The Day the World Ends

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Denzil and Nincie Zembinni travel forward in time to see what the world is like on the day the world was suppose to end, but they stay just a bit to long.

Submitted: August 06, 2013

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Submitted: August 06, 2013



There once was a boy named Denzil Zembinni and his sister named Nincie Zembinni who went forward in time through a homemade time-traveling machine. It all started on a cloudy day in late August 2007.

“DENZIL!!” Nincie shouted down the basement stairs to see if her brother was there.

“What’s up sis?” He shouted back.

“Dinners cooking and mom says to clean up.”

“Hold on! Will you come down here for a moment please? I need your help.”

Nincie made her way down the stairs to her brother’s workshop, where she was rarely allowed to go. She peeked around curiously and her gaze landed on a big hunk of metal that her brother stood next to.

“What do you need help with Den? I don’t think there is any help for that piece of junk you’re standing next to.”

Denzil’s round face grew angry. Ice blue eyes glared into Nincie’s sea blue eyes.

“It’s NOT a piece of JUNK!!! It’s a time machine and the first one in the world!” Nincie’s heart shaped face grew into shock then amazement.

“You mean? Seriously? Oh my…. This is amazing! Wait till mom and dad hear!” Denzil was already shaking his head.

“Nobody can know not until it’s been tested. That’s where you come in sis. I don’t have the courage to test it by myself so I was wondering if you would come with me.”

“Of course bro! I’d love to help but before we go we have to tell mom and dad….”

“We can’t they will never let us go! So I figured we could eat dinner then pack up and leave when they go to sleep. What do you think?”

Nincie looked shocked at not telling her parents.

“I guess…” She said slowly.

“Thank you so much Nin!” Denzil moved to Nincie and pulled her into a hug. She laughed and pulled away.

“No problem Den I just can’t wait to go!” They both went up the stairs to wash up for dinner.

After dinner, brother and sister both headed to their rooms to pack and waited till their parents slept to creep back down to the basement with their luggage. Denzil walked up to the time machine and put the small bags into the back of the machine before turning to Nincie.

“Come on Nin! We don’t have too long before we are likely to get caught.” Nincie walked to the machine and put her hand on it.

“You sure this is safe Den?”

“Of course Nin. Do you doubt my skill?”

“No! That’s not it… I’m just worried that we won’t come back is all.”

“I will bring you home one way or another sis. Don’t worry, I got you.”

“Okay, I’ll trust you.” Nincie got into the machine and sat on the metal seat- Denzil sat next to her and closed the door behind him, then started to fiddle with the buttons.

“Where do you want to go Nin?”

Nincie thought hard before she answered.

“December 21, 2012.”

“The day the worlds suppose to end?” Nincie nodded and Denzil shrugged.

“Okay… Hold on sis, this may be rough.” He pressed a red button and a deep rumbling shook through the machine, making it shudder.

“I don’t like this Denzil!” Nincie’s voice shook with the machine.

“I know Ni-” Denzil’s wavering voice was cut off with a very loud bang and a dangerous tremor coming from the machine. All noise and vibrations from the machine stopped suddenly. Denzil looked at Nincie, who was staring at him in fear.

“I’m sure we are done traveling now sis. I’m going to open the door now so just stay right where you are okay?” Nincie nodded. Denzil opened the machines door a fraction and looked through the small gap. He froze then threw the door open the rest of the way.

“Nincie! I don’t think we even left home!” Nincie scooted over next to her brother to peer out the door. They were still in the scrap filled basement!

“We literally went nowhere! Awesome! I’m going upstairs to sleep. I’m tired and I don’t want to do that again.” Nincie pushed her brother out of the machine and hurried out after him. She started to walk past him but he held out a hand and caught her arm. She turned to him.

“Something’s wrong here Nincie. I’m pretty sure that sculpture on the ground over there was on top of that table.” Denzil pointed to a table on the other side of the basement with the hand that had caught Nincie’s arm. Nincie looked around then turned back to her brother looking worried.

“Denzil, there’s dust all over the metal and floor. Like no one has been in here for years.” She sounded worried and afraid.

“If there is dust here, then…. Then we didn’t go back home Den. We never made it back home!” Nincie was starting to sound hysterical.

“No Nincie, it just means we haven’t gone back yet to change the course of events. We can still go home, though in an odd sense we are home…” Denzil started to walk towards the basement stairs, but Nincie stopped him.

“Denzil let’s just get back into the machine and go home.”

“I want to explore though. Who knows how much has changed in five years.”

Denzil’s words piqued Nincie’s interest so she followed him up the stairs to the door leading to the kitchen. Denzil pushed the door open with a loud squeak. The hinges had rusted. Denzil slipped through the door first then motioned Nincie to follow. As soon as she stepped through the doorway, the door squeaked close behind her, revealing a plaque with their names on it.



In Honor Of

Denzil Zembinni and Nincie Zembinni

Who made and traveled in the first and last ever made


May they come home one day


Denzil looked at it in wonder, then turned to meet his sister’s guilty stare.


“I’m sorry Den, but I had to tell mom and dad in case we never came back. I left a note for them on my bed telling them we took a time machine that you built into the future and that if we never came home, that we were both so sorry.” Denzil stared at her, then hugged her again.

“Thank you for including me into that letter sis. Thank you so much.” He pulled away and looked at the plaque again before heading to the front door. Nincie took in the kitchen before following him. Dust was piled on everything and nothing had changed except for the dishes being done and the kitchen table chairs being pushed in.

Denzil opened the door slightly and looked out at the blue sky and the people filled city. Nincie pushed the door open further and walked out into the sunlight. People rushing past didn’t notice her at first, but soon they did and they slowed down to a stop to look at her in wonder. Denzil stepped out next and the gaping group stared at him too. One stepped forward.

“Are… Are you guys the lost kids that supposedly took the time machine to the future?”

Denzil and Nincie looked at each other in surprise. Denzil stepped forward to speak to this man.

“Our names are Denzil and Nincie Zembinni. Is this the year 2012?”

Everybody backed up a step and the man nodded his head slowly.

“My name is Hector Helfinick. So you’re saying that you actually built a time machine and took it to the future?”

This time Nincie stepped forward.

“Yes, it’s in the basement of our-this house right now.”

The crowd looked surprised, and then they started to babble to each other. One voice stood out against the others because it was deep though not loud.

“We should talk to Dravire. We have to get him over here before they disappear on us again.” Denzil looked startled.

“What do you mean ‘disappear again’?”

“Oh we all know the story of you and your sister disappearing in the middle of the night with only a letter to explain where you went. Kind of messed up there kids, but I guess you already figured that out in the last five years in `the machine.” The deep-voiced man said. Nincie spoke before her brother could.

“We were only in that machine for about two minutes. That’s it.”

Someone in the crowd whistled just as one took off down the street, presumably to get Dravire.

“Where did he go?” Denzil asked.

“To get Dravire,” was the response from Hector as the man with the deep voice made his way to the front of the crowd to inspect the siblings.

“Do you mind if I come take a look at you? I’m a doctor and my name is Ron.” Denzil and Nincie looked at each other before Nincie spoke.

“Sure but please don’t hurt us, sir.”

“Thank you young lady and I promise I won’t hurt either of you.” Ron made his way to them slowly while the crowd watched with wide eyes and held breaths. When Ron reached the siblings and touched Nincie on her shoulder, the crowd let go of their breaths as one, making Nincie laugh. The crowd looked at her in wonder.

“What? Did you think I could- or would- hurt him? That’s absurd!” Nincie exclaimed at the crowd. They said nothing. As Ron looked over the siblings, two men made their way through the crowd, one was new and the other was the guy who left earlier. When they were at the front of the crowd they stopped, obviously unsure. The new guy cleared his throat and spoke up.

“You two must be the famous kids from five years ago. Am I right?”

“Yes we are and you are?” Denzil asked.

“I’m sorry! I’m being rude! My name is Dravire Goldine and it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Likewise.” Nincie said.

“We are Denzil and Nincie Zembinni. Okay, one more question for you. Is this December 21, 2012?” Denzil asked. The crowd looked at Dravire, who looked at the man next to him. The man stepped forward.

“Yes this is December 21, 2012 and my name is Charlie Hilome. May I ask why you kids came to this day and what the importance of it is?” Nincie spoke this time.

“We came here because it’s supposed to be the day the world ends, sir. There is no importance to this day other than that and we are going to be going back to our own time soon by the way. I miss my mother.”

“We can go get your mother and father; they are just across the city. They couldn’t handle being in the house their children disappeared from and I have to tell you they may not let you go again.” Dravire said to Nincie. Ron finished poking and looking over the kids and retreated to stand next to Dravire and Charlie.

“I can go get them. We can all meet up halfway, at the hospital or maybe the play field?” Ron’s deep voice asked.

Charlie looked at him and shook his head.

“No, I’ll go get them. You stay here with Dravire and make sure he doesn’t get into trouble with these kids.” Charlie looked back at the crowd and said very loud, “This crowd needs to disperse! These kids are not a sculpture or a thing to be gawked at. They came to our time and will be leaving later today, so GO!” The crowd started to disappear upon his command. He turned back to the kids.

“I’m a cop, so I’ll be able to get to your parents faster than anybody. Well, I’m off now. I’ll see you all in about a half hour?” Dravire and Ron nodded and Charlie set off.

“Okay lets see, I’m the scientist in this city, so if you kids would kindly come with me-” Dravire was cut off by Denzil.

“No. We shouldn’t go anywhere except to see our parents and back to the machine.”

“Oh come on Den. I want to see some of the city before we leave. Find out what has changed from five years ago.” Nincie looked at her brother with puppy eyes and he shook his head.

“Oh come on! You dragged me on this test drive now I’m going to explore.” Nincie looked at Ron and Dravire.

“Which one of you would be willing to give me a tour of this city?” Ron stepped up.

“I will take you. I’m sure Dravire wants to talk to Denzil about the machine.” Ron started to walk away towards an alley between the buildings and Nincie ran to catch up with him. She turned back towards her brother and put her hand out to stop Ron for a minute.

“Where will I be able to find you if something goes wrong?” Dravire answered her in his medium-pitched voice.

“You will be able to find us at my laboratory. Don’t you worry Ron knows where it is.” With that Dravire and Denzil walked off down the street towards an intersection. Nincie turned back to Ron who was studying her with interest.


“Never mind kid. We are going to have to hurry if you want to meet your parents within the next half hour. In case you hadn’t noticed, there are no more cars, everyone walks everywhere. It’s great for everyone’s health so I’m not complaining, being the doctor in this city-” Nincie interrupted him.

“Wait, there’s only one doctor? Are you serious?” Ron looked at her as if surprised she didn’t know this, then shook his head.

“Yes one doctor, scientist, experimenter, builder, zoo keeper, whatever for every city. Only one person per big profession and three or four people for the little professions since there is hardly enough people left in the world.” This time Nincie looked not only surprised but shocked too.

“Wha- What happened to the world’s people?”

“You haven’t noticed? We live in a superficial world. If you look closely, the sky flickers and the cities boarders are non-existent, but really we have only about two or three hundred people left in every city. The air became too polluted for people to breath and many died, along with the plants and animals of this world. There are about a hundred cities in North America now and we couldn’t tell you about the rest of the world because we can’t get in contact with them. Freddy has been trying for years now, but so far not a single peep from any other continent. It’s been driving Freddy crazy. He has been feeling like a failure. It’s really hard to watch.” Ron scratched his head as if embarrassed, but Nincie was horrified.

“You mean to tell me that we have no plants or animals left outside the… walls? That’s why the world is going to end. Without the animals and plants to level the ozone layer that keeps this world from disintegrating from the heat of the sun, we are all going to die!” Ron was staring at Nincie again but this time in wonder.

“You are very… smart in the ways of the world little lady. We sure could have used you five years ago.” He shook his head.

“Wait! I have to get back to Denzil. This place is going to go down soon, I’m sure of it. So if we are to stop it, Denzil and I need to get back to our own time before the apocalypse happens!” Nincie took off down the street towards her brother, who had disappeared into one of the many buildings. Ron followed her, trying to catch up before she went into the wrong building. She ran like the wind.

“Wait! Nincie! You’re going towards the wrong building!” This last sentence stopped Nincie in her tracks. Ron caught up to her and turned her towards the wide building next to the big building.

“Come on Jaguar. We are going to save this world before it falls apart with you here.” Nincie followed Ron at a jog. When they reached the wide building, Nincie found that it was Dravire’s Lab. She walked inside and instantly spotted her brother, who was standing on a platform about thirty feet in the air.

“Denzil!” Denzil looked down at his sister and pressed a button to bring the platform down. When it got to the ground, Denzil rushed over to his sister’s side.

“What’s wrong Nin? What happened?” Nincie hugged her brother then explained about the world now and the apocalypse.

“So you’re saying that we have to leave right now otherwise we may never make it home? Well let’s go then! We have to save this world before it’s too late!” Dravire looked at the conversing siblings and asked Denzil in a surprised voice.

“You’re going to leave just like that? Just because she says so?” Denzil looked at Dravire with respect but not liking.

“I trust my sister with my life and if she says we have to leave, then we leave.” With that Denzil ushered Nincie out of the lab and they began walking towards their house at a slightly faster pace than usual.

“Nincie! Denzil! Wait!” They turned to see Ron running to catch up with them, so they stopped and waited for him.

“Look I want to go with you two. I hate this world now and I long to see the old days. Please take me with you. I beg you.” Nincie and Denzil shared a look before Denzil spoke.

“Look I would let you go, but I’m not leaving my sister here and there is only enough room for two people. If everything goes correctly maybe I can make it back in time to get you ok?” Ron looked at Denzil with happiness.

“Oh thank you! You are my savior, thank you both!” Nincie cleared her throat.

“Look we have to get going now otherwise it may be too late soon.” With that she started off down the street again with Denzil and Ron in tow. The normal flow of person traffic had returned and many curious eyes watched the siblings as they passed by. When they reached the house, Nincie turned to Ron and gave him a hug.

“I hope we make it back here in time to get you out of here Ron. You deserve a newer start in the old world.” Ron looked embarrassed.

“Hey! I thought we were going to meet up about ten or fifteen minutes ago at the play field? I brought your parents kids.” Charlie had pushed through the crowd with two people in tow that Denzil and Nincie instantly recognized as their parents.

“Mom! Dad! You’re alive!” Both the kids shouted before barreling into their parents and giving them hugs. The parents were crying and asking questions as Ron and Charlie watched the happy reunion.


Everybody startled apart and to a stop, looking at one another in confusion.

“NO! Denzil we have to go NOW!” Nincie shouted at her brother over the noise.

“Where?” Their mom shouted at them, trying for some answers.

“Back home! Mom, Dad we have to go now otherwise we will die here and not be able to save this world!” The siblings quickly gave their parents another hug and a kiss on the cheek before trying to run up the stairs towards the house.

Creaakkk! Craakkk!

Nincie tried to look back to see where her parents went, but the stairs fell apart beneath her before her head made it all the way around.

“AHHH!” Nincie and Denzil simultaneously cried as they crashed into the ground, hard.

Nincie shook off her daze and stood up, looking for her brother. She looked up for a split- second and was stunned at her surroundings. The sky was a bluish- green and on the outside of the walls, the terrain was completely bare. Not a single bush, grass blade, or animal in sight. Then it sunk in that she could see the outside world, which was poisoned. She looked around even more and saw people running everywhere, unable to escape the falling pieces of flickering blue sky. Finally she saw her brother and went to help him out of the wreckage of stairs. She moved pieces away from his body till she could see him fully, then shook him till he woke.

“Wha- What happened? What’s all that noise?” Denzil looked confused, then as he looked around, he comprehended what was happening. He quickly got up and started looking for a way into the house.

“We have to find a way in! Keep looking Nin!” They split up and made their way around the house looking for another way into the basement. Nincie stopped at a board that seemed weak and tried to pry it off the house, but it was stuck. She made her way back to the front to see if there was another way to reach the high front door. A piece of sky fell and almost hit her but she dived out of the way just in time.

“Denzil!” Nincie screamed for her brother who was at the back of the house and not within her sights. She wasn’t sure if he heard her so she made her way to the back of the house, dodging falling debris, only to find that her brother wasn’t there. She looked around, but couldn’t see him so she went back out front. There Denzil stood, looking at the house angrily. Nincie ran to her brother, who didn’t notice her as he stared at the house intently. Then he looked around to find Nincie and startled when he realized she was right next to him.

“We have to get in NOW! The air outside is poisoned and it’s making its way into the city with the walls and fake sky down!” Nincie shouted to her brother who nodded and pointed to a board on the house that looked really weak.

“Let’s try that board! We should be able to get in there.” Nincie nodded at him and they tried the board, which came away easily. They tried to pull off another but it wouldn’t come away. Another pair of hands ripped it off the wall. Nincie looked and saw Dravire and Ron trying to help them. They all nodded to each other as they worked. Dravire stepped back to get a better look and before anyone could react, a big piece of falling debris fell on top of him, killing him.

“NO!” Ron screamed and tried to get to him but Denzil and Nincie held him back.

“We need you HERE Ron! Dravire is dead! There is nothing we can do for him, but we can still help ourselves! COME ON!” Ron finally snapped out of it and began to tear pieces off the house again with angry strength. Nincie looked out at the dying city and saw to her dismay that very few people were left running around. Many had been crushed by the falling sky. She felt the need to bring those still running around into the house for some protection, so she ran towards one man and stopped him, pointing towards the house. He nodded and screamed to anyone still alive, “TO THE HOUSE!” Many people heard and ran to help Denzil and Ron. Denzil backed off and started towards his sister, who was looking around trying to find anyone else. He looked up at the sky and saw a final piece of the sky falling.

Right over his sister.

Nincie was looking down the street at a guy who was still walking but barely. He was shouting, “THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING!”

Next thing she knew, something hit her in the side, knocking her down to the ground, and covering her fully. She saw the piece of sky just before it made contact with the person who had covered her with their body. The impact was harsh and a few of her bones broke, but she stayed alive at the cost of someone else’s life.

Ron saw the sky fall on Denzil and Nincie and called upon a few people to come help him. They ran to the aid of the siblings and got the debris off them. Nincie rolled the body off of herself, with a small shriek of pain. Ron kneeled over her and tried to pick her up, but she resisted. She pulled herself up while Ron and the small group looked at the person that had saved her. Nincie looked too and screamed in despair.

Denzil was dead. He had saved her at the cost of his own life.

“We have to get you into that machine Nincie! Otherwise his death will mean nothing!” Ron yelled at her trying to get her to move, but she dropped to her brother’s side and kissed his cheek before shutting his eyes. Ron helped her up and they started to make their way to the house which had a hole in it big enough to let someone in. The small group with them ran and stepped inside just as Nincie and Ron made it to the hole.

Nincie looked out at the barren terrain one last time and saw that lava was shooting like geysers out of the ground. She quickly looked back into the house.

Creeaakkk! Craakkk!

The last thing Nincie ever saw was the plaque on the basement door and the kitchen table. The last thing she ever felt was Ron’s hand in hers and the last thing she ever smelt was the dust that had accumulated in the last five years in her kitchen.

The apocalypse had happened.

The world was dead.

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