The girl who traveled through hell

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Have you ever been bullied?Over something you can't controll?Abused by the ones you used to love?Then read this story...

Submitted: October 02, 2013

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Submitted: October 02, 2013



It was the mid of December.Noone knew this but life had gotten harder for that girl who smiled every day.The kids in school had found out her deepest secrete.Only to exspload in hatetred and shame.The words changed to physical actions.Confussed at life the girl cried her self to sleep only to awake to anouther deasaster.She wanted out now that her secrete was the word of the halls.Whispers traveld like fire on gas riseing bigger and bigger till the flames killed millions or in her case she was the one to be killed.The one who diddn't survive the power of the flame.She could hear the whispers as a cold chill went through her already numb body."Didn't you hear?She was raped?" laghed the girls across the hall."You mean shes not a virgen?"giggled her old friends."Yeah shes a whore,slut,nasty.."The words traveled through her head like electrisity.She wished it was more like a the pain didn't last long."hide your boyfriends girls"The meanest of them all shreaked with her nast dragon breath that managed to stenk up the whole school."I was raped not willing!Forced into gross stuff and all you can do is call me a whore?It wasn't my choice." She cried so upset she could barley speak.Streames of tears went down her face.How could this be fair?She quiestioned herself.It isn't...It can't be.Then a voice in her head whispered,"life isn't fair,get over it".

~Created by:Cynthia Haslop

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