that I hope the guy who was selling drugs would stay in jail for life. Randy agreed with me. While we in court I found out that Randy had only a week to live. I was very sad to myself but I didn't show it to anyone.

After we got out of court Randy asked me what was wrong. I lied to him and said nothing in a calm voice. Then I felt a hand land on my shoulder gently. Then I turned around to look to see that it was Randy's hand on my shoulder. Randy told me that he knows that I'm lying to him. Then I lied again and asked him what are you talking about? He then told me that I was lying to him even more. Randy told my that he wouldn't let me go intill I told him the truth.

I gave in and then told him the truth that I was sad that he had only a week to live. He let me go and Randy told me that everything was going to be all right. I disagreed with Randy. So then Randy tried to calm me down. Soon I eventully calmed down. He told me that even if he died we would watch over me. And Randy told me that if I had a dream you go for it. Out of nowhere the same guy who pushed us so far that I landed in Austraila!!!

Finally when I got home my parents told me that Randy had died in his bed while trying to call me. I was so shocked that I thought they were lying to me!!! But then after a while I found out that it was true!!! I cried for a week and then everyone I knew started to hug me. Then I realized that everything was going to be alright. I stopped cring because I knew what everyone was tring to say. They were saying that everyone has to go to the other side sometime but you won't be alone because your friends will always be there for you.

In the end of the dream the guy who was selling drugs was sent to jail for life and never seen or heared from again. Everyone was aloud to go on The Island and stay as long as they wanted. Even though Randy died I knew he was happy. Randy would aways be remembered. I knew to myself that Randy was watching over us and we would meet again someday.

 The End.

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