Stage Fright

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This little story will provoke a few thoughts and questions. Try to find out what happened and tell me what you think.
I will post the solution to this riddle in a few days.

Submitted: June 26, 2008

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Submitted: June 26, 2008



Alison always loved to sing and she had a wonderful voice, like rough silk, a little smoky and dark. When she sang, people had that eerie feeling of ants running up and down their backs. She sang with all her emotions and the songs reached the heart before they went into the ears. She also was really beautiful with her long black hair, her big dark eyes and her porcellain skin. Her tempting mouth was able to let out the most touching songs one has ever heard.

She never sung in public. People did know about her voice but Alison didn't know that they knew. She sang in the bathroom and from time to time a passer-by heard her and stood under her window until she finished. She sang every time she felt alone but she always had some unseen company, attracted by the beautiful sound. Sometimes, when she went shopping, she noticed that people stared at her and started to whisper. Alice always felt strange and uncomfortable with that. But they just talked about the singing everybody knew she was able to do.

One day she met a nice guy at the grocery store. She dropped her money and he was so kind to pick it up for her. He smiled and invited her to share some time together with a cup of coffee. They went into a small cozy cafand found out that they had many things to share. His name was Fred. They talked for hours and one cup of coffee became 5 more. Of course they started to meet more often and became a couple.

Fred knew about Alison's singing talent long time before they met but never mentioned it. So he enjoyed her singing every time she was around and in the bathroom or somewhere else she felt alone. He noticed the crowd standing under her window and saw their enchanted faces. He was asked if there may be a CD available because nobody knew that she was just too shy to sing while anybody was looking at her. Nobody but Fred.

He thought about it and he also thought about how he could help Alison to loose her stage fright. So he went shopping for recording equipment ... without her knowing of course. One day she left the house to meet a friend and he started to work immediately. He installed all the recording stuff in the bathroom, invisible for everybody who didn't know. He finished his work with a great smile after four hours and hid the remote control behind some books. The same night Alison went into the bathroom for a shower and sang like she never sang before. The passion and power she sang with would have forced some tears out of the eyes of every listener. Fred pushed the button of the remote control and recorded her singing.

A few days later he ran to the local radio station, in his hand a CD. He persuaded the DJ to play it and went home to Alison, very satisfied. He acted very mysterious as he led her to the sofa and switched on the radio. He laid his arm around her shoulders and held her in that tight embrace for about half an hour. Then she suddenly jumped up. Her song was heard on the wireless. She stood there, in the middle of the room, stared at the radio and at him, her eyes wide open, her mouth distorted, her whole body shaking. After a minute, Alison suddenly turned around, ran out of the room, jumped into her car and drove away with roaring engines.

She never came back but died in a carcrash. Alison committed suicide.


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