A Simple Song (Solution to Stage Fright)

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Finally ... the solution to Alison's and Fred's little story, Stage Fright.
Not quite a nice ending but ... that's life! ;o)

Submitted: June 29, 2008

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Submitted: June 29, 2008



A Simple Song

She ran away, escaped the pain,

she tried to make no sound.

All alone outside at night,

hiding in the underground

where she lived for many years

until she was grown up.

She had changed her fate at last,

gained some strength, forgot the past.

There was just a simple song,

tattooed across her mind.

But it made her tough and strong,

every time she did remind.

It was the song that Mommy sang

when she pretended not to hear

what Daddy did to Alison,

what he did since her 4th year.

Alison started a different life,

a normal life without abuse.

She felt safe and finally free

she really did not need a plea.

Nobody knew about her past,

people were amazed by her.

Just the simple song did last,

the song became her life's own blur.

She sang it when she felt alone,

she didn't even notice it.

Then Fred did things she should have known,

but she allowed him to admit.

She heard the song that bloody day,

she thought her parents just came back.

In sudden helpless disarray,

she turned into a maniac.

She flew again in agony,

chose death instead of cruelty.

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