Roses life story Chapter 2

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Previously on Rose's life story:
Rose only being sixteen years old has lived a life of misory.She was put up for adoption.Her adopted father started abusing her and her 'sister'.She got kidnapped.She tried to get away but got stabed in the process....
What will her boyfriend do to save her?

Submitted: October 03, 2013

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Submitted: October 03, 2013



Roses life story Chapter two

Kidnapper:Shut up or shes dead
justin:If you lay one finger on her i will kill you!!!
Kidnapper:well then i guess were in a bit of a predicament
Justin:what do you want?!?!?!
Kidnapper:NO QUISTIONS were going to play a game
Justin:A game?
Kidnapper:Yes a game ever heard of an eye for an eye?
kidnapper:meet me at 2348 old hickery rd
kidnapper:Be here tomarrow at 12:14 or she dies
Justin:LET HER G.....
Kidnapper:(hangs up) okay rose nighty night
Rose: (screems)
Kidnapper:(Puts needle in her arm again)


(current time 12:00)
Rose: (wakes up behind an abandand store)Were are we
Kidnapper:Breath your last breath little one because if mr.justin doesent show up in 15 min your toast
Rose: Wha....HELP!!! ANYONE HELP!!...
Kidnapper:keep yelling noone can hear you.
Rose: Please let me go i wont tell anyone pllease!!! I will do anything you say please let me go!!
Justin: (Pulls in drive way notices rose and runs toward her) ROSE!!!!ROSE!! THANK GOD YOUR OK!!!
Kidnapper:Back off soldier boy
Justin:(try to hit kidnapper in face but misses) Ill kill you!! You back off!!!!
Rose: JUSTIN HE'll KILL YOU!! please just do what he says please
Kidnapper: Yea justin do what I say (punches him in the face)
Rose: NOOOOO!!!! DONT HURT HIM!! (Strugles to get un tied)
Kidnapper: (Puts gun to justins head) I should just kill you now

Kidnapper:aww pathetic true love okay rose if you insist (shots her arm)
Justin:No!!!!! You as*hole!!Im going to kill you.
Rose:(screems in pain)
Justin:(Jumps on kidnapppers back and gets gun away shots at kidnapper,but misses.)...
Rose:(still screeming)
Justin:(knocks kidnapper unconscious unties rose and put her in truck and drives to the hospital)Rose stay alive for me babe please! I love you!(pulls into hospital)Somebody help she was shot someone help!!
Doctor:(looks at justin then at rose gets rose rolled on a hospital bed and calls police)
What happend?
Justin:she was kidnapped about a week ago then i got a call he wanted me to meet him..
Justin:the kidnapper!!please tell me shes alright!!(faints)


Doctor: (waking up Justin) Sir Officer Harlee Holt is here to speak with you.
Justin: waa (realizes what was said and gets up) Oh ok Hi Miss.Holt
Harlee Holt:Ok so may I ask what all happened today sir?...
Justin: Okay so I got a call from my girlfriend...
Harlee Holt: Whats your girlfriend name please be specific.
Justin: Her name is Rose Salava.
Harlee Holt:The young girl that got kidnapped about a week ago?
Justin: Yes! Thats her that is why I answered right away.
Harlee Holt: Then what happened?
Justin: Then he talked to me...The kidnapper..He asked me to meet him at a specific time or he would kill her.
Harlee Holt: What was the "specific" time?
Justin: I think 12:15 today.
Harlee Holt:Okay go on...
Justin: So i got there..he had her tied up and my first thought was he hurt her. So I was talking more arguing with him he threatened to kill me Rose was so scared for me she yelled no kill me instead then he shot her.I fought him and knoked him unconscious. I grabbed her then took her here.
Harlee Holt: (talks into walkey talkey) we got a 52 20....Is that all?
Harlee Holt: okay so heres what we need you to do first off whats your name?
Justin: Justin Malico
Harlee Holt: Okay I need you to tell me exactly were you met him at.
Justin: 2348 old Hickery rd
Harlee Holt: (Speaks in walkey talkey again) we need two officers at 2348 old hickery rd.Okay now I need to speak with Rose and I will get back to you.


Harlee Holt:Hello Miss.Rose how are you feeling today ma'am?
Rose:Who are you,were is Justin,is he ok?
Harlee Holt:Yes sweety Justin is fine.Quiet the hero I would say.Also im an officer, You can call me Officer. Harlee or officer.Holt either which will work....
Rose: Oh, umm....okay
Harlee Holt: How are you feeling today?
Rose:Oh,Im doing good
Harlee Holt: Ok so I need to ask you a few questions,okay?
Rose:Okay,i guess
Harlee Holt:Okay so first off when the kidnapper first kidnapped you what did he do?Be specific.
Rose:well he had tape on my mouth and when he took it off i yelled and he hit me really hard across my face....Then my phone went off and he kept yelling at me to tell him were it was..(starts tearing up)..and...I lied and said it was in my pocket..He untied my hands and I imediatly kicked him as a self defence and took off runing..
Harlee Holt: and...Then what happend?
Rose: Then...he...uhh...He stabed me in my back...(lift up shirt showing her the cut...Uh...Ma'am can we talk about this later I really just want to see my boyfriend.
Harlee Holt: I guess,you need some rest as well.


(justin enters room with rose)
Justin:(hugs rose) ARE YOU OK SWEETY????
Rose:(starts to cry)Yes, yes im fine.......
Justin:(hugs tighter) I never wanna let you go. (tearful lagh)
Rose:I,I missed you when I was gone...
Justin:I missed you to darling.
Rose:(looks into to justins eyes) I love you (kisses justin passionatly)
Justin:I love you to, I love you soo much!Im never leaving your side!
(Harlee walks in)

 Harlee Holt: (looks at justin) may I talk with rose?
Justin:Yeah...sorry...(kisses rose and leaves room)
Harlee:(turns to rose) Okay so we nee....(interupeted from walkie talkie)
Walkie talkie:We have a 20 45
Rose: whats a 20 45?
Harlee: (looks concerned) someone is in the hospital, its a break in!

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