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Two reviews for the book "Creation Theory Revised" by Stacey T Pollock.

Submitted: October 16, 2008

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Submitted: October 16, 2008



Creation Theory Revised

Reviewed by Irene Watson for Reader Views (10/08)

When I took this book on to review I knew it wasn't going to be a breeze-through task and I was right. "Creation Theory Revised" by Stacey T. Pollock is intense, thought-provoking, and deep. It takes you on a journey deep into yourself to explore your beliefs, and possibly took at other concepts, of creation of physical bodies and how they are formed within matter.

Pollock's model is of her own perception as is in her mind, and her personal journey to understand science and belief of human creation. She says "Often God is seen as creating humans as a model of his perfected state, that then leads to the idea that he is trying to achieve something.....Is this a goal to achieve, to be one with God....?" Questions like this transcend on one's belief system and Pollock gives reason to question and come to terms with beliefs.

She separates the mind and the brain and contends they are their own place in creation. Her concept is: the brain and the body conjoin as does the mind and the spirit. But, there is more. Pollock explains duality, energy, and vibration as well as bio-cylindrical creation. She touches on dimensions, time and travel, and the third dimension.

Interspersed with illustrations, "Creation Theory Revised" is very concise, straightforward, and definitely deep. Stacey Pollock doesn't mince her writing, she powers her words with intensity and directness, guiding the reader to go within themselves and question their own beliefs and knowledge by providing a creation model that may be a new concept to him or her. In the end, the reader will be able to create their own understanding of what the meaning of life is for them.

Reviewed by Kam Aures for RebeccasReads (10/08)

"The biggest question, `why are we here', is asked by all at some time in their life. All want to know why we are here, why we exist and the very reason for being alive. Why are we here? Why do we make choices? Why do we think? Why do we see? We even at stages question why we are on this planet earth." (p.1) It is these and other questions that author Stacey T. Pollock ponders in her book, "Creation Theory Revised." The book is definitely not a light read as she delves deep into an exploration of creation. Through her own self-analysis and research she presents to us her thoughts and ideas in this arena.

In this compact 123 page book, Pollock examines "creation from the original spark all the way to the formation of our three dimensional state." Along the way she looks in depth at the mind, matter, duality, energy, bio-cylindrical creation, force and mass, dimensions, time and travel and other important components. Each area that she looks at is presented in a very direct and straightforward manner followed up by interesting examples to solidify one's understanding. For instance, in the second chapter the focus is on the mind. Pollock takes a look at the purpose of the mind and the spirit's use within the body. She says that the function is to produce a type of energy, or electricity, and goes on to compare this to the function of wires and cables within a toaster. It is by examples such as these that she clearly reinforces her points.

Each concept Pollock presents is illustrated through a detailed diagram that also helps to accurately convey the ideas that she is trying to get across. These diagrams were extremely helpful to me in comprehending her thoughts and allowing me to reflect on my own ideas.

I recommend this book to anyone who has pondered this important question of existence. "Creation Theory Revised" is definitely a book that will help you on your journey to ascertain just why you are here and how you came to be. Through reading Pollock's personal path of discovery, you will be able to form your own opinions on the matter.

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