Our world!! Won't be the same!!!

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When I watched the film 2012, lots of my friends, cousins, and even my key pal, told me that the end will soon come!! Some do believe, and some don't, I'm with the ones who never believe in such things!!

Submitted: December 11, 2011

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Submitted: December 11, 2011



My Reason Why I Don't Believe That The World Will End In 2012:

WELL, YESTURDAY, MY COUSIN BROUGHT THE DVD OF 2012, WE WERE JUST WATCHING IT FOR FUN.. BUT, After it end somehting effected on my cousins brains, so they started saying in such worry, we are in the month 12, and 2012 will soon begin... well, as it for me, i didn't believe... i believe that the world WILL end but not in 2012, and here is my opinion.....


1. First of all, only god knows when will the world ends..

2.Then focus with me, notice that in any, or every web site, the date of the world's "END" are different!! and the days too, not to mention, the theories of every one denying or believing this event!!

3.Let us think twice before we make a judgments, 2012, is the main title, Doomsday, is the secondary title, ok, but let me say the 2012's writer could have at least end this movie by every body's death, after doomsday NOTHING, NO ONE, and, NO BODY, will be alive, this is what means doomsday, doomsday also means that NOTHING on the WHOLE GALAXY AND THE WHOLE UNIVERSE WILL BE ALIVE...

4.In the last part of the film, we see that mountains grow again, MOUNTAINS?? MOUNTAINS CAN GROW, ok maybe I didn't see the whole movie, but I have read the story of it from the original story, (so you don't say that i just heard it!!) after reading it, I searched on the youtube, "will the world end in 2012- PROOF FROM NASA!!" You can write it, too, and see the evidance...

SO guys, and girls, again, it's just my opinion about the movie, and the facts, I will be happy if you sent me comments, or articles, which contains, your opinion with or against, and whatever was you opinion, I will pleasurely except it...

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