Say What?

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Internal Narrative which unfortunately is too true to life.

Submitted: August 16, 2012

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Submitted: August 16, 2012



Ah, so here we stand. The ones who play the waiting game. Wishing, wanting, hoping, dreaming, praying, BEGGING the universe for that one perfect moment for everything to come together.

If I just had that one moment, I could make this work. I could tie together all the bizarre strings n' things which are wrapped around my brain all topsy turvy. That one perfect time, created just for this, set up just for me and you, no matter by whom, to finally see each other as we really are. To look in our eyes, to feel the heat of our breath, to graze our skin and ignite our electricity. To press our lips together, once and for all, in one glorious climax of ..... whatever... that has had you and I on the precipice of sanity for too damn long.

Our noses will smush, our teeth will clack, our tongues will go too eagerly down eachothers throat - but no matter, we will finally be in our glory and standing on top of the hill. We will be perfection. We'll be in the spotlight, only us, no one else matters when we finally melt the separation between us. As long as you are thinking of me, and I am thinking of you, we are together and have no bounds.

When will you just touch me when you crave me, when I know you hear my name echo in your eardrums? I know you hear mine because I can't help but hear yours too.

You tell me of your favourite songs, well I can tell you this: these days, I wish my damn lips would fall off every night, not only some nights. I have the most amazing dream about you and me every night, and damn, if only I could share it with you we'd both agree it's best we took off our clothes ASAP.

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Say What?

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