Lost in the Jungle on Christmas Day

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the story is about some guys who intend to go to the Buea Mountain for a tour. they are warned that at that period, it is dangerous, but they still snick away and as they go up to the mountain, they get lost, and have to sleep two nights in the forest and they finally find their way out through the christmas lights and shooting stars they see in the evening, on the 25th of december.

Submitted: January 23, 2014

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Submitted: January 23, 2014



We were severely warned by uncle Bob no to do what we intended to do, but were very eager to go there. He knew it was very dangerous for us to go on our own. He said he knows that we are disappointed but he is doing that for our good. Joshua was not very happy with the possessiveness of his father, so was I. I could not do afford to do anything stupid, so I had to see the positive side of everything that uncle Bob said.
‘I know you are a very obedient child’ uncle Bob told me.
‘All the stories I have heard about you are good stories, well apart from the one that you and… it doesn’t matter. Please help me talk to your cousins. As you can see their mother is not at home and I am at work almost all day. If they can’t listen to me, you may talk to them and they listen. So promise me you will help me make them not do anything stupid.’ The wrinkles on his face told me that he was desperate.
‘I will do my best dad’ I replied. Always call the person I am staying with that way.
‘I will try and talk to them.’
That was not the kind of answer he needed, but that was at least a beginning, and although he could not count on that, he had no choice. I did not want to make him a promise which I was not sure of keeping; after all it was one of my rules. “Never make a promise you do not intend to keep.” The previous, rule 13, is almost alike. “Always keep to your promise.” It is not really very easy, but if I do my best and fail, it will be that I tried my best.

When I opened my eyes the next morning, the 23rd December, the two faces I saw floating over my face were that of Joshua and Maria.
‘Get up from bed lazy fellow’ Joshua said with a strange voice.
‘Get set, we are leaving in a moment’
‘Good morning both of you. You would have at least started like that if you wanted to apologise. And where the hell are we going to in the first place that you can’t let me sleep peacefully?’ Maria left to go and prepare breakfast for all of us.
‘Dad has travelled and will only be back tomorrow at dawn, so we have all our time’
‘I know we have all our time, but what do you want us to do with it’
‘No one will prevent us from going up to Buea now that dad is not around’
‘Oh! Buea. I almost forgot. Can I say something?’
‘If you want’
‘This is a very bad idea.’ Bad idea or not, it was none of his business. He only thought of having fun, so the rest did not count. I tried to make him see with me that the adventure he is about to carry out is not good for his health, and that his dad will not be happy with me for leaving him to go out on such an expedition, but he told me that I did not make any promise, that I only said I will do my best, and if Mr Bob wants to get mad at me, I should say I tried to convince him but did not succeed. It was not a bad idea though, so far as the blame is not put on me.
‘So will you prepare yourself?’ he said with a smile, lifting me up. ‘We’ll leave in 45minutes.’ I went into the bathroom and got a good shower, then sat at the dinning table to have breakfast.

Immediately after breakfast, we boded a taxi which took us from Limbe to Buea. I was not aware of the number of people we are going with. To Joshua, Maria and I were added Richard and Nicole. I thought that was all about the number but as we reached Moliko, I saw two people standing along the roadside. The guy scared me as I perceived him from a distance. He tied a long rope around his shoulder, had shoes on which look like that of AES Sonel electricians that climb electric poles to repair electric problems. His bag was as big as that of one of an American soldier prepared to go to Iraq. The jacket he put on could warn you from a distance “…danger, don’t come closer…” which went greatly well with his sunglasses. He was so strangely dresses so much so that on could think he was going to do snow climbing, but the problem was that there was no place which I thought of in Cameroon where snow had fallen. The person standing next to him was someone of a different dimension. She was a size-one kind of girl, although she was a few pounds more than that. From her hair-do and her makeup, one can easily conclude that she spent almost two hours in front of the mirror. The daffodil smelling perfume on her skin could attract little birds to nest around her, and insects which look for nectar. She put on a tight-fitting T-shirt, over which she put on a short jean jacket, exposing her navel. She matched it up with a pair of jean trousers and matched perfectly with glittering jewelleries which made her more attractive as the sun rays smiled at them.
‘Ryan, meet Joseph and Tracy.’ Joshua introduced as we came out of the taxi and moved towards them.
‘Nice to meet you’ I told Joseph, giving him a handshake.
‘I like you combination. You look like a perfect snow climber.’
‘Nice to meet you man. I’ve heard stories about you. Just hope they are all credible.’ I then moved to Tracy, took my cap off my head, gently raised her hand to my lips and lightly brushed my lips across the top of her hand with a bow.
‘Wow, what a gentleman. She said with a seductive voice.
‘Nice to meet you. I’ve heard beautiful stories about you.’ I was amazed. I had never heard of them, but it seemed as if they already knew me a great deal. To behave like a gentleman, I took her bag from her as we walked along the roadside, for we had one more person to pick up before taking a taxi for Buea Town.

When we reached the entrance of the forest, we were happy, for we had made it without anyone trying to create us any trouble. As we were going up the Buea Mountain, something came across my mind.
‘Tell me guys.’ I interrupted the current conversation.
‘Does anyone know that we are here?’
‘No buddy.’ Richard replied, hitting me on the chest. ‘That’s the more reason why we have the whole time to do all the crazy things we feel as doing up here. We are free like the wind.’
‘That’s the more reason you will be blown away like chaff.’ I nagged.
‘The first survival rule in something like this is making sure that someone has an idea of where we are going to, so that in case something happens to us, people will come and look for us.’ They did not think of that but if someone gets missing in that jungle, it will be difficult to trace the way out.
‘I study Geography’ Joseph bragged.
‘With my map and my compass, I can take you to anywhere you want to go. So buddy, calm down. I know you are scared, but be courageous at least for the presence of these ladies.’
‘For these ladies. Do you know what? Proving brave to impress a lady is the best form of cowardice. It will kill you one day if you are not careful.’ Tension slowly started ruling over us till Tracy intervened.
‘Will you all shut up!’ she scolded.
‘If we start fighting now, we will not enjoy this outing. Anyone who thinks we are making a mistake can quietly pick up his or her rubbish and get the hell out of here.’
‘What are you waiting for?’ Joseph provoked.
 ‘Carry yourself away from here buddy, or you shut up and follow us. I don’t even know who brought you here.’ I moved up to him, picked up my bag and said
‘I am not your buddy, so stop buddying me.’ I turned to go, then turned back
‘You can have the forest if you want. I would have wished you wild animals if you were alone, but because of the others, I wish you good luck.’
‘Stop pretending Ryan. I know you are not going to go back.’
‘You would not say that if you knew him better and wanted him to stay.’ Joshua intervened.
‘If you leave him, he will be mad enough to leave.’ They thought Joshua was just kidding, so he waited to see. I moved down slowly and was at bout 150metres away from them when Tracy followed me and pleaded with me to come back. I was not very willing, but because she was very convincing, followed her. She then forced Joseph and I to reconcile so we did.
We moved so deep in the forest until we could no more trace the way back. We sat and camped at an attractive place we found. We picnicked there, took snapshots and did a lot of crazy things. After the rustic, we played around like little children playing necked under the rain. We played all sorts of games, and some of them, we needed to be in teams, so Nicole suggested we pair up. She afterwards insisted that a boy has to pair up with a girl in order to have a balance, so he began by saying he will pair up with Joshua. From there, the boys had no right to choose a partner. Only the girls could. Maria selected Richard, Stephanie went with Joseph, and Tracy took me on. He had enough fun, forgetting that the blanket of the night will soon cover. When the sun was about to go to bed, we said it is time to go home, so we closed the camp. After packing our bags, we asked our almighty Geographer to lead the way. We fallowed his directives for hours, until it was too much for us to bear.
‘Why is it that I have the impression that the more we follow you, the more we get lust?’ I asked Richard.
‘I thought you knew how to use a map. Or did your lecturer not teach you well or you were a very good student who does not attend lectures?’ He was not himself so he did not make any noise. Everyone was uneasy with the situation so was he. We just felt as killing him, but he still tried to defend himself.

Richard kept shutting everyone up whenever we intended to suggest anything that had to do with his field. He claimed to be the mast literate when it came to geography, until when I could no more take to his nonsense. I angrily seized the map he was holding, a map which was not even the geographical map of Buea, but the political map of the South West region.
‘If I was told that you were so stupid, I would not have believed.’ I quarrelled.
‘You are the type of person who can get people lost in the jungle. What am I even saying? We are already lost.’ He tried to quarrel me, but everyone shut him up. He was holding the map on the opposite direction, so we had been moving towards the wrong direction for the whole time. I took the compass from him to locate the north and south, but that too had died. The group almost split in two, but after struggle, we remained together. Joseph said he can find the way out, but Richard kept boring with his map until we decided to prove him wrong before following Joseph who claimed to have directives from the spirits.

We roamed the forest, frightened by wild animals and voices we were hearing in the forest. Everyone was so tied that we forgot that it was Christmas day.
‘Merry Christmas.’ I told Tracy, giving her a hand full of wild flowers.
‘I will have loved to give you something better, but this is all I can afford for now.’
‘Thanks.’ She replied with an extra bright smile which covered the stress, hunger and tiredness on her face.
‘This is the best gift I have received. You see it as something small, but I see the concern behind the flower. Thanks.’

We moved miserably down the mountain slope, very hungry, thirsty and tied. We had no energy to even think. Our batteries were all flat, so no means of contacting anyone. Fortunately for us, the sun was hiding himself behind the mountains and people started shooting stars and our very tired eyes perceived it from a distance. We tiredly moved down, following the lights, while reckless uncle Bob had organised a search team to come to our rescue. With a bit of luck, we finally found the road, and to our greatest surprise, uncle Bob was there waiting for us to reach him. I could not believe I was lost in the jungle on Christmas day. I was afraid seeing uncle Bob because he looked even more furious than the snakes and other wild animals we met in the forest.
‘I think I have to give you all my best wishes now.’ I told Tracy when I saw the fury in uncle Bob’s eyes.
‘I think my uncle is going to kill me.’


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