Forgotten, Not Forgiven.

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Just another poem. Please comment with helpful suggestion or your opinoin. Thank you for reading this.

I can't get you

out of my mind.

Your all I think about

and I don'tknow why,

but I wish things hadn't ended.

You say it was because your leaving,

but I know the truth.

I'm just not the girl you thought

I was.

I'm not the girl in the photographs,

smiling and laughing.

Posing for others.

I'm a different girl,

one with a heart and feelings,

hopes and dreams.

I don't want to move on.

I want to remember the days

of happiness and smiles.

I won't ever forgive you

for breaking my heart.

You will never know.

I'll swallow my tears,

and fake a smile.

You will think

you have been forgiven,

when you've really been


Submitted: July 15, 2009

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