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“Wake up! Wake up, Evelyn! It’s alright, it was just a dream.” said Evelyn’s mother, a middle aged woman with dark eyes and brown hair named Rachael Addison. Her hair was in a bun and she wore clothes which were too loose for her. The shine in her eyes was no more and she started to get wrinkled up.

Evelyn opened her eyes and noticed that day hasn’t risen yet. Her hands and legs were as cold as ice. She was panting.... grasping for breath. She found herself in tears again and was afraid and very confused. She was shivering and her mother could feel her shaking. She saw her mother with desperation in her eyes.

“What happened? Was it the same dream again?” asked Rachael worrying about Evelyn.

Evelyn did not reply. She then turned her body to the other side and curled up just to hide her feelings. But it did not help because her mother already knew what was happening. This wasn’t the first time Evelyn saw the dream or behaved that way.

Rachael put her hand over Evelyn’s head and slightly patted her head. She then kissed Evelyn on her forehead and told her “it’s over now. He is gone now and the is nothing you can do about it”

“I could have fought for him. But you didn’t let me. I could have brought him justice. I would never have those dreams if I had done something. But you wouldn’t let me.” Evelyn replied furiously.

The sound of insects took over for a few moments.

“You cannot stop me, you know? A day will come when your word will be worthless and I will fight....for him.... and you can do nothing about it.” Evelyn mumbled.

She saw the disappointment in her mother’s eyes.

Rachael then stood up and wished Evelyn goodnight and walked away.

Evelyn got up after some time to wash her face. She walked up to the mirror, which was broken from many sides, and she could barely see herself. She was a young blonde girl with wavy hair and slightly pink cheeks. Her eyes were swollen because of lack of sleep. Her clothes were shabby. She then washed her face and decided to go outside to get fresh air.

She put on her gloves, coat and boots and went outside. It was chilly so she started rubbing her hands together. There was a hill near the village where she stayed. She walked towards the tall rustic tree on the hill. She walked to the top of the hill and gazed upon her village. The wind went through her hair and she whispered “Wind through my hair and I feel a part of everywhere.” She did not look her best but she heard a voice saying “You look beautiful, Evelyn”

She looked into the fog to look from where the voice came. There was a tall man with broad shoulders, messy hair and a sweet smile looking at her. His name was Theo.

He said again “You look beautiful!” but louder this time.

“I heard you the first time but did not respond because it’s not true” she replied while covering her neck.

He then said “I don’t think you ever met yourself” and he smiled.

“Did you even look at me? I am a train wreck. My eyes are sore, I can hardly breathe and I am cold” she replied annoyingly.

Theo walked over to Evelyn, took off his coat and put it on her.

Evelyn put the coat on her and told “this was not needed”

Theo whispered “you will look beautiful to me no matter how you feel about yourself”.

Evelyn smiled and so did Theo.

He leaned towards Evelyn and kissed her very gently.

“Common! Let’s go or else we will miss it!”

Theo pulled her hand and started running towards the tree.

“Miss what?” Evelyn questioned.

“Just come with me” he replied.

Theo then started climbing the tree and Evelyn followed.

He found a thick branch and they both sat on it. Then he put his hand on Evelyn’s shoulder and pulled her closer. She leaned her head on his shoulder and took a sigh of relief. Then they looked towards the mountains far, far away.

The sun started to rise slowly. All the beautiful colors of the sun spread across the deep blue sky. There were different colors of the sky as if it were an artist’s canvas. The first rays of the sun reached the village. Even thought the houses in the villages were very old, the flaws were not seen due to the beautiful sun rays falling on them directly. The touch of the sun’s rays was very smooth and it decreased the cold up to an extent. The winter flowers started blooming with joy, the semi-green grass dancing in the wind and the rooster’s crowing. It looked heavenly. Evelyn then said “I can stay here all day looking at this”

“Me too” Theo replied.

“Do you come here often?” she asked softly.

“Yes, I do” he replied.

They sat silently on the tree for some time.

Theo then asked “What are you doing here? Did your mother say something to you?”

“No, she didn’t say anything.”

“Then what is it?” he curiously asked.

“I had a dream.... about Dylan.”

“Oh!” he said.

“He was trying to say something to me....... but I was too caught up with my emotions and I didn’t want to hear it. I just didn’t want him to die..... especially for me. Why would someone do such a thing?” Evelyn asked as she was looking into his eyes.

“Do what?” Theo asked.

“Die for someone!”

He said “one can do anything for true love”.

I said to him “Don’t ever do anything which would hurt me.... even for me. I want you by my side, always”

He smiled and said “And let you do all the crazy things alone? No way! I have to be here.”

They laughed for a few moments and silence took over.

They started getting down. Evelyn reached the bottom first and put her hand over the rustic old tree. It had many names of people carved on it. She placed her hand on Dylan and her name. She could feel Dylan right beside her as if he never left. She closed her eyes and put her other hand on her chest. Theo got down and asked “ready to go?” He did not see their names on the tree.

“Yeah! Let’s go” Evelyn said.

They raced back to Evelyn’s house.

“Mom! Theo is home” Evelyn said while walking towards the kitchen.

Rachael was standing by the leaking sink while making breakfast with the leftovers. She wore the same old cloths which were stitched again and again.

“Is something wrong?” Evelyn asked.

Rachael replied “no nothing Isa, it’s the sink again. Nothing new”

Theo sat on the stumbling chair by the broken wooden table and Evelyn helped her mother to make the food.

“I wonder what is going on in the village right now” Evelyn said and sat down.

“You need not wonder anything about the village. The same old fights, same old stories take place everyday” Rachael said while serving leftovers.

“I just want to see a change in this place. It used to be so joyful and exciting when dad was around”

“But he is gone now and this place won’t ever change again so stop expecting and eat your food” Rachael said.

“She is right about this. This is going on from a long time and all the people only care about themselves. This will never change even if we want it to. The men of Gravel Stadnent (name has to be changed) came and destroyed everything we ever had” said Theo.

After eating, Theo and Evelyn decided to take a walk through the village even though Rachael did not want them to go.

“I don’t think you should go today. I don’t feel quite good about it. Please stay?” Rachael requested. But Evelyn still wanted to go she thought that her mother was being worried for no reason and nothing is going to happen.

“We will be back soon” Evelyn replied and left without looking back.

They walked slowly on the roads of the village. Even though there were only a few houses in the village, there was a lot of noise. The people were not kind hearted as they adapted to change. They were dull, noisy, arrogant, short-tempered people. Evelyn looked at the walls of the houses and shops as if she was walking though the village for the first time. Theo was looking out for threats as the village had become a dangerous place in the recent time. He wanted to make sure Evelyn was safe, so he always kept an eye on her. Evelyn saw all the cracks on the windows of the wooden houses and the wood which was eaten by termites. The people kept staring at Theo and Evelyn as they passed through the roads. The roads were narrow but there were no threats on the roads as there were no vehicles in the village. They were either destroyed or taken by the men of Gravel Stadnent. They reached the last road of the village after which they could see all the greeneries.

The beautiful pink flowers, which bloomed and had rays of sunlight over them, caught the eye of Evelyn from some distance. She ran towards the flowers and Theo followed. She reached the flowers and held them with a lot of delicacy as if they were very fragile and could tear at any moment. There was a spark in her eyes, which was very rare in the recent time. She smiled at those flowers and showed it to Theo.

“Aren’t they beautiful? They bloom in the wild and it doesn’t matter to them if anyone is watching. All they want to do is look their best and they do. They surely do!” said Evelyn with excitement.

“Yes, very beautiful indeed. I wish I could stare at them forever” said Theo looking at Evelyn. But he was not talking about the flowers. He was talking about Evelyn.

Evelyn took a few flowers for her mother and they started walking towards her house and said “Mom would love these flowers. They only bloom at this time of the year. Mom would be very excited to see them”

When they reached her house, they saw many people gathered around her house and murmuring. Evelyn was frightened. She dropped the flowers and ran towards the house while pushing the crowd away. “MOM! MOM! WHERE ARE YOU?” she screamed.

As soon as she entered the house, she saw that her house was dark and gray. Everything in her house was broken into pieces and scattered. She was praying for her mother to be safe. She looked around the house, but nothing was stolen. As she was walking towards the kitchen, she saw blood. Tears started rolling down her face and she stopped walking for a second.

She slowly started walking again and Theo came from behind, put his hand on her shoulder and went ahead to see what happened and looks for Rachael. She came from behind Theo with tears rolling down her face and her nose and cheeks were red. She saw her mother lying on the ground with blood everywhere and Theo was checking her pulse. Evelyn immediately fell on her knees and put her hands on her face and cried heavily.

Theo went to the crowd and enquired if they knew who killed Rachael. No one seemed to know who killed Rachael. Murmuring started again. One old man came out of the crowd and told “I saw him. I saw who murdered this poor lady.”

Theo asked “who was he?”

The old man told “He was a very evil man. I do not remember his name but he was a huge man, he looked very powerful to me. He was like no one I have ever seen in my life. He randomly appeared in front of the house and walked in. I heard the poor lady scream and things being thrown……. Suddenly…. it all stopped. And the man boldly came out as if his work was done here. A mighty beast then appeared from behind the house. He rode it and disappeared.”

“The old man knows nothing” said a man from the crowed.

“He lost all his senses and only wants importance so he made up a story. Mighty beast, he says. Huh!” said another man with great confidence.

“Oh! I remember! I remember! Gravel! Gravel Stadnent! It was definitely him!” said the old man after thinking hard while trembling.

Silence took over for a second and murmuring started again.

“It’s my fault. I did this to her. She died because of me” said Evelyn while sobbing.

Theo walked towards her, sat down and told her “you didn’t do anything and there is nothing you could have done to stop this from happening.”

“But.... but she told us not to go to the village and we still went”

“We didn’t know this was going to happen or else we would have never left” said Theo, trying to calm her down even though he knew it was very hard for Evelyn.

After a few hours the day started setting, Evelyn stopped talking and sat still, holding her mother’s picture in her hand, without eating or drinking anything. The people, who were murmuring, went back to their houses as it was getting late.

Evelyn was sitting on a dusty couch with tear marks on her face and puffed eyes. Theo walked up to her, smiling, with a plate of food and told “yum! It looks so good.”

Evelyn did not utter a single word. She didn’t even look at Theo. She sat as a statue, without any movement. Theo’s smile slowly started disappearing.

“But this was what Rachael made for dinner today” he said.

Evelyn’s eyes shot up and she looked at him with depression on her face. She then looked at the plate and ate a few bites.

“Thank you, Theo” she told “for being there for me… I don’t have anybody now”

‘I am always going to be here for you” Theo replied.

Evelyn did not sleep the entire night. She kept remembering the memories she had with her mother… how they spoke, had fun even though they did not have much. They cherished each moment they had. Evelyn smiled for a moment, the next she had tears on her face.

The next morning, Evelyn cleaned the house, took a bath, wore a black dress and tied her hair. She and the people from the village went to the morgue. It was a cold day and the wind was blowing strongly as if it is fate that has to take place. The tent was moving so fast as if it could break at any second. The hats of the people flew away with the wind. She saw her mother getting buried. She did not say a word till the very end. She had a lot of aggression on her face.

“I will not shed even a drop of tear now. I will find the man who did this to you. This is my promise to you. I will make sure you get justice and so does Dylan. I will not return unless I do so. Gravel Stadnent will pay for what he has done” said Evelyn while committing herself in front of her mother. She had the fire burning in her eyes for revenge and justice. She did not want anyone else to face such situations in their lives and wanted to free everyone for once and for all. She did not tell anyone what she was going to do.

After sometime everyone headed back home. Evelyn was walking with Theo and were about to reach home.

“I want to rest for a while now” she said.

“I understand I’ll take care of everything” said Theo.

“No, you don’t understand it. I want to be alone. I am sorry but I need to take a break”

“Alright, if that’s what you really want” said Theo.

“Thank you!” she said and kissed him and started walking away as Theo stood there looking at her.

Evelyn reached home tired and she wanted to take a quick nap before she could think of doing anything.

She went to her bed with the picture of her mother and lied down. She looked at her mother’s picture as she closed her eyes. “It’s alright, Evelyn. I am fine. Don’t worry about me” she heard. She was dreaming again. She looked around in her dream to where the voice came from. It was very dark so she was not able to see anything. Slowly, a ray of light hit her eyes. She put her hands over her eyes to cover the light. Her eyes were almost closed when she saw a beautiful woman dressed in white walking towards her.

“Who are you?” she said.

“It’s me, Evelyn” replied the lady in white.

“Mom? Is it really you?” Evelyn told with excitement.

“Yes, it is, my dear” said Rachael in a very sweet voice.

Evelyn ran towards her and hugged her very tightly as if she was never going to let her go.

“You have to let me go, Isa…. I can’t stay forever”

“But I don’t want you to go” said Evelyn. “Who did this to you? And why did he do this to you?” she asked.

“It doesn’t matter anymore. What had to be done is done now. You can’t change the past” said Rachael.

“Stop! Stop being like this. Please tell me what really happened and why did it happen?” Evelyn asked again.

“It was Gravel Stadnent” said Rachael.

“Why? What did we ever do to him that he killed you?” asked Evelyn.

“It’s a long story” she said. “Let’s take a walk, shall we?” Rachael added.

They then started to walk. Everything was white - the flowers, the benches, the birds, the floor. The air she took in was very fresh and the feeling was very different than she ever experienced.

“Now tell me, what really happened?” asked Evelyn.

“I used to love him when we were younger, before I met your father” said Rachael as she looked at the sky and looked at Evelyn. “We were very young that time; we were madly in love with each other and did not spend a minute without each other. He used to give me everything I ever wanted…” she said with a shine in her eyes.

“He bought me all types of things, from roses to jewelry. He never disappointed me. He started teaching me magic and I was so excited. I remember it as if it were yesterday. I never knew magic was even possible and he showed me how it was done. I started feeling the power, the strength. Oh what days they were.”

“Then what happened? Why did you leave him?” asked Evelyn.

“I didn’t want to leave him but… then I got to know the truth. The bitter, harsh truth.”

“What truth?” asked Evelyn.

“The most horrible truth. The powers which I and he shared were magical but the source of those powers… unimaginable” said Rachael.

“What was the source?”

“Usually when the animals are willing to sacrifice their soul, the powers of that animal is transferred to that person. But it is very strong and dangerous. The powers had to be unlocked by doing certain tasks which make the person able to deserve those powers. The animals could not be forced to give their souls. But Gravel Stadnent found another way. He used his dark powers to extract the knowledge to gain those powers. He used all the power in his body to find it out and when he did, he took all the powers and gave a few to me as he thought I would support him but I did not” said Rachael.

“How would he gain powers, mom?”

“The infants! They do not know the difference between right and wrong so they can’t judge anyone. He got animals into his kingdom and kept them in a dungeon. The animals were mostly ought to be mothers. When the babies were born, his men would bring them to a different room and he would use his dark powers to extract their soul. He killed everyone who tried going against him and telling him what he was doing was wrong. He just wanted more power. The greed for power destroyed him completely” said Rachael with disappointment on her face.

Silence took over for a while.

“Then what happened?”

“I had a lot of power, which I felt was wrong because I got power by killing innocent animals. He gave me enough powers to rule everyone but him. I went behind his back to the ground, where he was building his army to rule over the world. The army was very strong as every soldier had power. He had the best army anyone could ever imagine. He was growing darker and his army was growing. I had to stop him so I destroyed his army. I then turned towards his castle and to destroy everything he ever created but suddenly Gravel Stadnent came storming. His kingdom was almost destroyed. He Screamed “What do you think you are doing?” “I am doing what has to be done” I replied. He walked up to me furiously and used his powers to kill me. He raised me above the ground and I started choking. He was ready to kill me because I destroyed everything he ever created… I, then, used my complete power and a ball of light was created around us and it was making both of us weak and he fell down and I got a small gap to disappear. I never turned back or even thought about any of it. And then I met your father…” Rachael said with a smile at the end.

“Why don’t you use those powers at home?”

“I did. I used it to save our house from his sight but I also didn’t want anyone to know about me and my past. I don’t know how he found me. He was just too powerful, more powerful than ever.” Rachael replied.

“I am so sorry I didn’t listen to you and left. I should have stayed” said Evelyn disappointed in herself.

Rachael lifted Evelyn’s head and told “If you were home, it would have been harder for me …”


Suddenly Evelyn woke up by hearing the sound of a vase fall. The curtains pushed the vase to the ground and the vase broke into many small pieces.

Evelyn rubbed her eyes and yawned. She then stood up and thought about what her mother told her in her dream. She couldn’t believe the story she just heard but she had no other option. She walked up to the window to close it. While closing the window, she saw a family of scrofa walking in the moonlight. Scofa’s have evolved from the boar family. They were gigantic with sharp teeth pointing out of their mouth and curling to the top of the head. They weigh over a thousand pounds and have very strong sense of smell. They can adapt to the winter as they have a layer of fur over their body which has poison on it for protection from other animals. There were eight sus scrofas walking with the scrofas.

Evelyn thought to herself, how can someone kill these innocent animals? Don’t they have a heart? She closed the window and sat down for a while.

She then thought I have to do this. I have to kill Gravel Stadnent. He cannot destroy any more lives. I have to bring an end to this.

Evelyn stood up and packed her bag with enough money, food and water to last couple of days. She put on a thick coat, gloves, boots and a hat. She wore the bag and opened to door silently. She then peeped outside to make sure no one follows her or gets to know where she was going. She quickly closed the door and started running away from the village without looking back.

After sometime, she stopped running. She couldn’t see the village anymore so she took a deep breath and started walking into the forest while thinking about how to reach Gravel Stadnent’s castle though the mountains, through the dark forest. She knew it was a path of danger where looking back was almost impossible but she was determined and kept moving forward.

She started walking into the forest where there was no proper path which she could follow. She just could depend upon her instincts for directions.

She could clearly hear the sound of insects and animals living in the forest.

She just kept moving forward.

After sometime, she felt like she was being followed.

She hesitantly turned back. She couldn’t see anyone so she continued walking. She heard the sound of dry leaves getting crushed and she immediately jumped and took a fighting position.

She still couldn’t find anyone.

She started walking faster than before. She knew she was being followed but she had no weapons and was helpless. She couldn’t let the man know that she is armless and she kept walking; hoping that he would stop or she would reach a safer place. She heard the hustling of the leaves getting closer. She then ran as fast as she could in the woods. She ran in random directions so that the man wouldn’t catch her. She then went and hid behind a tree with the glass bottle in her hand which she brought from home, ready to hit the man. The clouds started covering the moon rays and everything became dark. She was dependent only on her sense of hearing. She was able to her his footsteps, cracking of the twigs and rustling of the leaves. She was sweating and very scared but did not make a sound as she would be caught. The man kept moving slowly in the direction she was standing, looking for her. He also wasn’t able to see as it was too dark. He kept walking and Evelyn could hear her heart beat rising. She closed her eyes tightly. The man kept walking and reached right next to her but he couldn’t see her as it was too dark. He kept walking and looking for her. Evelyn opened her eyes and ran behind him and jumped on his back in such a way that he couldn’t see her face or what she was holding in her hand.

“One move and you’re dead and I mean it... I will cut your throat right here” said Evelyn. “Tell me who sent you! I need the name…… Don’t waste my time just tell me who sent you” she said while screaming.

Slowly the clouds started clearing and everything started becoming visible. She panicked and tried to hide the bottle from the man as she was afraid he would take it and use it as his weapon against her. Suddenly, she fell on her back and was very vulnerable. She slowly looked at the man and saw that the man was wearing a hood and she could only see his back. She saw a dagger in his hand and he was slowly turning towards her. Evelyn closed her eyes and started screaming. He put his hand over her mouth and started removing the hood.

“Shh... Don’t scream! Someone will hear you.” he said and gave a helping hand to Evelyn. She opened her eyes and saw the hand. She couldn’t see the face properly but she held his hand and got up. As she rose, she was able to see his face. She jumped with joy and hugged him tightly.

“Why were you following me, Theo? Do you know how much you scared me?” said Evelyn.

“I didn’t want to scare you but you started running before I could even say anything”

“It’s ok because you are here with me now” Evelyn said. “I can’t go back without killing Gravel Stadnent” she added as she looked at him.

“I understand and that’s why I am here to join you in this adventure…… I know you are strong and brave but you cannot face him alone. He will defeat you easily” said Theo.

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