Haley's rich, rich...

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THis is just the beginning and the rest of the story will be posted as 'Haley's rich Uncle" This story is about a girl names Haley, she soon finds out more than she can bear about her Uncle's fortune, widow, and secrets.

Submitted: February 05, 2007

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Submitted: February 05, 2007



The floor stretched down to the end of the corridor, without the faint light of Haley's flashlight she couldn't see even a trace of life. Her feet echoed down, they sounded so loud it startled Haley. She was backtracking on her last few days, they were so eventful she could barely fathom it.


"Haley, I think we should tell you something," her mother said nervously tapping her newly manicured fingernails on her granite kitchen countertops.

"Okay," Haley said cautiously, her voice sounded like she was treading on thin ice. She inched her way out of her modern living room and entering her turquoise green kitchen.

"Take a seat," her mother said pointing at a barstool with her right arm, and placing her left on her forehead. She looked like she was suffering from a severe migraine.

"What's wrong?" Haley asked suspiciously adjusting her buttocks on the uncomfortable stools that matched the unflattering countertops.

"Umm, well you know how we have a decent amount of money," her mother said avoiding Haley's question and eye contact.

"Yeah," Haley said once again on thin ice. Haley was beginning to be impatient, and she showed it, wriggling and fidgetting in her stool.

"Your dad inherited it. From his brother, Howard. He died eleven years ago. His wife, Julia, is living in a huge mansion by herself. She called the other day and said she wanted to see you. So this weekend, because it's a long weekend, you will go there." Haley's mother spit out, changing her tone from understandable to strict. Haley didn't know how to react from this, she was only two when her uncle Howard died. She doesn't remember him, or his widow Julia. Haley was okay with going to the mansion, but had one question, why would Howard give his money to us, not his wife?

"Where do they live?" Haley asked relieving herself from pain by getting out of the stiff stool. Haley glided her fingertips over the smooth granite surface.

"New York state, not city," Haley's mother said mimicking her daughter with her fingers.

"Oh, should I go pack?" Haley asked questionably, disappearing before her mother could respond. Haley used her common sense, it was Friday, if she wanted to get there for the whole weekend, they would have to leave in an hour or two. Haley raced up the stairs, down the hall and entered her room. She grabbed T-shirts, jeans, pajamas, socks, and many other clothing items. She sat on her overstuffed luggage bag, making it simpler to zip up. Haley let a sigh of relief when she heard the satisfying sound of the zipper meeting the other end of the bag. ziiiiiiiipppppp. Haley lugged the bag down the stairs, carefully stepping down the several stairs of her staircase. Finally reaching the bottom, she plopped the bag on the hardwood floor.

"Are you ready Hales?" Haley's mother asked using Haley's nickname, which annoyed Haley to an unbelievable peak.

"Yeah, we're leaving this early?" Haley asked, still out of breath from her difficult journey down the staircase.

"We want to get there at a reasonable time. It takes and hour to get there," Haley's mother said picking up Haley's luggage bag helping her out. Not another word was said for a long while, the radio was off, an eerie silence filled the SUV. Already fifteen minutes had passed, an no one said a word, the silence was so unbearable, Haley forced herself to sleep the rest of the ride. A jolt woke Haley up from her unsatisfying nap.

"Wake up Hales, we're here!" Haley's mother said shaking her shoulder, her voice was so sweet and happy it made Haley sick.

"Uh, okay," Haley said stretching and unbuckling her seatbelt and hopping out of the vehicle. Her mother motioned Haley to follow her. They passed through a glass door, a marble hallway, and entered a contemporary living room. Sitting on the black leather couch, sat a wrinkly, sad, old woman. She mad Haley depressed. Haley made a mental note to herself to die first in the marriage.

"Julia!" Haley's mother exclaimed positioning her arms in a hug like position.

"Ali!" Julia exclaimed in an identical tone. They hugged and preformed a girly French air kiss. Haley rolled her eyes until she was sure only the whites were showing.

"Oh my goodness! Baby Hales, you've gotten so old! Last time I saw you you were a little baby girl," Julia said hugging Haley and giving her a quick kiss on the cheek. Haley suddenly remembered her manners, and compliments began pouring out.

"I love your house. It's so modern, I love it," Haley said smiling a phony smile.

"May I call you Aunt Julia?" Haley asked politely, winking at her mother, unfortunately she didn't notice.

"Of course hon'," Aunt Julia said, her hyperness dulled, taking a seat on the stiff leather couch.

"Sit down Hales," Julia ushered tapping an open spot next to her. Haley obeyed, her mother took the hint and started her goodbyes.

"Well, I should get going," Haley's mother said giving Haley a hug and kiss and heading for the door without any response.

"Do you want some tea, dear?" Aunt Julia asked standing up from her uncomfortable seat and heading into her immaculate kitchen.

"Sure, that would be great Aunt Julia," Haley said following her Aunt into the kitchen, Haley stood in awe. The kitchen was almost as big as Haley's school cafagymatorium. (a mix between a cafeteria, gym, and an atatourium.)

"I love your kitchen, it's huge," Haley commented admiring the gigantic room.

"Thank you dear," Aunt Julia said putting the kettle on. "Do you like books, Hales?" Julia asked, still preoccupied with the tea situation.

"I love to read," Haley said, still looking around the whole kitchen, she took it in. She looked at the completely old-yet modern kitchen. It had dark gray granite countertops, and flooring tiles to match. The kitchen had no coffee maker, toaster, blender, microwave, or any other modern day kitchen appliance. There was a refrigerator, stainless steel. The oven was stainless steel also, Haley thought the high-tech oven and refrigerator clashed with the old time counter and tile, but, it was also very attractive.

"Well, that's great because I have a library, it's filled with books I've collected over the years." Aunt Julia replied, taking her eyes off the kettle to analyze Haley's expression. And there definetly was an expression to analyze.

"I don't mean to be rude, but while the tea is going, can we check the library out?" Haley asked, Haley was extremely polite, it was almost sickening.

"Of course darling," Aunt Julia said giving Haley a nod, implying her to follow. They walked down hall after hall. They were layered with oriental rugs, ancestor paintings hanging on the walls. The quietness was almost disturbing, but the clank of Aunt Julia's stilettos kept Haley on focus.

"Here it is," Aunt Julia said pushing two enormous doors open to reveal the most breathtaking library Haley ever saw.

"I'll give you the grand tour," Aunt Julia said. She led Haley down long halls with gigantic bookshelves on each side of the hall. Ladders were placed every few yards to help a reader searching for a book on the highest shelf.

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