A mile in my shoes

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This story is based on "The out look of life".Read carefully to understand.

Submitted: October 02, 2013

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Submitted: October 02, 2013



Have you ever imagined little pin needles sinking into your feet for every step you take is like walking right through a large fire.Thats how my life is or was.For every step you take there is a punishment awaiting.Ulmost as if you can tell the future.Not to ashamed to give up because its the only open opption left for survival?You feel as if your running from something so horrid and evil,to turn around and see a mirror.In the imagrey you see your self for everything you feel as if you are just to look and see the danger that you have been forced into.Clamp on to the sypathy you carry for your self because it all you have to lose.As death seems closer its the furthest thing away.every sour breath you take is letting you know you will live like that untill you are a ghost left wondering on a earth that has torn you to strededs.Then an angel will appear guiding you to safty and as you wonder around what you feel used to be hell is now what you lable heaven.Can you imagine?

~Created by, Cynthia Haslop

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