The joke

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It makes you see...

Submitted: November 19, 2007

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Submitted: November 19, 2007



As her pants fall to her knees,

she begs and pleeds,

pushing his ouge into her mouth,

muting her way to scream or shout,

pushing and hitting with all her might,

her grabes her and squeezes her even more tight,

he pushes her on the bed harder then ever,

she just wanted this to be the best party ever,

his shirt goes off and so does hers,

he yells at her now,

and in slurs,

he takes off his pants and pushes in,

she feels the blodd thirkle down her leg,

then he does it again and again,

10 minutes later he's sweaty and done,

she crys and crys feeling very numb,

he puts thier clothes on stumbling and drunk,

\he then makes his way out the house to his trunk,

she sits on the bed cowering in fear,

why did anyone help her,

wasn't anyone near,

why did she stay 10 minutes late,

why did she agree to this blind party date,

how that party was spent,

his friends got him drunk and sent him up with a girl

it was just a joke,

that's what they meant,

her lungs still filled with his drunk'n smell,

to this girl to was NO joke,

it was HELL

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