Magic - Fairy Forest

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This is part one of a trilogy. I hope you enjoy.

Submitted: June 24, 2008

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Submitted: June 24, 2008



Silently walking between the trees, through all the shades of green and brown nature is able to create. A bird sings it's song to attract one of it's own kind and build a happy family. Our footsteps make sounds in the dry leaves we walk on and sometimes we crack a small branch by stepping on it. Hand in hand sitting down on a trunk, that's overgrown with ivy and moss, some mushrooms grow in a bed of grass and leaves. Rays of sunlight pass through the branches of the huge trees around us and they creating a fairy tale like a scene long forgotten times.

Your arm around my shoulder and my head leaned on yours, we sit silently and watch the magic around us when suddenly something catches the eye but vanishes too fast to tell what it was. A rabbit? A bird? Some kind of giggling comes out of the green, it sounds like a tiny bell that rings in our heads. Is it just me or did you also see that very small face, there in the raspberry bush? It's gone again but I am pretty sure that I've seen it. A stitch near my ankle makes me look down and I see this small creature poking me with a thorn. An impudent smile appears on it's face and I can't help myself but smile as well. I push you gently with my elbow to show you what has joined us and you can see the fairy with the green hair and the dress made of leaves and grass, too. We both barely dare to breathe, not to frighten this little wonder we see.

The fairy grins, winks and runs fast, vanishing in the shadows of the beech trees. A few seconds later it appears again ... with two of it's sisters and they start to dance in a broad ray of sunlight. I can almost hear the music they dance to and with a look at you, I can see that you feel the same. Amazed, we watch the graceful moves of the mystical creatures, not noticing time nor space, just being here, fused with nature and open hearted for all the magic that's woven around us.

We don't notice the sun disappearing, we don't notice that it's getting darker, because the fairies seem to glow from within. Without a warning their dance stops and they run away, not without waving their tiny hands one last time and smiling bright like the stars themselves. We are not able to move for a moment, still enchanted by the scenes we just had the pleasure to watch. A warmth fills our hearts and a light and fluffy feeling makes us forget all the worries and fears.

Deep breathing, we are still sitting there when a silver glint catches our eyes again. It's coming from behind an old, strong oak tree and not blinding us with it's soft light that seems to be the moonlight on earth. A head, almost like a horses head but with a horn, appears. And then the most magical creature steps from out of the thicket and takes our breath with it's pure majestic beauty ... a unicorn. Tears of joy run down our cheeks when it lifts it's head, looks at us and nods as if it wants to say that we are welcome in this space far from the world man knows. A peace we never felt before falls down on us like a warm blanket and we fall asleep, side by side, embraced in trust and love.

And then a ray of sun wakes us, tickling our noses. We blink a few times and get up, smiling and still feeling the magic and the peace. Our hearts feel light and it's almost like being new born, when we get up, asking the unspoken question of dream or reality.

Does it matter?

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