Questioning the reason why we exist.

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The reason why we exist is a very thought provoking topic that most people favor not to delve too deeply into, whether that comes from the fear of criticism or the understanding that belief comes from an individuals own choice to see life their own way. One thing that is determinable is the fact that almost all people do at some time in their life think about their very own meaning and wonder at its miracle.

Submitted: September 16, 2008

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Submitted: September 16, 2008



One of the biggest questions asked is the meaning behind the reality that we see. What is our purpose in life if not just to accept that we are who we are here now as people living on earth. We are aware that we are alive, that we are conscious; we have accepted that part as truth that we are visualizing ourselves within bodies interacting with the world around us. It is not something we can avoid, when we wake up in the morning we are still here continuing on in our life and the activities we have chosen to participate in from the first moments of our birth to the point we now exist. We are alive, and our life seems to continue everyday until the day we do here in the physical world die, which is the only grounding of truth that we can rely on. If we are alive and we do accept that we exist, then what is the reason for this to occur, what is our origins and life plan? These are the things that do not have any answers within our physically perceived world. It is a constant mystery forever eluding our very consciousness.

Many courageous people have devised methods in order to understand the logic behind the practicality of our own existence. Probably not enough for the fact that not many people want to venture into the most profound question of all time, preferring to follow the lead of others, choosing to feel safe within the confines of a group chosen reality. Exploration seems to have lost its place, with most people instead wanting to focus on life at hand then to identify themselves within seemingly wasteful endeavors to find a reason in something that might not even have a refutable answer.

What is the answer to life and existence if there were to be a ground of truth to be found? Perhaps it is in the stories of long past writers and their endeavor to explore themselves and the values that they set to abide by within this world. People in religion and philosophy, whether that be from Christianity, Buddhism, New Age or Metaphysics, or any other field, whose words are valued as ideals that people vision as their basis of truth, and most importantly their words have become traditionally accepted within our world, through accumulating followers through hours of work gaining trust and acknowledgement. This trust is based on what works for each individual that follows the words of the person with the knowledge and information, when they seek to find resolution on issues in their own life. If the resolution is founded then this truth of word is regarded, with some of these truths at times being considered as miracles, depending on the seekers individual perception and what they wish to gain out of the experience and the words of the philosopher.

Following philosophical truth and words of encouragement can at times help others to find an easier journey into their life and an acceptance to why they are really here. If it works for another then it is sure to work for more people. The truth is then founded in the experience that has brought great rewards. This truth then only works on the basis of gaining respect and consideration.

However the words of another are accepted, the thing that is never denied and always questioned is how these words are to be seen in the whole. It is always acknowledged at the end of all questioning that the person who presented the information was merely a man or woman also experiencing the world through the same eyes, but is said to have had a vision towards the future and a desire to change things for the better. Their encouraging words focusing on a goal that is likened to paradise on earth, where every desire of a person is rewarded and enjoyed. These words are the ideals of the people who follow in the wake of the philosopher who has the heart to see the future embedded with hope and possibility.

Not only is there the philosophical approach to seeing the foundation of our existence, there is also the material vision of the scientist, who spends hours and hours developing new methods in which to view the physical world. The scientist devises techniques in which to calculate the interaction of matter within the world that we know. He sees in a more analytical way than the preferred means of the philosopher. The philosopher creates stories of human experiences, enlightening people through their own daily life experiences, whereas the scientist sees all in physical components, whether that be from a cell to anything that makes up the physical existence. Scientists regard life on finding fact through actual visualization, developing equations based on causal effects. The reason for creation comes from a more systematic approach, looking at it as an explosion spanning out into the universe with no reason but the fact that it occurred and that we are now existing.

Furthered scientific logical observations lead to new discoveries and means to make our world a more comfortable and controllable physical environment. The scientific field helps us to understand our world for what it is in the here and now, and to make the most of what is physically presented to us. Leading us away from having merely to survive to now being able to look into the future of new discoveries and exploration and also new means in which to enjoy and consume all that we endeavor to do. Maybe even one day we will even be journeying out of from our own known world to other new territories with new challenges and further reason to evolve and study ourselves.

Evolution and change, development, study in cause and effect are all the challenges of the scientific mind. There is no room for theorizing over why we exist when we have so much already to keep us occupied with what does already exist. Creation is a playground and the scientist is the child who never stops finding new things to explore and discover. Effect leads to effect and the answer is the reason and the foundation of why we exist. There is no story to tell, only a truth gained through observation and discovery of all that is possible to our physical senses.

The physical world of the scientist and the perceptional world of the philosopher are the two main fields in which we even have any real enthusiasm to find logic or reasoning in our existence. There is a constant war of minds when it comes to these two viewpoints. However, there have been some off shoot areas of exploration in Metaphysics and other New Age conceptual approaches that tend to lean more towards the philosophical perception that life is more a dream and the reality exists in a more conceptual way. That life is created out of energy produced from light and love and an unending dream formed from the creators of life.

Some people in these more secular groups even surmise that humans were formed from other beings from far away places. Creatures that we call alien and have a high level of intellectual and technological advancement. In some of these explorative areas of philosophy, they see that we exist as different energies in different planes, and also on different planets, that we come from the oneness of all that is. They also see the world as a learning school where we change in energy over time and become what could be termed light masters or light workers.

These areas of exploration became more popular as we have moved into the 21st century. Giving us more area and scope in which to visualize and propose our very own existence. It was for many years that religion dominated the mind and the world in all ways. It was the main factor in our lifestyle and laws, the reason to why we were allowed to do anything. All knowledge was based on beliefs within the church and followed through to the letter when it came to ethics and an order to live life. It was not until science came along, that religion was for the first time challenged, and now as we get more time to think and rationalize in our lives from changes in our lifestyle and physical world, we are starting to find new origins in a more explorative way. One new cycle has lead to another, furthering our understanding of life in a more expanded approach.

More people are leading away from traditions and moving into new ways in which to think about the world in which they live. Their definitions are growing in scope to accommodate change and development, allowing more room for expression and choice. Choice being the number one word when it comes to values and discussion being made on belief. We are becoming almost in ourselves mini creators determining the world how we see ourselves fitting in accordance to our dreams and desires. What we take on in life as belief is now based mostly on achieving goals and feeling that we belong and have reason.

The search for foundational truth in creation and the reason why we exist is now moving far into the Post-Modernist era where we recycle concepts in order to suit what we want and how we wish to perceive. Whether that is in science, religion or any other area of exploration, new ideas are formed out of the old in order to reach a more defined conclusion.

The question to ask is, are we defining the very reason for our own existence or merely biding our time until life changes and evolves into something different. Could there be a consistent and reliable answer to all possibility based on that fact alone, even when nothing stays solid and is constantly changing with the tides and the seasons. If life means change, can there be a solid ground to stand on that we can all agree with as a logical and ethical way to see the world and its very core reason? A reason that could bring together all beliefs into one definable package that does not question the choice of visualization but instead allows the theorist to explore more possibilities and understanding without affecting the basis of truth.

When looking at creation this way, the basis of truth would then need to stand very solid, a foundation that would never waver with choice and change with the coming and going of fads and development. It would also need to be understood on all levels in the most simplest of ways up to complex structure and form. The core foundation would also have to accommodate choice in ethics and visualization; it would need to give everyone the ability to choose between physical and philosophical viewpoints. It would most importantly not need to change itself, and that is the thing that has been the hardest discovery to find in all the forms of expression and belief that we have so far chosen. Each belief is constantly adapting but its core foundation is also changing with each move that it makes. It has no solid ground to rely on without being judged by another as insurmountable truth.

What if the truth was all the time within us but never actually acknowledged for its own very existence? Would that not then be an irony in its own right, that we have been all along living with the core truth and creating out from it without even knowing what it is and that it actually exists. Some people might just push such possibility aside, and say that it is not rational to find core meaning and an answer for all things. Would it then be reasonable to presume that if there is something that occurs then there is always a reason? If there is a reason for all that we do in life then why would there not be a reason for why we are here? Logically it does not really stand solid ground if we choose not to acknowledge the possibility of finding real answers.

Then there is the logical reason that is understood that creation as we are now seeing is the ‘created’. Therefore knowledge of the creator, whether that be seen as in science or philosophy, is thus outside of all that we can even hope to understand and rationalize. How could we truly know the creator if we are but the one’s existing as the product to the cause. This is the problem we have had up until now when trying to discover the core truth and foundation of ourselves. We see the purpose of creation existing outside of the very nature of who we are as the formation. This may be very true, and a core fact, but there should still be a way to know the creator if not for what is created. Knowing the reason and understanding the effect are two different goals, and if looked at in a more practical and fundamental way, they might both be linked in their very essence.

What could this defining link be? The link to allowing all creative and theoretical viewpoints to have their own unique presence and also giving us the ability to understand the fundamental building blocks of creation in order to formulate our own purpose and reasoning. This is not the biggest test of all time. It is perhaps the biggest question of all time, because it is linked right into the core of who we are. It is the defining factor of who we are. It is our mind. The fundamental core of our whole being, the place where we choose, visualize, create, formulate, process, resolve, understand, reason, and most of all become conscious of the world around us. It is the reason why we think we are here, because we believe it to be so.

We formulate it all within our minds, the whole of who we are and what we do in life. If the mind is not one of the fundamental core elements of creation then the purpose of us being here has very little reason to even be justified. Without the mind one cannot validate or reason, they cannot even know themselves. It would be like saying to someone to pick up an object when they have no body in which to pick it up with. No hands or anything to be able to be utilized. That is how important the mind is to our very nature and who we are. It is one of the core fundamental building blocks to the reason why we exist.

If we were to justify such a thing as the mind, something we have very little understanding of, let alone a reason to believe that there is a way to understand it for what it is, seeing as it has no real specific formation as do material objects in our physical world around us. It has a presence but not one that can be held within our hands. Physically we presume our thinking and reasoning comes from the brain alone. We determine all of our understanding to what can be physically determined, but yet the mind is just as determinable as the brain and any other physical creation, purely from the fact that it is the core reason we even see the physical environment itself, the core reason why we even see the brain and its workings.

If the conscious awareness that is created from the mind were to be considered as having a place within the foundational essence of creation itself, or even to have an existence at all, how would it then affect our already formed concepts and ideas? That is the interesting thing about rationalizing the mind as having an existence within creation is that it also allows room for all perceptions to have their own unique place and value. Whether that is from a material or philosophical viewpoint, it would allow all to be true and false at the same time. Nothing would ever need to be judged by its dual nature of right or wrong, or good or bad, when in essence all has both angles in which to be viewed. It would not have to weigh on ethical values either because every person would have a right to choose on what is best for all as a whole if they choose to exist in this way.

To detail this more closely it would be best to see it in all ways through all methods and beliefs. If the mind were a part of the creation from the core as well as the physical building blocks that we see as light and matter, how would all or current beliefs be effected?

Firstly when looking at science and how core creation is seen, the mind in this circumstance would be also the core foundation of the very essence of all things in life. It would be the black hole, the zero point, the balancing point within gravity, the force behind all matter that pushes it to vibrate and move. It would be the fundamental core of matter itself pushing it too its limits. It would also mean that science would have foundational truth in the fact that it can understand one side of the foundational creation that of the components of matter. That it is fact based on a part of the whole formation looked at in more depth in order to understand the workings of the physical world.

In religion the mind could be seen as the core driving force behind belief, it could be the essence of the values created in order to sustain life and give it an ethical basis. Without the need to continue creating, the mind could then not have a place within the world. Without values and a system of working together all of creation would not have a place or a purpose in which to be lived by. Religion gives us this purpose to create life and see value and meaning in it.

When looking at other belief structures such as Metaphysics, the mind is seen to have a valued existence based on all the things that it has to offer. It is within these newly formulated models of Metaphysics and New Age that we start to see that the mind has some reference in a creative way. These areas of study produce ideas of all the foundational embodiments that the mind can take on such as emotions and expressions, things that are not of the physical world itself. They have no physical embodiment except when it comes to our thoughts and what is within our mind. They also cannot be held in the palm of our hand but justified purely on the fact that we say they exist. We believe that expressions and emotions do exist, so then they have formation in our world and a place in order to create out from.

That is the interesting thing about the mind; we can with it formulate all non-physical existence, no matter on what level it is. With the mind anything is possible, and has the ability to be believed, rationalized and understood.

This possibility also refers to such things that are not chosen as mainstream within our cultural acceptance, that do not have a considered physically proven value. Things such as time travel, parallel realities, inter-dimensional aliens, ghosts and other paranormal concepts could also have a place of reasoning and a place to be accepted amongst all things. Within the mind all things have a possibility and can be chosen to be accepted or believed.

Some things might not have a direct physical place but this does not mean that they do not have the possibility to exist. If we believe in expressions and emotions, and yet they are not physical embodiments, then we can believe in all things that we cannot physically prove. That also goes for all other things that we do already accept that have no physically based evidence in which to be valued on. Things like thoughts, dreams and awareness would also have no real foundation in which to stand on, but yet we talk about these things everyday as if they are real and acknowledged. We understand that we think, talking about the dreams and experiences that we have. These things do not have physical understanding, but yet are accepted to have truth. Without these non-physical components we would not even be able to determine our very own existence at all. They have to be accepted or there would be no reasoning for anything to have a place or a permanency.

This is the irony of it all, that without a real core foundational acceptance that the mind actually exists there is no way that we can even reason any belief structure that we have. We do at some point have to accept that our foundational creation has two components to itself. One that comes from a material component and the other a non-material component, one that pushes the material creation to formulate itself and to have any reason at all.

That is the hardest part of all, purely for the fact that the component that needs to be realized, the mind or core of creation, is the component that has no real physical place, it is not founded within our senses through our body. We know that it exists and utilize it daily but because it has no real physical existence that can be justified we place it on the sideline not allowing it any precedence or place within the world that we accept.

We do always accept things physically easily. When we touch another person we know they exist. We can feel them, see them, and interact with them utilizing all forms of our senses. When we leave them and come back to them they still exist within this framework, then obviously they have to exist, because when they pinch us it definitely hurts. This might be so within the physical world, but the fundamental reason why you even can remember and see that person comes from some other place, not from the interaction that we had with them, nor from the fact that it can be seen with our senses. It is because of the mind that we rationalize the true possibility that the body does really exist. That when we close our eyes and turn off our senses, it is through our mind that we continue to think of it and believe it to be true, where we have the ability to dream and conceptualize future and past, and anything that exists outside of the physical and the single moment that we belong and exist in.

The physical environment might very well have a basis of limitation, through our bodies there is only so much we can do and participate in within the physical environment. We cannot just think ourselves into space and walk amongst the clouds. It is our mind that dreams of things that stretch beyond physical matter and its limitation. That gives us true reason to desire, dream, inspire, pursue or even to have any force behind all that we do.

These two valuable building blocks of life, mind and matter, when working together form the whole of who we are. The evidence is right there in front of us, even physically if we wish to see it. The possibility to find a core reason that we all can understand and acknowledge is our own choice. This is what makes it the most special thing of all that the acknowledgement of anything through the mind is choice based, even if we are held down in the physical no one at any moment can determine our thoughts and the way we wish to see or value a situation.

In order to create less limitation in our life, and to value everyone’s individual philosophy and nature, the belief in the mind has to be the first thing acknowledged. The confliction only comes when we sway from one side to the other, choosing only to look at life from one point of view. We can all be accepted for our beliefs and they can all have value and consideration only when we justify the very nature of thought itself. The core elements of creation can be known by all, the reason for existence is right in front of our eyes. We are the effect, the reason for creation is within ourselves, within the very core of who we are and all that is possible. It only takes belief in order to see it.

Written by Stacey T Pollock

Author of "Creation Theory Revised" and "The Mind and Matter"

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