Against Crime

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Story of a college student, a corrupted police officer and a teacher, PLEASE READ AND COMMENT.

Submitted: December 29, 2011

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Submitted: December 29, 2011



Another day of his boring and a little secret life started..

He wore his favorite blue T shirt and jeans. He is not rich and all he has is his mom.

His name is Frank, he is 20 and its his 2nd year of college, he is studying arts and physics, his favorite subjects.

He never liked chemistry because he never had a chemistry with girls (just kidding) actually he never understood the chemical equations and math was always like death for him, he never wanted to learn more than addition, subtraction with a little multiplication and division.

So back to the story…

He went to his college and joined his small group of geeks. Frank was good in subjects that he chose but he wasn’t good in handling girls, fashion and talking nonsense. He asked his friend Ron about his lost bike and Ron told him that cops were still looking for it. Frank opened his mouth to say something with a joy but then he stopped.

It was the first lecture and a man in formal dark blue shirt and black trousers entered in the class, he was Frank’s art teacher. He entered and sat on a comfortable chair, he opened his register to take the attendance and after doing that he started yelling on everybody about the test he had taken yesterday.

“You all are dumb, you don’t know how to sketch. You are like a 5 year old kid drawing nothing but shit” He was one of the worst teachers in the college. He didn’t knew how to talk, how to teach and even what to teach.

Everybody was looking at each other in the class thinking about the punishment the teacher was going to give them, there were so many things going around in the air about this teacher, like misbehaving with girls, forcing students to have drugs. He was a corrupted man who asked money for everything.

He purposefully fail the students so that he can ask money for raising their grades and to take the advantage of girls. There were many guys who were encouraging him providing money for all their shits and even some girls were ready to strip their clothes in front of her and they even have done sometimes.

So back to the story in the class.

The teacher giving an angry look to everybody, and then he looked at Ron and asked him to tell the details of abstract art. Ron told him almost everything that we all have read in the book but the teacher didn’t seems satisfied with his answer and he instantly slapped Ron abusing him badly like he always did.

Everyone was quite like they always do, but this time Frank stood up and he picked out something from his bag, but no one noticed it until he went to the teacher and aimed it to the teacher. It was a gun, the teacher, Ron and everybody else in the class was shocked to see that. Ron moved back few steps asking Frank to put his gun down but Frank was not listening to him.

Frank asked Ron to sit down, he was still aiming the gun not allowing the teacher to move an inch. All other friends tried to talk with Frank but he didn’t give them attention. Everybody was shocked to see a gun in the class room but they were more shocked to see it in Frank’s hands because Frank was always been a shy guy, who don’t talk much and never showed any kind of power full approach.

“SLAP” Frank slapped the teacher really hard, and started yelling on him about his behavior his attitude towards students and being so corrupted. He also mentioned that students also encourage that teacher in all this but he didn’t mentioned any names.

Everyone was still confused about Frank and about what he was doing, Ron smiled to see that some one finally slapped that teacher.

“I will call the police” The teacher said in a low fearful voice,

“Ok lets call the police” Frank said and asked a fellow student for his cell phone, there was no way that the fellow student could deny to give his cell phone. Frank called the police and told them that there is going to be a murder in the ************** college.

Frank sat in that teacher’s chair aiming gun at the teacher who was still standing next to the table. 10 minutes later everybody heard the siren of police cabs in the college campus. And with in 1 minute cops were standing at the door of class aiming their guns at Frank and asking him to drop his gun.

The chief officer entered along with other cops and stood in front of frank, before he could say a word, Frank slapped him too. Now this was a never seen before scene, how could a young normal boy slap an officer. The officers tried to come over frank but they stopped when they realize the gun in Frank’s hand. The cops can’t fire in the class so they just stayed calm and kept asking Frank to drop the gun. The cops must have thinking that that Frank was a mental patient or something but he wasn’t.

Frank picked out some kind of ID card from the pocket of his jacket and showed it to one of the officers, the chief officer was still standing far from others and trying to recover from a hard slap and understand the whole situation.

“Sorry sir” The officer passed the ID card to the chief officer and gave a salute to Frank.

“Please forgive me, sir” The chief officer said after taking a look at the ID card and returning it to the Frank. The teacher and the class who were lost in all this situation were shocked to see what was going on there. “Hey help me” The teacher asked from the cops.

“Shut up” The chief officer said.

“Where is the bike?” Frank asked a question to the chief officer, and Ron thought that Frank was asking about the bike that was stolen from Ron’s house.

“Which bike sir?” The officer asked, “That bike” Frank asked again slapping the chief officer and pointing at Ron.

“Yes sir, I have that bike. I will deliver, please forgive me” The chief officer said going on his knees.

Frank again dialed a number on the cell phone.

“Hello! Yes I want everybody in my college in 10 minutes” Frank said on the phone and then deleted the number from the phone.

Frank got out of the room.

“Sir, what is going on?” A student dared to ask from the chief officer but the officer didn’t reply. “He is Jack Thompson, the chief of ACB. He has the power to deal any kind of crime at any place in the world. He is above all the officers, agents and services” one officer replied in a low voice.

“What is ACB?” another student asked, “Anti Crime bureau” the officer replied and stopped when they all heard sounds of helicopters.

Frank entered in the class room with a smile, and after 30 seconds bunch of men in black suits entered and wished good morning to Frank in a very respectful manner.

“Frank got out of the room and after 2 minutes he came back all changed, now he was wearing an expensive black suit and with an advanced gun in his hand and he was talking on a wireless.

He threw the phone to a man named Paul and asked him to take care of the call. A girl in white shirt, and black skirt entered. She was gorgeous, beautiful hot everything but the gun in her hand was making her most dangerous person the room.

Frank signed his man to catch the teacher and the chief officer and walked out of the room with the girl in white shirt. Frank also asked all other students to gather in the basket ball court.

Frank was waling like a boss and all his man were following him along with the teacher, the chief officer and fellow students. On the way Frank’s men were asking each and every person in the college to gather in the basket ball court. Every teacher and student was shocked to see all this.

Finally everybody gathered in the court and Frank was standing with a mike, the girl in white shirt was standing next to him gathering everybody’s attention and all men in black suit were standing either side of him. The cops were standing in a corner and two men were holding the teacher and the officer tightly not allowing them to escape.

“Hello, I am Jack Thompson, but some of you guys know me as Frank. I am the chief of ACB, Anti Crime Bureau. My father was the founder of this organization when he got killed by a criminal the members of this organization appointed me the chief of this organization. We have the power to fight against any criminal at any country, state, town of this world. No army, Cops or any other organization and ministers can interfere in our work. I got the news about corruption and crime going in this college so I took admission in this college to end all this. And now I just have ended this” Frank said looking at the teacher and the chief officer.

Frank got out of the basket ball court and asked his men to take the teacher and the chief officer to the jail in a blue van that was parked in the college campus. Everybody in the college was amazed to see a helicopter parked in their campus, Frank stepped in the helicopter along with the girl and a Paul, Frank smiled looking at Ron and the helicopter took off and few away in the sky.

Next day, Frank entered in his class room normally like a student, everybody gathered around him and Frank didn’t explained everything about him to his friends. Every girl in the class also approached Frank but Frank didn’t give a look to them because he was engaged to the girl everybody saw yesterday in white shirt.

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